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FAQs About Renting & Moving into Storage


Reserving a Storage Unit


Self Storage Leases


Self Storage Insurance

Reserving a Storage Unit

Do you offer self storage sales and promotions?

Why are you adding kiosks to your stores?

Do you have kiosks at every location?

Can I complete my rental with a store manager after starting at a kiosk?

Can I lease more than one storage unit at a time?

Can I rent a storage unit under my business name?

What are the different timeline options for renting a storage unit?

Do I get a move-in truck with my rental?

How do I unreserve a storage unit?

I rented the wrong storage unit. What do I do?

Can I rent a storage unit online?

Can I rent a storage unit over the phone?

How do I cancel my reservation?

How far in advance can I reserve a storage unit?

What do you need to rent a storage unit?

Self Storage Leases

Do you allow 18-wheelers in vehicle storage?

How can I pay for my storage unit?

Are storage units month to month?

Are long-term storage solutions offered?

Is my price guaranteed for as long as I rent?

What are the terms of a lease?

What payment options are available?

Self Storage Insurance

Do you offer earthquake insurance?

How do I increase insurance on my storage unit?

Will homeowners or renters insurance cover storage units?

Move-In Day

How do I report a problem with my storage unit?

What should I do if there’s damage to the storage unit?

Can I move my storage unit?

Can I downgrade my current storage unit?

Can I upgrade to a different storage unit?

What should I expect when I arrive at the facility for the first time?

Can I buy boxes or other packing materials from Extra Space Storage?

Am I required to purchase insurance on my storage unit?

What do I need to have the day I move in?

Do I need my own lock?

Are moving carts or dollies provided?