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2021 Bracket Challenge Winner: Farmhouse

Which Home Decorating Style Won Our 2021 Bracket Challenge?

From March 16 through April 8, Extra Space Storage hosted its second annual Bracket Challenge featuring some of the most popular home decorating styles of 2021! With the help of our incredible online community through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog, we’re able to announce our 2021 Bracket Challenge Winner! But first, let’s remember all of the home decor contenders…

  • Round 1: Bohemian (38%) vs. Coastal (62%) | WINNER: Coastal
  • Round 2: Urban Jungle (14%) vs. Farmhouse (86%) | WINNER: Farmhouse
  • Round 3: Cottagecore (61%) vs. Global (39%) | WINNER: Cottagecore
  • Round 4: Japandi (59%) vs. Maximalism (41%) | WINNER: Japandi
  • Semi-Finals 1: Coastal (52%) vs. Cottagecore (48%) | WINNER: Coastal
  • Semi-Finals 2: Farmhouse (69%) vs. Japandi (31%) | WINNER: Farmhouse
  • Finals: Coastal vs. Farmhouse

So which home decor style finally took home the win in our 2021 Bracket Challenge? Was it the easy, breezy Coastal style or the rustic-meets-industrial Farmhouse? Take a look below!

2021 Home Decor Styles Bracket Challenge - Finals

Farmhouse takes the win again!

This two-time Bracket Challenge winner started to gain traction as a home design and decorating style around 2013 after Fixer Upper made its debut on HGTV—and it’s only gotten more popular over the years!

Why do so many people in the Extra Space Storage community love Farmhouse? It’s a cozy style that embraces rustic and industrial elements, neutral color palettes, natural lighting, distressed wood, and soft materials. In other words, it’s the perfect home decor style for anyone who wants to blend a clean, minimalist look with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Looking for ways to decorate your home in farmhouse style? Take a look at these farmhouse decorating ideas!

Thank you to everyone who voted in our Bracket Challenge! Check back next year for more bracket fun—and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more decorating tips!