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Mosaic of home decor styles featured in Extra Space Storage 2021 Bracket Challenge

Vote for Your Favorite Home Decorating Style in Our 2021 Bracket Challenge


The Extra Space Storage Bracket Challenge is back!

Last year, we kicked off our inaugural Bracket Challenge with a home decorating styles competition, and Modern Farmhouse took home the win! This year, we’re bringing back the home decorating theme, but with several new contenders. Will Modern Farmhouse hang onto its title, or will we see another style snag the win?

Starting Tuesday, March 16 and running through Thursday, April 8, our Bracket Challenge is open for voting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, and this post (See our poll below)!

2021 Home Decor Styles Bracket Challenge - Semi-Finals 2

The Schedule

  • Round 1: Bohemian (38%) vs. Coastal (62%) | WINNER: Coastal
  • Round 2: Urban Jungle (14%) vs. Farmhouse (86%) | WINNER: Farmhouse
  • Round 3: Cottagecore (61%) vs. Global (39%) | WINNER: Cottagecore
  • Round 4: Japandi (59%) vs. Maximalism (41%) | WINNER: Japandi
  • Semi-Finals 1: Coastal (52%) vs. Cottagecore (48%) | WINNER: Coastal
  • Semi-Finals 2: Farmhouse (69%) vs. Japandi (31%) | WINNER: Farmhouse
  • Finals: Coastal vs. Farmhouse (Vote on Tuesday, April 6)
  • Winner Announced on Thursday, April 8

Home Decorating Bracket Challenge 2021 Graphic

The Contenders

Which home decorating styles are competing in our bracket? Check out these incredible contenders!


Bohemian Style Living Room. Photo by Instagram user @mango_manor

Photo via @mango_manor

Characterized by its carefree aesthetic, boho style is all about playing with patterns, layering textures, incorporating natural elements, and creating a cozy space where you can just chill out.


A popular home decorating style in New England and along the East Coast, coastal style combines plush furniture with white, blue, and soft green hues to give off an airy, dreamy feel perfect for oceanside living.


Cottagecore Style Home with White Cat Lying on White Couch. Photo by Instagram user @tracey_hiebert

Photo via @tracey_hiebert

Cottagecore is the hot new trend in home decorating. Mixing French-style country decor with elements of vintage, rustic, and farmhouse styles, cottagecore is all about comfort, simplicity, and romance.


Last year’s winner, farmhouse style blends minimalism with rustic and industrial elements. Farmhouse has been one of the most popular styles for the last few years, thanks to its neutral palette and cozy materials.


Global style is all about designing a worldly living space that reflects a love of travel and experiencing new cultures. Statement furniture, exotic patterns, and vintage finds are all part of this eclectic decorating style.


A hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese interior decorating styles, Japandi style is a form of minimalism that focuses on uncluttered spaces, wood elements, clean lines, light color palettes, and soft furnishings.


“More is better” is the philosophy behind maximalist style. Unlike its minimalist counterpart, maximalism embraces a wide range of colors, mismatched patterns, and funky decor to showcase eccentric personalities.

Urban Jungle

Urban jungle style is characterized by its abundance of greenery, which creates a jungle-like feel. The base decorating style can be anything from boho to industrial, as long as the emphasis is on houseplants.

Keep checking back on the Extra Space Storage blog each week to see which decorating styles move up in the bracket. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!