Is a Tori Spelling Self Storage Auction Imminent?

For years, Tori Spelling entered our living rooms as Donna, one of the cast members of the popular FOX television show 90210. Later in life, she found fame once again as a reality television star and author. Fans would probably love to get a piece of the star, and if her self storage units go up for auction, they may just get the chance.

Tori Spelling rents over 20,000 square feet in self storage space in order to store clothes, furniture, and other accessories that she has collected over the years, and she has adamantly refused to part with it.

In an October episode of her reality show True Tori, she talked about how she has various items stored in 127 storage units for which she pays about $3000 a month. What makes the collection even more unique is that it is quite organized. She has a document over 440 pages long cataloging each item and its exact location.

“What I’m paying on storage is seriously a mortgage,” Spelling said during the show.

What has fans especially interested in her collection of storage units is a claim she made in her recent book, Spelling It Like It Is, that she is broke. If that is indeed the case, why not have a massive garage sale to generate some cash?

A source told RadarOnline, “She could raise hundreds of thousands of dollars if she were to sell just some of the furniture and clothing. Tori is obsessed with her stuff, and does go to the storage facility at least once a month to drop off/pick up various pieces of furniture for her house. There is no reason for Tori to ever buy another piece of furniture ever again … she could fill 10 houses with her stuff.”

If she is indeed broke, then eventually the $3000 in rental fees each month are going to go unpaid. If she’s not broke now, should she lose the $60 million lawsuit involving her production company, she could be soon. She never incorporated it, leaving her and her husband personally liable if they lose the suit.

Should any of the units eventually go up for auction, it wouldn’t be the first time for a celebrity. A storage unit belonging to Paris Hilton was sold for $2775 several years ago. The owner made that money back and more by charging people $40 to see a webcam of the contents of the unit.

In 2013, a unit belonging to MTV personality Tila Tequila was sold for close to $3000. One belonging to the brother of NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo and filled with his memorabilia was bought for $300.

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