Extra Space Storage is Number One in Online Brand Performance

In the last 15 years, much has changed in the way companies do business – and that is largely due to the advent of the Internet. Today, it is a given that companies will have a web page. It is a given that prospective customers will search for information products and services on the Internet. Because of these givens, smart companies have developed marketing tactics so that prospective customers can easily find them.

Companies use SEO (which is search engine optimization) so that their web sites will have a high ranking when customers do a search. Companies use social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. These practices help companies get new customers and keep current ones.

Heardable is a company that evaluates the brand performance of various companies. They use 800+ online marketing metrics and best practices. The brands are examined and benchmarked based on measurable performance data. They do not use aggregate cookie data or customer opinions.

Heardable gives a snapshot of how a company is doing in the marketplace. They then use that information and help companies improve their performance by improving their social presence, optimizing their brand awareness, and discovering new business opportunities.

Heardable just released their latest research report that measured self storage businesses online brand performance. This research found that Extra Space Storage earned the enviable position of being number 1 in the self storage industry.

Heardable’s research methodology has 1,000 possible points. Extra Space Storage scored 612 points. CubeSmart came in second place with 608 points and Public Storage came in third place with 570 points.

The research looked at social media participation, search engine optimization, and mobile website optimization. In evaluating the different companies’ social media, Heardable found that CubeSmart got 24 new likes per month on their Facebook page. Public Storage got 26 likes per month on Facebook. And Extra Space Storage? They got a whopping 1,164 new Facebook likes per month!

So what does Extra Space Storage do to get so many likes? One of the things that they do is to sponsor a live chat session series on Facebook. Josh Zerkel and Lisa Zaslow, two highly respected professional organizers, are the hosts for the chat sessions. Extra Space Storage also syndicates their content across social media – and that garners new fans and all of those ‘likes’ on Facebook.

“American’s take great pleasure in owning things, said Jon Samsel, Heardable co-founder and CEO. “And popular reality shows like Storage Wars are fanning the desire to acquire even more stuff. This has created a huge market opportunity for forward-thinking brands like Extra Space Storage.”

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