For small businesses and large companies alike, there’s no such thing as too much storage space. With documents, equipment, materials, inventory, and more, it isn’t uncommon for your business to run out of room, whether it’s an office space or a space at home. Check out our different commercial and business self storage options available at Extra Space Storage and get an idea of which ones make the most sense for your company.

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    Utilizing a self storage unit is the perfect way for businesses of all sizes and industries to free up space in their offices without expanding or relocating. Renting a cheap storage unit nearby can be an easy, affordable way to store documents, vehicles, inventory, and equipment! In addition to large and extra-large storage units, some Extra Space Storage facilities offer commercial storage services, such as package delivery, office space, warehouse storage, and 24/7 gate access to units.


    As a business, you can never have too much storage space. With everything you need to operate, from inventory and documents to equipment and other materials, it's easy to run out of room at your business, whether it’s an office space or your home. Learn more about Extra Space Storage's business self storage options, available unit sizes, and which solutions are right for your company.

    Renting Business Storage at Extra Space Storage

    See what business owners have to say about using Extra Space Storage for their commercial storage needs. We offer a wide range of storage unit sizes and helpful amenities like climate control and drive-up access so you can easily store inventory, files, equipment, and other important business items.


    Commercial storage isn't just storage units for businesses. At Extra Space Storage, we go above and beyond to help small businesses and large operations by offering a variety of storage unit sizes, office space for rent, safe places to park company vehicles, and more!

    Self Storage

    Need additional space to store equipment, documents, or inventory? A standard storage unit is the solution you're looking for. Businesses in various industries rent self storage units to get some much-needed space for an affordable monthly rate rather than expanding or relocating an office location.

    Warehouse Storage

    Have exceptionally large storage needs that a standard storage unit can't handle? No worries! Many Extra Space Storage locations offer warehouse storage space with extra large storage units for rent and provide convenient loading docks to accommodate these larger storage needs.

    Office Space

    Need a storage unit and office space? With electricity, internet access, phone lines, and more, office spaces at Extra Space Storage offer an affordable solution to renting flex office space or office space with a workshop. This makes us an all-in-one solution for many large or small businesses!

    Vehicle Storage

    Business vehicle storage is a great solution if your employees don't have enough space at home or in neighborhood covenants. This type of storage is ideal if your company vehicles need to be in a secure area while not in use due to expensive materials and equipment inside them. With outdoor, covered, and indoor options available, there's sure to be something that will meet your needs. Learn More About Vehicle Storage.


    Outside of providing much-needed space for your business, renting commercial self storage offers unique benefits that many might not consider.

    Save Money: Find Cheap Commercial Storage

    Not only is a renting storage unit itself often cheaper than other storage options, such as a larger office space, but many businesses have found that they don't actually need office space at all when they use self storage. This combination can add up to big cost savings. Of course, not all businesses can operate without office space, which is why we offer this amenity at many of our locations.

    Prime Locations: Locate Your Business Strategically

    In many cases, there are multiple Extra Space Storage facilities conveniently located throughout a city. This is good if you need to strategically choose self storage locations close to your work to cut down on travel time whenever you need to grab inventory, equipment, or files. It can also benefit businesses within the home service industry, as renting commercial storage near by in different areas of town can lessen transportation time and other travel-related expenses.

    Flexibility: An Adjustable Business Storage Solution

    Month-to-month business storage rental agreements provide the flexibility you need to store commercial items and allow you to make changes when you need to. You know you need space now, but it's hard to know what will happen in the next year, let alone the next few months. Will you need more storage space? Less? Maybe your location doesn't make sense anymore and it would be more beneficial for you to rent a business storage unit in a different area of town.


    Depending on what you're using self storage for and what you'll be storing, there are different features and amenities our storage facilities offer that you may want to keep in mind.

    Extended Access or 24-Hour Access

    Standard access hours aren't going to cut it for most businesses using self storage. At Extra Space Storage, extended access hours, such as 6am to 10pm, are widely available. 24-hour access storage is also an option at many of our locations. Be sure to ask the site manager for details on access hours!

    Drive-Up Access

    If you'll be making frequent trips to your business storage unit to pick up and drop off equipment or inventory, you're going to want drive-up access. This is especially true for contractors or other service industry businesses that are constantly storing heavy items in a business vehicle or trailer.

    Climate-Controlled Storage

    For retail shops that store business inventory like clothing and accessories or businesses storing documents, a climate-controlled storage unit is usually going to be a better option than a storage unit with drive-up access. An indoor access storage unit can keep your inventory in a temperature-controlled environment to make sure that extreme heat or cold won't impact the integrity of your products.

    Deliveries Accepted

    If you plan to use self storage to store inventory or materials, being able to have items delivered to the facility is a major convenience. Many Extra Space Storage locations across the country offer this for businesses, saving you both time and effort.

    Wide-Drive Aisles

    If you plan to transport your own inventory to the facility, it's important that the aisles are wide enough to accommodate your vehicle. Many of our locations can accommodate vehicles as large as 18-wheeler trucks.

    Secure Storage

    When storing anything essential to your business, whether it's retail inventory or construction equipment, you need to know your items are safe within storage. At Extra Space Storage, we place a strong emphasis on providing secure storage facilities with features ranging from electronic gate access and video surveillance to on-site resident managers and individually-alarmed units.


    Below are a few examples of small business storage solutions. Check out the types of businesses and how self storage provides the space they need to keep operating smoothly.


    Home Service Businesses

    Home service businesses typically require ample storage space to handle parts and materials, equipment, and even vehicles. These small businesses often rent expensive flex space or offices with a workshop, but self storage offers everything they need at a much lower price. Home service businesses that frequently use self storage include contractors, lawn care businesses, and air conditioning companies.

    Storage Recommendations: For home service and contractor storage, storage units with drive-up access are very popular. Trucks and cargo vehicles can pull right up to the storage unit to load and unload. Auto storage is also popular for these businesses. Many home service businesses operate using multiple vehicles, and in some areas of the country, employees can't park them in front of their homes.


    Brick & Mortar Retail Businesses

    For retail businesses, managing inventory can be a constant struggle. Commercial retail space is expensive, and beyond just fitting inventory into the store's space, there's also a concern about creating a quality shopping environment that patrons will enjoy. To maintain a clean, uncluttered shopping area and effectively store and manage inventory, these businesses often rent storage units. Retail businesses that use self storage include clothing boutiques, electronic specialty stores, or office equipment companies.

    Storage Recommendations: For retail businesses, indoor climate-controlled storage units are often the best commercial storage solution. Climate control will help protect inventory from extreme temperatures. If the inventory isn't temperature-sensitive, then a storage unit with drive-up access is also a good option.

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    E-Commerce Businesses

    For many e-commerce businesses, the need for an office outside of the home has been completely eliminated by simply renting a storage unit. These small businesses can operate from home, and all inventory can be stored at a storage facility. E-commerce businesses can utilize storage units to keep inventory or office supplies in a secure environment.

    Storage Recommendations: E-commerce business storage needs are very similar to that of brick and mortar. Both indoor climate-controlled and outdoor drive-up access units can work. You just have to make the decision based on the inventory you have and whether or not extreme high or low temperatures could damage your products.


    Realtors & Home Staging Businesses

    If you're in the business of selling houses, you know there's a lot more that goes into it than meets the eye. Whether you're a realtor with an abundance of promotional materials or a home staging professional with furniture to store and clutter to remove from homes on the market, self storage is a simple solution for much-needed space.

    Storage Recommendations: If you're a realtor, a drive-up storage unit will likely meet your needs. For home staging professionals, drive-up storage or climate-controlled storage can be used, depending on the weather in your area and what you'll be storing. If you're storing high-end furniture and work in an area with an adverse climate, climate control is recommended. If not, a drive-up storage unit will make loading and unloading furniture and other decorative pieces much easier.


    Interior Designers

    Many interior designers work from home or prefer to use the office space they have as a showroom. Because of this, renting a storage unit or warehouse space ƒis a great way to keep those spaces from becoming cluttered with frequent furniture orders. You can use your storage unit to help securely store design materials, furniture, lighting, or home decor pieces that you want to keep out of the way.

    Storage Recommendations: With furniture deliveries coming and going so frequently, a drive-up access storage unit is the best option. By being able to pull directly up to your unit, you can unload and load items quickly, giving you more time back in your day to focus on your business.


    Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

    Pharmaceutical companies have started using self storage facilities as their home base for sales representatives rather than finding office spaces. Storage units and the accompanying business solutions that many facilities offer provide everything a pharmaceutical sales rep needs. Plus, it's a much more affordable alternative to renting office space.

    Storage Recommendations: If you plan to rent a storage unit for medical pharmaceutical storage to store drug samples, marketing materials, and more, climate-controlled storage is a must. Also, finding a location that accepts deliveries will be important, which many Extra Space Storage locations do.


    While you're not allowed to operate a business out of a storage unit, such as having customers visit your storage unit to buy products, you can use a self storage unit to help support your business needs and growth. Our storage units provide convenient, affordable space to store inventory, parts, and materials. We also offer warehouse storage space for businesses with large storage needs, as well as business centers at select locations with office space and amenities like wi-fi available for businesses to operate from our facility.


    Give us a call today to rent storage space for your business, and be sure to ask about our other available commercial storage features! Our friendly, professional staff is happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the storage solution that meets your needs.


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