Keeping your belongings safe is a top priority at Extra Space Storage, so when the unexpected happens, it’s beneficial to have storage insurance to protect the value of your belongings. Learn more about the benefits of available self storage insurance policies, as well as some things to keep in mind when you use self storage.


Just like every insurance policy, there are some things that may not be covered, and there may be information that’s important to keep in mind as you consider your policy options.

Understand the Value of Your Items

Aside from an item being damaged while in self storage, one of the worst things that could happen to a customer is to undervalue their belongings when choosing a self storage insurance policy. When deciding which coverage is best for you, take inventory of what you will be storing and crosscheck the value of your items so that you know you’re covered. Spending a little bit more each month for a higher coverage policy is always a better option to ensure you’re covered and can be reimbursed if anything happens.

Adjust Your Policy If Storing More or Less

We understand that self storage needs change over time, meaning your storage insurance needs will need to change as well. If you’re only storing half of what you were when you first signed your lease for your unit, adjust your coverage to lower your monthly payments, or vice versa if you have increased the amount of items you store. This will help you save money in the long run.

Vehicles Are Not Always Covered

If you plan to store a vehicle at a storage facility, it’s required that the vehicle is both registered and fully insured under an existing auto policy before being stored. Self storage policies do not cover vehicles.


When you sign up for storage insurance through Extra Space Storage, you’ll receive the coverage you need to protect items in storage from the unexpected without affecting any of your current insurance policies. Here’s what you need to know…

Low Fees

You may be able to save quite a bit on the cost of insuring your items by going with a policy offered by your storage facility. For example, the IAT policy at Extra Space Storage offers $2,000 to $10,000 of insurance coverage on your belongings for a monthly fee of $11 to $47. This insurance covers damage to your belongings in the event of a variety of accidental circumstances, including fire, water damage, and burglary.

Separate Deductible

There’s no need to worry about your monthly homeowners or renters insurance premiums going up when you utilize self storage insurance with Extra Space Storage. All claims are filed through the storage facility’s insurance company, rather than your own insurance company.

In-Transit Coverage

One great feature of having storage insurance is that your items are covered even when in transit, meaning your stored items are protected while you’re moving within a 50-mile radius of your storage facility.

Supplemental Coverage

For business owners who may already have an insurance policy that covers equipment and other items being stored in a self storage unit, you may wish to consider investing in the additional insurance offered by your Extra Space Storage facility. With the supplemental coverage, you can better protect yourself from having to cover the costs of items that may not be covered by your current policy.