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How to Find Your Ideal Storage Unit

Not sure which type of storage space is best for you?
Use these tips and resources to find out.

Drive-up Storage

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Indoor Storage

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Outdoor Storage

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What Type of Storage Fits Your Needs?

Answer these few questions to find out.

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Will you need to store a motor-vehicle?

  • Yes, a Small-Engine Vehicle
  • Yes, a Small-mid size Vehicle
  • Yes, a Large vehicle
  • No

What Type of Storage Fits Your Needs?

Answer these few questions to find out.

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How often will you need to access your unit?

  • Frequently
  • On occasion
  • Rarely

What Type of Storage Fits Your Needs?

Answer these few questions to find out.

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In terms of features, what do you value most?

  • Privacy
  • Protection from hazards
  • Price
  • Easy Access

What Type of Storage Fits Your Needs?

Answer these few questions to find out.
Based on your answers we recommend Outdoor Storage.

  • Drive-up Storage

    Seasonal items



    Small-engine vehicles

    Sports equipment

  • Indoor Storage






  • Outdoor Storage






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Select a Storage Size

Are you wondering, "How much storage do I need?" or "What size storage unit do I need?" We have resources to help you decide.

  • The Storage Calculator lets you add up your items to find out which size works best for you.

  • Storage videos allow you to watch a guided video tour of each unit size so you can see exactly what you're getting.

  • With the Size Storage Guide application, you can find your ideal size by dragging and dropping belongings into a virtual storage unit.

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Learn the Basics About Storage

Learn more about storage basics facts. Mouse over a word to learn more.

one-car garage

Drive-up storage units are typically the size of a one-car garage.

house-like settings

Indoor storage units feel more like a house than a garage.


Ask about amenities that are important to you. Some examples of storage amenities include moving carts, multiple gate entrances, Spanish-speaking staff and RV storage.


Some features that are considered upgrades include having a unit on the first floor, convenient access to an elevator, climate control storage, heat or air conditioning only, dehumidifiers and insurance.

least expensive

Outdoor storage is the least expensive type of storage space. These parking spaces may feature a metal roof and RV hookups.

24/7 access

If it's important to you to access your storage unit at any time, select a storage property that offers 24-hour access each day. If you don't choose a property with 24/7 access, ask about set gate hours, and the ability to customize access.

ground floor

Ground floor storage units are more accessible and often preferred by customers. Consider how often you will visit your storage unit before selecting this upgrade.


If you plan to access your belongings frequently, the property location should be a top priority. If you don't plan on visiting your storage unit often, choose a less convenient location that may offer a better price.

roll-up door

Featured on drive-up storage units and some indoor units, roll-up doors allow for easier loading and unloading, and maximum use of storage space.

on-site manager

An on-site manager resides at an apartment at the storage property, providing an extra level of security.

parking space

Outdoor storage is similar to a parking space. These parking spaces often have a metal roof, and are suitable for RV storage.


Based on price per square foot, outdoor storage units can be one of the least expensive types of storage, while large indoor storage units with upgrades are more expensive. After deciding on your storage unit type and size, consider whether you want upgrades.

climate control

Climate control maintains a steady environment to protect sensitive belongings. If this is important to you, indoor storage is a good choice.

easily accessible

Drive-up storage units and indoor storage units on the first floor are the most easily accessible types of storage.


Storage facilities typically offer security cameras and electronic gates to enhance security, but you'll add your own lock to your storage unit. Other features that enhance security include fences and maintaining a well-lit environment.

alarmed units

Individually alarmed units offer an additional level of security at an added cost, but storage facilities also have alarms for the entire property, as well as other security measures. If you need more control, ask about the availability of an individually alarmed unit.

electronic gates

Electronic gates help ensure your stored belongings stay secure. They also allow the storage property to monitor who’s visiting. The gates will open after you enter your personalized code.

  • one-car garage
  • house-like settings
  • amenities
  • upgrades
  • least expensive
  • 24/7 access
  • ground floor
  • location
  • roll-up door
  • on-site manager
  • parking space
  • climate control
  • price
  • easily accessible
  • security
  • alarmed units
  • electronic gates

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