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Being a Better Blogger by Creating a Better Blogging Workspace

Space Wise’s Twitter Chat Tips to Better Blogging Workspaces

This October our Space Wise blog team partnered with the weekly #blogchat Twitter chat, hosted by Mack Collier, to hear from bloggers about what makes for an ideal blogging workspace—as well as some tangible tips to up your blogging game by making small changes to your writing space.

Twitter chat participants responded to the following questions:

  • Q1: What does your primary blogging/writing workspace look like?
  • Q2: Which spaces or areas in your home inspire your creativity when writing?
  • Q3: What style elements make a blogging workspace more productive? Being organized? Lighting? Location? Quiet?
  • Q4: What are your best tips for maximizing a small writing space?
  • Q5: What has been the most important change you’ve made to your writing space that improved your productivity?
  • Q6: What advice do you have for maximizing productivity while writing blog content from home?

You can check out how people responded below, and keep tabs on future #blogchat happenings by following Twitter chat host, Mack, here.

The major takeaways?

  • Lighting matters. Whether setting up shop by a window, finding a rooftop patio, or just ensuring you have superior indoor lighting—#blogchat participants agree that quality lighting is a must for any blog workspace.
  • Generally, tidier workspaces equal more productive workspaces. However, some Twitter chatters think a hint of clutter is okay if you’re surrounded by things that bring you joy and creative inspiration.
  • Don’t let small spaces limit you. Using multiuse storage containers and even opening doors can help any workspace feel larger.
  • Sometimes it’s just about finding a cozy nook or comfy chair. One small addition can make a big difference in workspace coziness—and creativity.
  • Wherever you decided to blog, having a dedicated workspace—or spaces—ensures increased productivity. Figure out the areas you work best, and move from space to space if you need to.

Whatever your blogging workspace needs are, we hope you feel a bit more inspired to amplify your workspace to ensure maximum creative inspiration and productivity.

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