Extra Space Storage Hosts Spring Division Meetings Before Busy Summer Season

There are more than 2,000 Extra Space Storage locations in 41 states across the U.S., and as a growing company, we continue to explore new ways to invest capital in the self storage industry. In 2021, we acquired 119 new stores and added 265 stores to our third-party management platform. That’s an average of adding at least one new store per day to our portfolio!

As a result of substantial growth in 2021, we added a fifteenth division to our organizational structure. Like many large and geographically diverse organizations, we structure our stores in divisional units based on location. Each store falls within three regions of the country—Northeast, Southeast, and West—and each region has five divisions led by a Division Vice President. One of their responsibilities, among many, is to communicate the company’s vision goals to their teams.

“You are the best of the best,” said Matt Herrington, Executive Vice President and COO, in a recent field management call. “I appreciate your hard work and what you’re doing to help your teams understand how valued they are and help them grow. We need your help more than ever to succeed in 2022, but thank you for a very good 2021.”

Recently, each division held an annual spring meeting to kick off the busy summer season. Division Vice Presidents gathered with the District Managers under their organizational groups to collaborate, learn, and prepare for the upcoming months. They were joined by executives and other leaders across the company for multi-day meetings that involved training, teamwork, and some fun activities too!

After two years of limited travel and in-person meetings, each team was eager to get together and forge new ties with their counterparts from the other cities and states. You can see by looking at the photos that they had a great time!

Much of our success as a company comes from the passion of leaders and team members in the field. Their commitment to delivering an excellent experience to every customer is why we’re frequently recognized with awards like Newsweek’s America’s Best Customer Service award. Thank you to every Extra Space Storage team member in each of our 15 divisions across the country for your continued hard work and dedication.

Get an inside look at Extra Space Storage’s exceptional growth, forward-thinking sustainability efforts, and award-winning company performance in our company news updates!


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