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Where to Live in Las Vegas with a Family

Are you just starting a family in the Vegas area or moving to Las Vegas with children? Knowing where to live matters. Budget, schools, commute, and family-friendly amenities all play a role in determining which area makes the most sense for your family. In this post, we take a look at the best areas in Las Vegas for families with the help of Anthony Knight, broker and owner of Platinum Real Estate Professionals.

Summerlin, Las Vegas

Clock Tower Summerlin, Las Vegas

Photo provided by Summerlin.com

Location: Central West
Housing: $350,000 average home price
Schools: High-quality, excellent student-to-teacher ratio
Crime: 49% lower than the national average

Summerlin is one of the most desirable places to live in Las Vegas. This master-planned community (the largest in the nation) has everything a family could wantβ€”large yards, great schools, parks and trails, and a convenient centralized location. Knight says schools are the big draw for families. Though its schools are part of the Clark County School District that spans Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, Summerlin’s lower population density gives it an edge over other areas of the city.

“It’s been completely built out so there isn’t any new construction,” Knight explains. “There’s also a good mix of people at different stages of life. Unlike areas like Southwest Las Vegas, which is a very popular area for young families, Summerlin has a good mix of families and retirees. This leads to better student-to-teacher ratios.”

Another major perk of living in Summerlin is the planning behind its community. The entire area was built to provide a great experience for residents. There are parks and trails throughout the area, and Downtown Summerlin is home to more than 125 retailers and restaurants, as well as a movie theater. The area’s planning is also what makes its location so convenient. Residents can easily get to the Las Vegas Strip, McCarran International Airport, Downtown Las Vegas, or Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

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Green Valley, Henderson

Pool in Green Valley, Henderson

Photo by Paul Swansen

Location: Southeast
Housing: $350,000 average home price
Schools: High-quality, excellent student-to-teacher ratio
Crime: 43% lower than the national average

Comparable to Summerlin, Green Valley is a master-planned community in the southeast suburb of Henderson. In terms of schools, amenities, and location, Green Valley has similar perks to Summerlin; however, its biggest draw is that Henderson was named the second safest city in the nation.

According to Knight, Green Valley is known for having great schools. Since the area is well-developed and has a significant population of empty-nesters, the population density is lower, leading to more favorable student-to-teacher ratios for Green Valley kids. And don’t forget amenities! The District at Green Valley Ranch has great shopping and restaurants, and Sunset Station Hotel & Casino has concerts and shows, a movie theater, a bowling alley, and an arcade.

Green Valley’s convenient location in Las Vegas also makes it an attractive option for families. Via the 215 Beltway, residents can get to the Strip, the airport, or Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area with ease.

Southwest Las Vegas

View of Residential Las Vegas

Photo provided by Platinum Real Estate Professionals

Location: Southwest
Housing: $270,000 average home price
Schools: Lots of new school development
Crime: 4% lower than the national average

Southwest Las Vegas is a popular area for families and for good reason. For starters, housing costs are significantly lower than neighboring Summerlin or Henderson’s Green Valley. In fact, home prices start as low as $170,000. This makes it a perfect spot for young families in Las Vegas.

Southwest Las Vegas schools don’t have the reputations or student-to-teacher ratios of Summerlin and Green Valley; however, unlike those areas, Southwest Las Vegas still has plenty of room to grow, meaning new schools are being developed regularly. The ability to build new residential areas contributes to the lower home prices, and the rapid growth drives new shops, restaurants, and schools to open.

Knight, who often recommends the area around the intersection of Apache and Sunset for new residents, says one of the great things about living in Southwest Las Vegas is that it’s easy to get to the Strip or the airport and access Summerlin amenities. Also, Southwest Las Vegas has several family-friendly attractions, including the recently-opened Wet ‘N’ Wild Las Vegas water park.

Whitney Ranch, Henderson

Home in Henderson, NV

Photo provided by Platinum Real Estate Professionals

Location: Southeast
Housing: $285,000 average home price
Schools: Good student-to-teacher ratio
Crime: 17% lower than the national average

Where Southwest Las Vegas is the more affordable alternative to Summerlin, Whitney Ranch is the more affordable alternative to Green Valley. Residents looking to live in Henderson but avoid Green Valley prices should definitely check out Whitney Ranch. Knight estimates that home prices in this area are on average around $65,000 less than Green Valley.

There’s also plenty for residents to do in the area. Families can play basketball, tennis, or baseball at White School Park, go bowling or catch a movie at Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, or swim at one of Whitney Ranch Aquatic Complex‘s pools. Also, for shopping enthusiasts, there’s the outdoor Whitney Ranch Shopping Center and indoor Galleria at Sunset nearby.

Like Green Valley, Whitney Ranch’s location is favorable. Getting to the airport, Downtown Las Vegas, or the Strip is relatively simple. The only areas of Las Vegas that aren’t easy to access from Whitney Ranch are North Las Vegas and Northwest Las Vegas.

Northwest Las Vegas

Home in Las Vegas, NV

Photo provided by Platinum Real Estate Professionals

Location: Northwest
Housing: $250,000 average home price
Schools: Good student-to-teacher ratio
Crime: Equal to the national average

Northwest Las Vegas, especially the Centennial Hills/Providence area, is a great place for families to live. It’s a popular place to live among military families, too, since the area is near Nellis Air Force Base and Creech Air Force Base. Another reason families move to Northwest Las Vegas is because of job opportunities. According to Knight, there’s been an increase in manufacturing jobs in the area.

Because Northwest Las Vegas isn’t as centralized as other areas, it means living in the area is more affordable. Knight says schools and other amenities families care about are very comparable to Southwest Las Vegas, but Northwest Las Vegas is more separated from the Strip, the airport, and other urban areas.

For some residents, sacrificing location for lower housing costs is worth it. In Centennial Hills, a 3-bed, 3-bath is anywhere between the upper $100,000s to the low $200,000s. For the same type of home in the southwest, that price would start in the mid-$200,000s. In Centennial Hills, the mid-$200,000s can get a four or even five-bedroom house with nearly 2,000 square feet. So if residents want more home for their budget, Northwest Las Vegas is very appealing.


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Anthony Knight is a broker and owner of Platinum Real Estate Professionals in Las Vegas, NV. He was named Greater Las Vegas Top Real Estate Agent in 2013, was selected for the Las Vegas YPN 40 Under 40 Hall of Fame in 2016 after being awarded the previous three years, and received the Expert Network Distinguished Broker Award in 2015.

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