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Ever dreamt of cruising the open road, days on end with your music blasting? Add to that scene a big old semi packed to the brim with every earthly possession, and what do you have? A Long Distance Move. Let us help you gear up for that Long Distance Move with our Moving Out of State Checklist that is bound to make that "open road" more enjoyable.

let people know where you're going

Whether you're moving 100 miles, or 1,000 miles, a few key people need to know where to find you (and we're not talking Facebook)

Before you move, make sure to let the following know:
Stacked boxes
pack everything before moving day

Most of us are guilty of trying to squeeze one more thing in. Unless you have extraordinary superhero powers, you can't organize every room and closet, pack every box, load a moving truck and clean your house in one day. Just won't happen. Get those boxes packed the day before your move.

hire a professional piano mover

That heirloom upright from grandma is worth it. No, it ain't cheap, but if you have any hope of having Middle C sound like Middle C on the other side of the country, hire a professional piano mover.

White truck
consider hiring a moving company

When is the last time you carried an armoire down a flight of stairs? That's what we thought. Many professional movers offer a wide range of services that can be picked a la carte. Your idea of a move may be to leave all of your dirty dishes in the sink and have them magically appear in your new home hundreds of miles away. Maybe you figure you can pack your own underwear, but that 80 inch TV isn't moving one inch without help. Perhaps you've fantasized of owning the open road as you plow across the country in the driver's seat of a semi. Whatever your type, the great thing is, you only pay for what you need.

Click here for more information on hiring a moving company.

Box of puppies
make a pet plan

You wouldn't dream of putting Uncle Vern in the back of the moving truck, and your pets shouldn't be there either. If you're a lover of fur (or feathers or scales or whatever floats your boat), remember that a long-distance trip can be stressful. Make sure you have the appropriate crates, that you're taking plenty of potty breaks (trust us, it's worth the extra five minutes), and that you find pet-friendly hotels in advance (unless you fancy camping at the rest stops).

Woman with boxes
leave all the organizing for your move-in

We know it's tempting, in the heat of the move, to throw whatever you left on the counter in a box and call it good. But, we promise, when you've finally reached your destination, you will thank yourself for spending a few extra minutes making sure your toothpaste, screwdriver and dishes are in separate boxes. A little organizing when you pack, will save you ample time on your move in.

leave the boxes blank

Your Sharpie is about to become your best friend. Every box should be labeled with its contents, and the room in which it belongs. This is guaranteed to prevent major headaches upon move-in.

Red car
forget your car

We know, it sounds crazy. But, your car needs a travel plan. Will you be driving it? What about your freshman roomie? You know, the one who snored you to sleep in the dorm; doesn't he owe you a favor? Or do you need to ship it? Think this out early. Oftentimes you have to book a car shipment several weeks prior to your move to ensure that you have something to drive once you reach your destination.

kill the carpet

That's why you loved this new house in the first place, right? Several pairs of work boots and hundreds of pounds of furniture later, that flooring may not be what you first fell in love with. Invest in a "carpet shield" for moving day for the main paths in the house.

Garbage can
be a pack rat

You may have once loved your softball team's t-shirt and the trophy you won at the ugly sweater party, but some items just shouldn't make the move. Packing is the perfect time to clean out those things that have been hiding in your basement for way too long. A rule to live by: if you haven't seen it in 24 months and it isn't a family heirloom, it's time to say goodbye.

bring your house plants

You may have watered them, talked to them and caressed them to life, but unless you're willing to give up that climate-controlled passenger seat to your fern, a Long Distance Move is a tough sell for the living green. Instead, find a new home for them.