Never Grow Up! 5 Things from Childhood You Should Never Throw Away












“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

While Peter Pan’s J.M. Barrie probably wasn’t referring to things around the house, we think it still applies.

Here are five things from your childhood you should never throw away because “going away means forgetting.”

  1. Trophies and awards

Were you “Student of the Month” in kindergarten? While this may not land you a job, keeping awards from your childhood is a fun way to preserve memory lane. So if you were an all-star athlete, straight-A student, science fair winner, or anything else deserving of a trophy, certificate, or ribbon growing up, then hang onto those memories.

  1. Artwork

Instead of throwing away all of your childhood paintings and drawings, store them away for nostalgia’s sake. You can also find a new way to use them. Frame, hang or turn your old artwork into a book to look back on or show your own children in the future.

  1. Yearbooks

From elementary school to college, yearbooks are definitely something worth keeping. Not only do they have photos of the good ol’ days, they probably also include nice messages from childhood friends and teachers who signed them for you.

  1. Sentimental clothing

But not just any clothing, keep the special items that you wouldn’t mind passing down. This may include handmade sweaters or outfits worn during important events like birthdays, religious ceremonies, or weddings. It may also include sports jerseys, like the one you wore during the big game!

  1. Things you couldn’t live without growing up.

Whether it’s a blanket or stuffed animal, we all have something we took with us everywhere growing up. No need to get rid of it just because you’re a bit older. Keep your special childhood item just for memories or to pass down to your own children.

What childhood memories do you want to keep?