Maximize: Living in Less Space Makes More Room for Life

Make Room for Life By Maximizing your Living Space

Small spaces, big experiences. People across country are reinventing the American Dream. We had the opportunity to talk with three incredible people—Stacie Lucas (San Francisco Bay Area), Daniel Paguaga (Miami), and Kat Waldrip (Austin)—who’ve chosen to maximize their lives by prioritizing experiences over home size and possessions. Call it minimalism. Call it small living. Call it whatever you’d like. But these inspiring individuals have found what makes them happy, and don’t care if it breaks from the status quo.

Stacie Lucas: A Sustainable Family Life

Maximize: Living in Less Space Makes More Room for Life via @extraspace

Coziness can be described as a feeling of warmth. For mom and entrepreneur Stacie Lucas, coziness is the embodiment of living in the San Francisco area. By choosing to downsize her home life and operate her sustainable clothing company, Amae Co., out of it and a shared studio space, Lucas is able to afford the luxury of travel for her family, inspiring a life that’s bigger than their 1,000-square-foot home. Their backyard is the ocean, miles of hiking trails, and the Redwoods. Their summers are spent in places like Ecuador and Iceland. For Lucas and her family, life is about investing in experiences, not possessions. Read Stacie’s full story.

Daniel Paguaga: Trucking Along to Cold-Brewed Freedom

There’s something magical about a cup of cold brew on a hot Miami day, especially when served from a mobile coffee truck. Daniel Paguaga, owner of Relentless Coffee Roasters, has found a sense of adventure in his business’ mobility. He can explore Miami’s neighborhoods and meet new people all while breaking free of the brick-and-mortar company mold. Having less space makes it easier for Paguaga to get out and experience the world around him, especially if that means cruising down to the Florida Keys on his motorcycle. With a truck no more spacious than a walk-in closet, Paguaga has found a way to deliver his cold brew and his family’s coffee legacy to people of all walks of life. Now that’s magical stuff. Read Daniel’s full story.

Kat Waldrip: The Sweeter Side of Traveling

For Kat Waldrip, a smaller home means a bigger world. Owner of Wander Life Coconut Creamer, Waldrip found a way to turn a dietary restriction and a passion for travel into a business that helps people. Leaving her successful corporate job to start a business helped Kat make the choice to downsize from a 1,500-square-foot home to a 900-square-foot home. Both Waldrip and her husband work from home, and the smaller square footage has encouraged them to use less space more efficiently. When not working, the couple can be found exploring everything Austin has to offer or traveling abroad. Waldrip believes life is found in the details of the world, from the beaches of Thailand to the sweetness in a cup of coffee. Read Kat’s full story.

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