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Books, Magazines and Media

Special care should be taken when packing books, magazines, videotapes, CDs and DVDs for storage, as these items are more susceptible to environmental damage such as humidity, dust and yellowing.  Spending time and money in properly packing and organizing these materials is a worthwhile investment.

Whether you’re a book dealer storing inventory, a collector storing comic books, a business storing sensitive data on DVD, or you simply pride yourself on your mammoth CD collection, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

All Print Materials and Media

  • Consider using locking storing containers, file cabinets or fire safes
  • Use wood, cardboard or plastic to raise storage containers off the floor
  • Label boxes and containers for easy reference
  • Do not use newspaper for packing – the print can transfer
  • Use same-size, quality boxes for easy stacking
  • Pack all non-essential items first
  • Fill boxes to prevent shifting during transport or lifting
  • Pack for long-term storage, even if you plan to only store your items for a couple months, just in case

Books and Magazines

  • Climate control is extremely important for the preservation of books and magazines, as it prevents damage from extreme temperatures (ask your self-storage facility manager about this option which is often available for moderate additional cost)
  • Place a piece of paper inside the front cover and wrap around to the back cover to prevent sticking (use paper on rolls to make this easier)
  • When placing books or magazines in boxes, alternate placing the spine to the right or left
  • Seal in archival plastic bags
  • Place a piece of strong cardboard, plastic or wood between magazines to prevent warping

 DVDs, CDs, Video Tapes and other Media

  • Always pack media in airtight, heavy duty bags or containers
  • When possible, store media in the original cases for additional protection
  • Anti-static bags are recommended
  • Videotapes are particularly sensitive to moisture – package them individually in airtight bags

At Extra Space, we make sure that quality packing materials are available at our facilities for convenient and proper packing. Ask your facility manager for other important considerations when storing valuable property in your self-storage unit.