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If you ever ask someone where they are from and they say they aren’t from one specific area, that generally means they grew up in a military family. Military families move around a lot. SpareFoot understands the moving challenges that these military families face. Because of that, SpareFoot announced that they are partnering with the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) to assist military families with their permanent change of station (PCS).

SpareFoot’s philosophy is simple: Move in and move on. With all of the moves that those in the service experience, the military personnel really appreciate that mindset. has the most up-to-date information about unit availability, storage pricing, and facility amenities. Their services bring the military consumer and the facility together. SpareFoot also offers exclusive military discounts to those in the service.

AHRN is also partnering with RallyPoint,, and Military These four businesses honor the brave men and women who serve our country and are committed to making their experience of finding a self storage experience unit smooth, quick, and as painless as possible.

RallyPoint is like a military version of LinkedIn. RallyPoint is the only online site where military members can capture relationships that they formed during the service and explore career paths that people have taken after they were released.

“We’re excited to work with because our organizations both strive to serve the military community. RallyPoint’s reach mixed with the PCS resources offered by should help service members enjoy more fluid transitions. We look forward to working with to improve a piece of military life that has left so many unsatisfied in the past,” says Yinon Weiss, CEO RallyPoint.

The tagline for UShip For Military is ‘Military Moves Made Easy.’ It is the world’s largest and most trusted online marketplace for moving and shipping services serving the military relocation, freight, household goods and vehicle shipping markets.

A military person simply posts on uShip the items that need to be shipped and then tends to their other moving preparations. UShip’s vetted service providers bid for the shipment online. The person can then go back online, and select the winning bidder. The person’s time is maximized and their move is made smoother.

This partnership between SpareFoot,, RallyPoint, and uShip is a win/win situation.  As customers, both current and former military members get valuable help with relocation and career transition. And, through the services they provide, these businesses support and say thank you to those in the military community.

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