15 Packing Hacks for Any Move

DIY Tips to Make Your Temporary Move Easier

Whether you’re planning a temporary move while pursuing a summer internship or short-term work assignment, renovating your home, or leaving for a gap year, preparing for a temporary stay still requires quite a bit of strategic planning. And a lot of the logistics depend on based where you’re living and what you can (and can’t) bring along.

Staying with a friend or family member with access to a full kitchen and your own bathroom? Couchsurfing? Or counting on an extended stay hotel? Whatever your short-term housing plan is, the Extra Space Storage team has you covered with some quick and easy temporary living packing hacks. Check out the below video with a few of our favorites.

Packing for a short-term, and perhaps unexpected, scenario presents a unique challenge—bringing enough of your belongings to make your temporary living set-up comfortable and functional, while also adapting to limited space. Though you will likely need to adjust what and how you pack based on your specific housing situation, consider these packing hacks as you get ready for your temporary move.


Packing Clothes and Jewelry

  1. Before folding your blazer, turn it inside out to prevent wrinkles during travel.

  1. Group together clothes that need to be hung, and without taking them off the hangers, slip a garbage bag over all of them. Poke a hole in the bottom of the garbage bag for the hooks of the hangers to go through, and loop a rubber band around the hooks to keep them together.

  1. Fold your dress shirts similar to the way they came when you bought them: collar up. To hold the collar’s shape, wind up a belt and place it inside the collar.

  1. Keep your suitcase and its contents clean by covering the bottoms of your shoes with shower caps.

  1. Use large buttons to hook your earrings through so you can keep pairs together.


Packing Makeup and Cosmetics

  1. Place cotton balls or cotton rounds in makeup compacts to absorb shock and prevent breakage.

  1. Keep your makeup brushes in a tall cup or bottle with a lid to keep the bristles from getting matted or bent.

Photo credit: Beauty and Style Diaries

  1. Stretch a square of saran wrap over the opening and under the lid of liquids to avoid any accidental spills.

Photo credit: Les Petites Gourmettes

  1. Find a binder clip large enough to protect the blade of your razor.

Photo credit: The Krazy Coupon Lady

  1. Use rubber bands to bundle similarly-sized makeup products—such as round compacts or square powder items. Bundling products by shape gives you more space as you pack or organize your personal belongings in your new space, while also helping avoid broken products.

Photo credit: Cafe Makeup


Packing Dishes and Utensils

  1. Pack plates and bowls on their sides as they are less likely to break in this position.

  1. Use styrofoam plates as padding between plates and bowls.

Photo credit: The Frugal Girls

  1. Alternatively, use shirts and towels to pad ceramic dishes.

  1. Pack knives in an oven mitt.

Photo credit: Renee Beck

  1. Pack your silverware by leaving it in its existing cutlery tray and wrap it in plastic wrap.

Photo credit: Valerie Write Now


Remember: what you pack and how you pack it will depend on your individual temporary moving plan as well as where exactly you’ll be staying. Take along your essential clothing, toiletries, and dining essentials, and consider moving the rest of your belongings into storage until you make it to your permanent moving destination.

For more tips to help plan your temporary stay, check out our tricks to living in small spaces and our tips for packing your stuff for storage.