Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage units are designed to maintain a consistent temperature range usually between 55 and 80 degreesthroughout the year. This is ideal for protecting sensitive items from extreme temperatures and fluctuations. At Extra Space Storage, these units are predominantly indoor, offering additional protection from humidity, which is similar to the conditions inside a home.

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What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage units are kept within an average temperature range year-round, helping protect sensitive belongings from extreme heat or cold. At Extra Space Storage, our storage units with climate control typically maintain temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees. These type of indoor storage units generally range in size from 5x5 to 10x30.

Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage?

If you plan to store temperature-sensitive items, you may want to opt for climate-controlled storage, which can help protect stored belongings from extreme heat or cold throughout the year. If you’re not sure whether you need climate control, we’ve put together a video listing some of the basic things you need to consider before choosing a climate-controlled storage unit.

Renting Climate-Controlled Storage at Extra Space Storage

See what our customers have to say about our climate-controlled storage solutions. With a wide range of storage unit sizes and other amenities, we can help keep your temperature-sensitive items protected from extreme heat or cold.

Types of Climate-Controlled Storage

We’ve discussed what basic climate control is, but there are some variations that are available in certain regions. Let’s take a look at the options so you can get the right type of climate or temperature control to fit your self storage needs.

Climate-Controlled Storage

This is by far the most common temperature-controlled storage option. Climate control is typically heated in the winter and cooled during the summer. Though there isn’t humidity control, the majority of climate-controlled units are indoor storage units, located within a building structure at our facilities, so the humidity level is similar to the inside of a house.

Heated Storage

In areas that experience extreme cold temperatures, especially in winter—heated storage units are the perfect solution. This feature maintains a safe, warm environment in your indoor storage unit when the temperature drops in your area.

Air-Cooled Storage

Utilized in states where extreme heat is prominent throughout the year, the difference between climate control and air-cooled storage is that cold air is blown through storage units using water vapor. It’s a highly-effective way to keep indoor storage units at a safe temperature for your belongings, but it might not be the right option if you’re storing items that are sensitive to humidity.

Humidity-Controlled Storage

If you're storing delicate items that must be kept within a precise humidity range, humidity-controlled storage is what you’re looking for. Give our team a call at (888) 609-8483 to help find humidity-controlled storage near you.


There are many benefits to renting one of our secure, climate-controlled storage units—including protection from a variety of climates, better longevity for your items, and increased peace of mind. Keep in mind that climate-controlled storage may come with added costs, so reach out to a storage facility near you to find affordable storage units with climate control.

Protection from External Weather Conditions

Whether it’s 100-degree heat or below-freezing cold, extreme temperature changes can severely damage sensitive items kept in a non-regulated environment. Temperature-controlled storage is a great option for storing and protecting a personal car or recreation vehicle over the winter.

Personal Comfort & Peace of Mind

A climate-controlled unit doesn’t just provide a protective environment for your belongings—it also makes visiting your storage unit on hot and cold days more comfortable. And since most storage units with climate control are accessed from inside a storage facility rather than outside, there’s another layer of privacy and safety for you and your stored items.

Prevents Costly Damage to Your Belongings

Though climate-controlled storage units cost more than standard units, the money you’ll save on replacing or repairing damaged items is invaluable. Climate control can do a variety of things, such as: keep wooden items from warping or tearing, ward off mildew, prevent yellowing or degradation of leather and fabrics, reduce chances of rust or corrosion, and protect electrical components of electronic devices.


Climate Control
Air Cooled


Ready to use climate-controlled storage? The following steps will help you reap the full benefits of climate control and ensure you’ve maximized your self storage investment.

1. Figure Out What Items You’ll Be Storing

Make a list of the items you'll be putting into self storage, categorize into groups to store similar items together, and measure your items to ensure they will fit in your storage unit.

2. Start Organizing the Items

Get Extra Space Storage packing and moving supplies and start organizing your items and labeling your boxes. Check out our storage unit size guide for an idea of how to visualize and organize your items within your indoor storage unit.

3. Pack Items with Intention

Wrap fragile belongings in bubble wrap or newspaper, keep like items together, and disassemble furniture and other large items with care for a smoother move-in process.

4. Move Items to Climate-Controlled Storage

Check with the manager at your storage facility for gate hours and item restrictions, and begin moving your items into climate-controlled storage unit!

Items That Need Climate Control

There are several types of items that require climate-controlled storage, such as electronics, furniture, artwork, books, and more. Check out the list below to learn more!


Avoid exposure to extreme heat, cold, and high humidity when storing electronics and media like TVs, computers, gaming systems, stereos, and cameras. This will help prevent heat-related damage.


When storing furniture, use climate-controlled storage to help protect wooden, leather, and upholstered furniture from warping, cracking, or collecting mold and mildew.

Books & Newspapers

When storing books and newspapers, avoid extended exposure to humidity and extreme temperatures, which can fade and warp them.


Extra Space Storage offers wine storage at select locations. Wine requires very specific conditions that differ from typical climate control.


Likewise, DVDs, records, and other media are susceptible to humidity damage and certain items can even melt in extreme heat. Items that can benefit from climate control also include cassettes, VHS tapes, photos, film reels and negatives.


If your area experiences high humidity or extreme temperatures, opt for climate control when storing artwork and antiques.

Musical Instruments

Storing musical instruments like percussion, string, or bass instruments in a climate-controlled environment can help preserve them from humidity and temperature-related damage.


Most collectible items, including antiques, artwork, coin collections, stamp collections, and more should be kept in stable, ideal storage conditions.

Climate Controlled Storage Pricing Comparison

Looking for cheap climate-controlled storage units? Check out our price chart below to get an idea of the average prices and lowest prices for climate control at Extra Space Storage!

Unit Size
Average Price +
Lowest Price

+ All prices are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Online pricing is only available for online reservations and rentals. Other restrictions, taxes, fees, and insurance requirements may apply. See Rental Agreement for details.

*Excludes administrative and insurance fees

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