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Storage Units with Drive-Up Access

Learn about and find drive-up storage near you.

At Extra Space Storage, you’ll find a variety of storage units that can accommodate a wide range of needs. If you’re looking for the most convenient access in a storage solution, consider a drive-up storage unit!

What Is Drive-Up Access?

Drive-up access means your storage unit is a garage-like storage space that allows you to pull a vehicle up next to or into your space to unload and load your belongings. Most drive-up units at Extra Space Storage locations are housed in rows of outdoor buildings with wide-drive aisles, but some locations may have drive-up access units inside a drive-through building, providing additional convenience and protection from the elements.

Why Drive-Up Storage?

Convenient Access

The convenience of being able to pull your vehicle directly up to the storage unit to load and unload is one of the major reasons why customers love drive-up access.

Wide-Drive Aisles

Need to unload a moving truck or even larger vehicle? Most Extra Space Storage facilities with drive-up access have wide-drive aisles that can accommodate even the largest vehicles.

Large Storage Units

If you have larger storage needs, such as storing the contents of a house or storing a vehicle, 10×20 and larger storage units with drive-up access are common and available in most areas.

Common Uses for Drive-Up Storage Units

Whether you’re moving, storing a vehicle, or using commercial storage, drive-up access is one of the best storage features available at Extra Space Storage! Because you can pull a vehicle right up to your unit, it makes moving large, heavy items—like furniture or equipment—in and out of your unit much easier.

Using Self Storage for Moving

A drive-up storage unit is highly recommended for anyone who’s moving, but especially for those who need a safe place to store belongings during a long transition between homes. The convenience of this garage-like unit allows you to move heavy furniture, appliances, and boxes to and from your vehicle without the concern of stairs, tight hallways, or elevators. And it makes quick pick-ups and drop-offs easy since you don’t have to enter a building.

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Business Storage

Drive-up self storage gives small business owners an easily accessible option for storing commercial inventory, supplies, and even some equipment. Instead of trying to operate your business out of your home or a crowded office space, you can utilize drive-up units to quickly pick up and drop off the things you need for your business.

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Vehicle Storage

Some Extra Space Storage facilities will allow drive-up access units to be used for indoor vehicle storage. This is a great option for those living in apartments without parking, active military who need safe storage for person vehicles during deployment, saving family cars for children, storing a business van or truck, or protecting fair-weather vehicles during the winter months. Be sure to check with the facility manager to see if drive-up vehicle storage is allowed and which unit sizes can accommodate your vehicle before renting.

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Large aisles for drive up access

Drive-Up Storage vs. Indoor Storage

Trying to decide which self storage option is right for you? Let’s take a simple look at the advantages of both drive-up and indoor storage.

Drive-Up Storage Indoor Storage
Size Selection Available Available
Largest Storage Unit Sizes Available Not Available
Protect Temperature-Sensitive Items Not Available Available
Most Convenient Access Available Not Available
Vehicle Storage Available Not Available

Family locking up drive up storage unit

Drive-Up Storage FAQs

What is an outside storage unit?

This is just another name for a standard drive-up storage unit. Since these storage units are typically located outside of a building structure in a series of garage-like structures, they’re sometimes referred to as outside storage units.

Can you store a car in a drive-up storage unit?

Yes, you can! 10×20 storage units are capable of storing the vast majority of automobiles, but we’d suggest checking the dimensions of your car before reserving. Check out our car storage guide to learn more.

Does climate-controlled drive-up storage exist?

It does, but it isn’t as common as other self storage options. If this is something you’re interested in, we suggest contacting our team so they can help identify if this type of storage is available in your area.

Find Drive-Up Storage Near You

Ready to get a convenient self storage solution? Extra Space Storage has storage facilities throughout the nation that offer drive-up access. Rent your storage unit today! 

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