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Our performance comes from a combination of the best people in the business, a platform that works, and a strategic vision that drives exceptional results.


We’ve demonstrated consistent Net Operating Income (NOI) out-performance in comparison to our peers.

This speaks volumes: It shows that we run and execute at all levels in a more superior way. It also shows our consistency, year over year. This performance stems from our entire team—from marketing to operations—along with our industry-leading platform.

**EXR and PSA results exclude tenant reinsurance revenues and expenses, and NSA results (and LSI prior to 2019, and CUBE results prior to 2021) include the benefit from tenant insurance revenue. Data as of June 30, 2021 as reported in public filings.


The ManagementPlus platform is a best-in-class, branded property management service for self-storage owners.

It provides day-to-day property management services and a true alignment of interests between owners and Extra Space Storage. We don't differentiate between our facilities and yours.

Our company is built around partnerships. Every department within our company has an impact on our partners’ stores, and vice versa. That’s why there’s nothing within our overall platform that caters to stores we own versus the ones we manage—every element is equal. Our proficiency is 100% relayed to any store we operate and our expertise within the industry is at any of our partners’ disposal.

Revenue Management

Our proprietary pricing systems maximize revenue through all stages of occupancy, utilizing complex algorithms.

These systems are made possible through the scale of our data, a key competitive advantage. Our culture of constant testing ensures we keep up with customer and market trends, as well as staying ahead of our competitors.

Call Center

Every call counts. Our team members ensure that each caller has an excellent experience.

Sales agents help customers find the perfect unit with a focus on converting as many calls into rentals. Our service agents are here to help our existing customers with any account related issues or questions.

Field Operations

Extra Space Storage hires top talent District Managers to oversee our daily operations.

Acting as boots on the ground, District Managers are responsible for store level staffing, property oversight, conducting regular audits, and helping to drive the business with a local perspective. Possibly the most important role of the District Manager is to hire, manage, and train our facility managers who are the sales and customer service experts.

Operations Support

Acting as field advocates, we partner with all departments on projects, rollouts, or initiatives to ensure minimal operational disruptions.

Our group takes processes out of the hands of our field employees and management so that they can focus their efforts on driving the business where they can have the most impact.