20 Ways to Help Your Family Transition to a New Home

Saying goodbye to a home full of memories can be pretty sobering—especially when kiddos are involved. With moving season continuing to peak during summer months and now increasing in early fall, there’s no better time to honor your sweet little abode.

We wanted to share some creative actionable ways to say farewell this moving season—so we partnered with Brittany Hayes of Addison’s Wonderland, Sarah Rhodes of Arrow & Apple, and Summer Hogan of Simple Stylings. Whether you’re planning a future move or currently surrounded by moving boxes every which way, these three visionary bloggers and their followers have some pretty fantastic ideas to make the transition a little easier.

  1. Let your little take their own farewell photos from their point of view. Then put the photos into a scrapbook and help them write out their favorite memories in each room.


  1. Write your family’s initials in a discreet spot of your home to leave your mark—like a garage wall, a closet, or the kids’ playhouse.
  2. Trace or finger-paint your family’s hand prints on the floor before installing new carpet or on a wall before painting
  3. Hide a time capsule in the attic or basement for the new homeowners. Include things like a newspaper from moving day along with a note or piece of art from each family member about their special memories of the house.
  4. Take a photo of your home and have an artist paint or sketch it. Then frame the custom art of your old home in your new home.


  1. Put a photo of your home in a shadow box with an old key to your former home.
  2. Write a goodbye letter to your home, sharing your family’s favorite memories there.
  3. Dig up bulbs from your garden before moving, and then transplant them to your new home’s garden.
  4. Take wallpaper scraps or fabric cuts from bedspreads or quilts to make a collage, and then frame it and hang it in your new home for a custom sentimental piece of DIY art.
  5. Have your kids write a note to the new children moving in, sharing their favorite places to play and hide.


  1. Have your family tour your home one final time together while sharing happy, funny memories from each room to encourage smiles and giggles.
  2. Have a photographer come hang out at your current house and snap candid photos of your family doing everyday things. Then make a scrapbook out of it.
  3. Host a going away party and have your kids’ neighborhood friends sign a picture frame to put in your kids’ new rooms.
  4. Make a family Christmas ornament that represents your old home as a reminder of past precious memories each holiday.
  5. The night before moving, have a family campout in the living room—sleeping bags and all.


  1. Have a pizza picnic on the floor of your empty home.
  2. Take pictures room by room of your home while it’s still furnished with your things. Then make a mini-scrapbook just right for little hands.
  3. Get your kiddos excited about their new neighborhood too by visiting nearby parks and an ice cream shop.
  4. Have a family dance and dessert party the night you move into your new home.
  5. Once in your new home, set up your kids’ rooms first to get them excited about their new spaces. Add artwork from their old room to make it cozy and familiar.


For more ideas on how to honor your old home and help your family get excited about your new one, visit our blogger partners, @addisonswonderland, @arrowandapple, and @simplestylingsblog, on Instagram. Be sure to follow @ExtraSpace, too, for plenty of moving and home décor tips. And read more on Space Wise about making moving easier for your kids and fun ideas to organize your kids’ new rooms.

Have any other ideas for helping your family say farewell to your home before moving? Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “20 Ways to Help Your Family Transition to a New Home

  1. No kiddos, but I will do some of the other things. Like write a letter to my home. I would like to leave the sad memories there and take the good ones with me to my new home.

    I was lucky enough to have won a contest to have an artist do an illustration of my home. And I will bring plants with me.

    I lived in my home for 16 years, throughout that time I lost 3 dogs and 2 cats. I take their memories (and ashes) with me.

    Thanks to Extra Space Storage for making it possible to store things while listing my home for sale – and for this great blog!

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