Celebrating 25 Years with Heather Cullen-Radder, Paul Wilkins & Priscilla Chinigo

The remarkable individuals at Extra Space Storage are the driving force behind our success in the self storage industry. Their commitment and hard work have helped us grow to where we are today. In honor of this, we are proud to spotlight some of our team members who have been part of our journey for over 25 years. These dedicated team members truly live our core values of Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, and Passion.

Heather Cullen-Radder, Store Manager

Heather Cullen-Radder started her self storage adventure as a Multi-Store Manager at Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, which later rebranded to Life Storage. When Extra Space and Life Storage merged last year, she joined Extra Space as a Store Manager overseeing two sites in Williamsville, NY.

“I have seriously loved every minute of the last 25 years!” Heather shared. “I love my job and always joke with my team that you’ll have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming.”

Heather has worked at various Buffalo, NY stores over the years and enjoyed her time at each different property. She has also traveled to new stores as a training manager, assisting with their openings. She takes pride in guiding and mentoring new teammates as they learn to manage a new facility.

“Having worked with Heather for over 19 years, I can say that there is not a kinder, more caring, and more dedicated person that I’ve ever met,” said Extra Space District Manager Brian Krill. “Heather cares deeply for her co-workers and her customers, and she is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone. She has certainly made an impact on me not only as a leader but also as a person.”

Heather’s favorite aspect of her job is the people she gets to help every day. “You never know what someone is going through to need storage,” Heather commented. “I like to meaningfully connect with my customers and get to know them by name so I can help them in their life transition.”

Reflecting on her time at Extra Space, Heather is grateful for the opportunity to continue working here, get to know all of her new teammates, and learn new things. “You really can teach an old dog new tricks!” she said.

“Heather is extremely dedicated to doing her job well and takes a tremendous amount of pride in her work every day,” Brian continued. “I have been incredibly fortunate to know and work with Heather and look forward to many more years working together.”

Congratulations to Heather Cullen-Radder on 25 years—it is a tremendous accomplishment!

Paul Wilkins, Assistant Store Manager

Paul Wilkins began his self storage career in 1999. Later, in 2011, when the facility he was managing was acquired by Extra Space, he was welcomed to the Extra Space team. Paul is an Assistant Store Manager, supporting numerous sites throughout the San Diego, CA, market.

“Over the years, Paul has impacted countless customers and employees with his infectious spirit and dedication to the work,” said Extra Space District Manager Ben Murray. “He was the first Extra Space leader I met in person before joining the company. I was struck by his passion and love he had for his job.”

Paul has watched Extra Space grow from 500 to over 3,600 stores and finds it rewarding and exciting to watch our company grow. “It’s satisfying to be part of an establishment that is a leader in the industry,” said Paul. “It’s been a wild ride, and I look forward to what the future holds.”

When encountering challenging situations, Paul draws on his 12 years of service in the United States Marine Corps to remain calm and focused. He skillfully overcomes customer objections and identifies solutions using this prior experience.

What Paul finds most gratifying about his work is mentoring new hires. He enjoys witnessing the growth of new employees into becoming excellent team members and knowing that he contributed to their development. He takes pride in working with a team that values Integrity, Excellence, Passion, Teamwork, and Innovation.

Paul is known for his saying, ‘If I were doing any better, it would be illegal,’ and according to his District Manager, nothing captures the way Paul approaches work better than that.

“You can see his enthusiasm with customers, his attention to detail, his self-drive while out on the property, and the genuine connections he makes with his peers,” Ben continued. “Paul is truly an incredible leader who consistently demonstrates our values in every way.”

Congratulations to Paul Wilkins for achieving an incredible 25-year milestone with Extra Space Storage!

Priscilla Chinigo, Assistant Store Manager

Priscilla Chinigo started her self storage journey 25 years ago with a small owner group at a storage property in Cary, NC. Within a few years, Life Storage took over ownership of that location, and Priscilla has been a staple at the site ever since. Over the years, she has been an enormous help in the district, covering other locations during transitional times, helping co-workers, and making herself available for the team. Since joining Extra Space with the merger of Life Storage last year, she has continued to be a great resource to her teammates, especially during that time of transition.

“Priscilla takes a lot of pride in her site and how she operates with her customers,” shared Extra Space District Manager Tyler Falvo. “I’ve personally seen the relationships she has built with her customers. They truly feel welcomed and valued at her site and appreciate having someone consistent and caring to work with. It’s obvious when her customers come in, just how much she appreciates them and knows so many by name. It builds the value of our brand and sets the tone for what customers expect.”

Priscilla knows all the ins and outs of her store, as she’s worked there off and on since it opened. Older properties, like the one she maintains, bring a unique set of challenges, and Priscilla has seen it all. She has worked at other locations when needed, but she always ended up back at her primary “home” site in the long run.

“Wherever she worked, she took ownership of each location as if they were her own,” Tyler continued. “She clearly demonstrates our values of Teamwork and Excellence.”

Congratulations to Priscilla Chinigo for an incredible 25 years!

Featured image: From left, Heather Culler-Radder and Paul Wilkins. Priscilla Chinigo not pictured.

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