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Your Guide to Home Remodeling Trends in Tampa

Interested in the latest remodeling trends in Tampa? Check out this guide to popular renovation projects in The Big Guava—including the average price of renovations, and a list of local contractors in Tampa to help you build your dream home!

Remodeling Trends in Tampa

Due to the pandemic-induced rise in remote work opportunities, Tampa homeowners are finding ways to make their houses more comfortable to work and live in. Take a look at these Tampa remodeling trends to make your house a welcoming place to relax and work—and increase home value.

Function-Based Room Design

Despite open floor plans and Minimalism taking over home design trends in the last few years, one of the most popular remodeling trends in Tampa in 2022 is having separate rooms with a unique purpose. Instead of having flex spaces, Tampa residents are finding ways to create distinct game rooms, home gyms, home theaters, and music studios. This Tampa renovation trend allows homeowners to fully customize their spaces and optimize their home for their lifestyle.

Home Office Renovation

As remote work trends in Tampa continue to increase, so does the need for Tampa residents to have a designated workplace in their houses—so it’s no surprise that home office renovations in Tampa are gaining traction! Not to mention, keeping a separate space for working in your home helps establish a healthy work-life balance and can even increase productivity. When converting a room into a home office, opt for ergonomic equipment, smart home devices, a beautiful backdrop for video calls, and natural light from large windows.

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Kitchen Remodel

When designing a kitchen remodel in Tampa, try incorporating smart kitchen features like smart fridges and ovens, automatic food composters, and other green technology into your cooking space. Keep your updated kitchen counters decluttered and add a walk-in pantry—another Tampa remodeling trend. Looking to remodel your kitchen flooring? Top kitchen design features in Tampa include ceramic tiles and natural textures to contrast dark cabinets and quartz countertops.

Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades

Whether it’s upgrading to a green bathroom or installing smart home devices, Tampa residents are consistently going green at home. Homeowners are making more DIY-friendly, energy-efficient home improvements like adding solar panels, smart televisions, and eco-friendly paint to their properties. For more popular, long-term home renovation projects—like installing a geothermal heating system, choosing energy-efficient windows, or selecting the most energy-efficient home shape for accessory dwelling units (ADUs)—homeowners are hiring contractors in Tampa.

Backyard Renovations

One of the biggest draws to this Florida city is its gorgeous climate—so why not complete outdoor renovations in Tampa to enjoy it as much as possible? Build your ultimate outdoor living room on a classic sleeping porch, balcony, or enclosed backyard patio so you can always feel the fresh Tampa Bay breeze. Tampa-area backyard renovation trends also include outdoor kitchens to grill steaks and host backyard barbecues (complete with a backyard fire pit, of course). Or go for Tampa backyard renovation ideas like a mist cooling system, luxury pool, and backyard shade ideas like sunshades to comfortably enjoy the sun year-round.

Average Remodeling Costs in Tampa

Though the cost of a home renovation in Tampa can vary based on the desired project’s size and necessary materials, the average cost ranges from $9,000 to $73,000. Cost of labor will also vary, but you can expect the rate to be around $35 to $40 per hour for general contractors in Tampa. Take a look at this list for the average remodeling costs in the Tampa Bay metro!

Room Conversions

  • Home gym: $300 – $15,000
  • Home office: $2,500 – $4,000
  • Home theater: $2,000 – $63,000
  • Sunroom: $11,500 – $91,000

Bathroom Remodels

  • Full bathroom remodel: $65 – $100 per square foot
  • Plumbing: $35 -$55 per square foot
  • Tile floors: $35 – $55 per square foot
  • Tile walls: $50 – $75 per square foot
  • Toilet, sink, & lights: $5,500 – $8,500*

*based on 140 square feet

Kitchen Remodels

  • Full kitchen remodel: $40 – $60 per square foot
  • Cabinetry: $20 – $30 per square foot
  • Countertops: $25 – $40 per square foot
  • Flooring: $15 – $25 per square foot
  • Islands: $25 – $40 per square foot
  • Walk-in pantry: $750 – $3,500 per square foot

Smart Home Upgrades

  • Full smart home automation system: $1,500 – $20,000
  • Heating & cooling: $800 – $2,000
  • Lighting: $1,000 – $3,000
  • Security system: $700 – $5,000
  • Solar panels: $11,000 – $15,500

Exterior Remodel Projects

  • Deck: $20 – $55 per square foot
  • Fire pit: $200 – $3,000
  • Outdoor kitchen: $5,500 – $23,000
  • Outdoor living room: $4,000 – $11,500
  • Pool: $30 – $110 per square foot
  • Window replacement
    • Aluminum: $400 – $600 per window
    • Fiberglass: $550 – $650 per window
    • Vinyl: $350 – $500 per window
    • Wood: $600 – $900 per window

Residential Contractors in Tampa

Looking for a high-rated contractor in Tampa? Check out our list of specialty contractors to help you start your next home remodeling project in Tampa today!

General Contractors

  • Greaves Construction: As one of the best Tampa contracting companies, Greaves Construction is prepared to complete all your home rebuilding needs in Tampa—whether renovating a whole house or rebuilding a bathroom.
  • Strobel Design Build: Specializing in luxury home remodels, outdoor spaces, and historic renovations, Strobel Design Build has more than 120 combined years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in the Tampa area.
  • Van Selow Design Build: Get started on your Tampa home remodel project with Van Selow Design Build for kitchen, bathroom, and backyard renovations.


Plumbers & HVAC Contractors

  • Alvarez Plumbing & A/C: From routine maintenance to emergency servicing, find some of the best plumbers in Tampa at Alvarez Plumbing & Air Conditioning.
  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing: Check out one of the greatest Tampa plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. This contractor in Tampa provides assistance with bathtubs, sinks, water heaters, and more.
  • Red Cap Plumbing & Air: Whether you need drains and pipes in your kitchen or bath, Red Cap Plumbing & Air offers Tampa plumbing services for every room in your home renovation project.

Pool Contractors

  • Landmark Pools, Inc: Check out Landmark Pools—a highly-rated pool builder in Tampa—for a company specializing in natural scape, negative edge, and contemporary pool designs.
  • Landscape Fusion: Do you need to find a pool contractor in Tampa? Landscape Fusion offers custom landscape and pool designs to create your dream backyard!
  • Larsen’s Pool & Spa: With more than 30 years of experience, Larsen’s Pool & Spa can build you the pool of your dreams. This premier pool builder in Tampa offers new pool construction, pool renovations, and remodels.

Carpenters & Deck Builders

  • Collins Construction: Ranked one of the best deck contractors in Tampa, Collins Construction specializes in exterior construction projects like decks and gazebos. With over 30 years of experience, this Tampa carpenter can help you build your dream deck.
  • RFH Construction: Get the most out of the Tampa weather and contact RFH Construction to help you install siding, screen rooms, and sunrooms.
  • Southshore Roofing & Exteriors: For quality deck builders in Tampa, contact Southshore Roofing & Exteriors. This group of Tampa contractors handles roof replacements and exterior renovations.

Siding, Roofing, & Window Contractors

  • Genesis Contractors: If you’re wanting to start a Tampa home remodel, then look no further than Genesis Contractors—a team of experts ready to install siding, windows, seamless gutters, and more.
  • John Anderson Building Contractor, Inc: No matter if you require exterior renovations or full-service repairs, John Anderson Building Contractors, Inc is ready to tackle your next home renovation in Tampa.
  • Ridge Top Exteriors: Need roofing, siding, windows, or gutters for your latest home remodel in Tampa? See why Ridge Top Exteriors is one of the top Tampa siding contractors.


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