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Will homeowners or renters insurance cover storage units?

Homeowners and renters insurance can cover items kept in storage units at Extra Space Storage, but storage insurance is often the preferred option for self storage renters.

With homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and storage unit insurance, personal belongings like electronics, furniture, appliances, and more are eligible for coverage—though vehicles may be excluded. These insurance types also cover accidental damages, such as those that may result from weather-related events, fire, or burglary.

However, homeowners and renters insurance policies typically place limits on how many off-premises items you may insure—usually up to 10% of your policy's total coverage. Costly items like jewelry, collectibles, and more may also be limited in their coverage.

Self storage insurance policies, on the other hand, cover your entire storage unit, so you don't have to pick and choose which items are protected. Plus, many storage insurance policies will even cover your items while they're in transit near your self storage facility.

If your homeowners or renters insurance policy leaves you with gaps in coverage, consider a self storage insurance policy with Extra Space Storage so you can rest assured your items are covered.

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