Extra Space Storage® is on a Mission to Conserve

At Extra Space Storage, conserving energy and doing our part to help conserve natural resources is a priority. Company-wide we have many sustainable practices in place to reduce our consumption of energy. Here’s a sampling of some of our conservation programs:

  • Nationwide Energy Efficiency Initiatives
  • Solar Energy
  • Conserve The Power Is Yours Campaign

Energy Efficiency
As an Energy Star Partner we measure our energy consumption and actively find ways to reduce our energy needs. We’re conserving energy by installing natural lighting wherever we can, using motion and light sensors to gauge when light is needed, and updating our building systems with modern systems that use less energy.

Solar Power
Solar is powering 100 Extra Space Storage facilities. It is exciting to have clean, renewable energy to meet the energy needs of these facilities. Our goal is to get these facilities to a net zero energy consumption – meaning they give back as much energy to the local power grid as they require.

Conserve The Power Is Yours
At our facilities we remind both employees and customers that small contributions to conserve energy add up to make a big difference. As employees and customers doing things like closing a door to a climate controlled unit, or turning off lights when leaving an area in the storage facility contribute to our overall efforts to conserve.