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Extra Space Storage Team Members Creating Customer Connections

Extra Space Storage team members touch the lives of over a million customers every year, each with their own unique story. Whether a customer needs storage for a month during a move or longer-term, we strive to make connections with each individual who comes to one of our stores. Here are two examples of employees and customers making a difference in each other’s lives.

Helping a Customer in Need

Thankfully, it’s not often our employees are involved in a medical situation, but when Store Manager Raquel Espinosa and Assistant Store Manager Rebeca De Hoyos saw a customer in need, they didn’t hesitate to help. Earlier this month, Espinosa and De Hoyos noticed a customer showing symptoms of heat exhaustion during a visit to their storage unit. They immediately called 911 and helped the customer cool down with plenty of water while they waited for the medics to arrive on site.

“I am at the hospital as I write this, but I want to express my gratitude to your staff,” shared Etna, the Extra Space Storage customer in need of assistance. “They saved my life today by calling an ambulance when they realized I was having a heat stroke. I was incoherent, but they recognized the symptoms. They gave me water and doused me with it to cool down while waiting for the ambulance. I was taken to the hospital when my heart rate and blood pressure started dropping. I have no doubt that their actions helped save me. My sincere appreciation.”

​​​​​​​When CEO Joe Margolis heard the news of this event, he reached out to thank Espinosa and De Hoyos.

“Your decisions and actions that day will impact Etna and her family for the rest of their lives. Thank you for being great representatives of Extra Space. You are both fine and caring people. I am proud of you for stepping up in an emergency situation.” ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A Customer’s Thoughtful Gift

EXR customer appreciation baby gift. Baby outfit, shoes, and a card

When customers visit one of our Wichita, KS locations, there’s a chance they’ll be greeted with a smile by Team Lead Austin Ditges. Just reading through local customer reviews makes it clear that Ditges leaves a lasting impression on those he interacts with.

Extra Space Storage customer Patricia, who regularly stops by her local store to pay her bill, showed her appreciation for Ditges by bringing him a gift for his new baby. We love to see the connection he’s made with Patricia and the gratitude she has for our store employees. She said she now expects to see a picture of his baby every time she stops by the store. The new baby will most definitely be photo-ready in their new summer outfit!

We know these are just two, among many examples, that our team takes part in each day. Thank you to everyone on our team for taking care of our customers when it really matters.

Are you passionate about customer service? Find opportunities to let your customer service skills shine at careers.extraspace.com.