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Learn about and find indoor storage units.
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Indoor storage units, also referred to as interior storage units, are a popular option at Extra Space Storage. Let’s take a look at the unique advantages they provide and whether or not renting an indoor unit is best for you.

Indoor Storage

Why Indoor Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage

Most climate-controlled storage is available in interior storage units. If you’re storing items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures, climate control is a feature worth considering.

Protection from the Outdoors

Having another layer of protection between your belongings and the outdoors means that your storage unit is more protected from drastic temperature swings, pests, and more.


Being inside a building when visiting your self storage unit can be more comfortable. This is especially true if you’ll be visiting often and your region experiences severe weather.

Enhanced Security

Extra Space Storage takes security seriously. Our facilities utilize security features like electronic gate access and video surveillance, and our indoor storage units can sometimes include additional features like security access to your floor only and individual unit alarms at select locations.

Indoor Storage Elevator Access

Indoor Storage Access Types

First-Floor Access

Having first-floor or ground-level access is the most convenient option. If you plan to take items in and out of storage regularly, or simply want the easiest option for moving in and out, this is a great option.

Elevator Access

If you’re interested in saving a little each month, elevator access to upper-level storage units still provide an easily accessible storage space at a lower monthly cost.

Indoor Storage Units vs. Drive-Up Access

  Indoor Storage Units Drive-Up Access
Size Selection Available Available
Protect Temperature-Sensitive Items Available Not Available
Most Convenient Access Not Available Available
Vehicle Storage Not Available Available
Largest Storage Unit Sizes Not Available Available

When Is Indoor Storage Right for You?

Let’s take a look at some items and scenarios in which an indoor storage unit would be your best option:

  • If you’re storing electronics, media, wooden furniture, artwork, collectibles, and other temperature-sensitive items in an area with extreme weather.
  • If you’re storing important business items, such as pharmaceutical supplies, important documents, and more.
  • If you plan to visit your self storage unit often and live in an area where harsh weather is prominent throughout the year.
  • If you’re storing valuable items and want an extra layer of protection between your belongings and the outside world.
  • If storing in a large city, indoor storage units will be the most available and conveniently located options near you.
  • If you plan to store your belongings long term.

Large Indoor Storage

Indoor Storage FAQs

What is indoor storage?

All storage units provide a protected, enclosed space to store your belongings. Indoor storage units are located within a building. Many customers prefer these storage units because they provide another layer of separation from the elements.

How important is climate-controlled storage?

This depends on what you’re storing and where you live. If you’re storing delicate items like photos, books, artwork, electronics, or wood furniture in an area with extreme temperatures, an indoor storage unit with climate control is recommended.

Do indoor drive-up storage units exist?

They do, but they’re not as common. If you’re looking for an indoor drive-up unit, we’d suggest calling our team to have them identify if any are self storage facilities with this feature available in your area.

Find Indoor Storage Units Near You

Ready to find an indoor storage option nearby? You can find storage units of all sizes to fit your needs with Extra Space Storage today!


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(855) 234-6922