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Your Guide to Vehicle Storage

Whether you need to store a car, motorcycle, boat, or RV, Extra Space Storage offers versatile, secure self storage for vehicles of all sizes. With enclosed drive-up storage units as small as 5x10 up to 50-foot outdoor parking spots, there’s a vehicle storage solution for your needs! Learn more about these storage options below and find in-depth resources for the type of vehicle you need to store.

Types of Vehicle Storage

Extra Space Storage offers three types of vehicle storage: indoor, outdoor, and covered. With different sizes, levels of protection, and costs, each option has its advantages.

Indoor Storage

Want an enclosed space for your vehicle? Indoor vehicle storage is the option you want. At Extra Space Storage facilities throughout the nation, storage units with drive-up access can be used to store cars, motorcycles, and even small recreational vehicles. Pull the vehicle into the unit, close and lock the door, and you have a garage-like storage space that provides maximum protection from the elements. In most cases, a drive-up storage unit is the more expensive option for storing a vehicle.

Outdoor Storage

If you have a vehicle that’s too large to fit inside an enclosed storage unit, outdoor storage is a good alternative. Outdoor vehicle storage is a common solution for large boats, campers, trailers, motorhomes, and even some commercial vans and trucks. This option is typically available as a designated parking stall or an open parking lot at Extra Space Storage locations. While outdoor parking doesn’t provide coverage from the elements, it’s often the most affordable option for storing a vehicle.

Covered Storage

Though not as commonly available at Extra Space Storage, covered vehicle storage is a good in-between solution. Covered storage is essentially outdoor parking with a protective roof, which provides some coverage from sun exposure and precipitation, and the price point generally falls somewhere in the middle of indoor vehicle storage and outdoor vehicle storage. This is a popular option for RVs and boats.

What Type of Vehicle are You Storing?

The type of vehicle you plan to store makes a difference when it comes to which vehicle storage option you should choose. Learn more about the best solutions for storing cars, boats, RVs, and other vehicles!

RV Storage

Need an affordable self storage solution for your recreational vehicle? From pop-up campers to large fifth-wheel trailers and motorhomes, Extra Space Storage has indoor, outdoor, and covered storage options. See how much space you’ll need for your type of RV, how to prepare your vehicle for storage, and more!
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Car Storage

Whether you’re storing a car for a month or long-term, we offer convenient auto storage solutions at Extra Space Storage locations nationwide. Both indoor and outdoor storage options are available with enclosed drive-up access units and affordable outdoor parking spaces. See how much space you’ll need, how to prepare your car for storage, and more!
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Boat Storage

Our self storage facilities offer an easily accessible and secure option for winter storage or even year-round storage needs. From fishing boats and small pontoons to larger wakeboard boats, our variety of indoor, outdoor, and covered storage spaces can handle practically any size of boat. See your options, how much space you’ll need, how to prepare your boat for storage, and more!
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Small Vehicle Storage

Need somewhere to store a motorcycle, ATV, jet ski, or snowmobile? Extra Space Storage facilities offer a safe, convenient option! With indoor drive-up storage units, outdoor parking spaces, and covered parking, there’s an option that will meet the level of protection you want. See how much storage space you’ll need, how to prepare you vehicle for storage, and more!
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Vehicle Storage Guidelines

If you plan to store a vehicle at an Extra Space Storage facility, you need to be prepared. Take a look at these general vehicle storage guidelines that apply to many, but not all, of our storage facilities. Always be sure to refer to your rental agreement for complete details as well.

  • Wheels must be in good, working order on all stored vehicles.
  • Vehicles must be driven into the storage unit, not towed or stored on blocks.
  • Current registration and proof of insurance is required.
  • Boats and RVs should have current license plates.
  • Any tags that expire while in storage should be renewed.
  • Trailers must be roadworthy.
  • Tires must be inflated and inspected for signs of dry rot.
  • Remove as much gasoline from the fuel tank as possible before storing.
  • No repairs or extensive maintenance may be performed inside the storage unit.
  • Car covers are recommended for vehicles stored outside and may be required for unsightly vehicles.
  • Tire locks and tie downs are allowed for additional security.

If you need to store a vehicle long term, check any fuel lines and gaskets before stowing your vehicle away. Lay down cardboard to protect the storage unit’s floors in case of any fluid leaks.

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With self storage facilities across the nation and a professional, knowledgeable team on your side, Extra Space Storage is your go-to solution for finding the best vehicle storage option near you!

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