Storage Tips: How to Store Musical Instruments

Whether string, brass, woodwind, or percussion, storing musical instruments requires thorough preparation. Keep your instruments safe with the following storage tips from Extra Space Storage.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Severe heat and cold, drastic temperature changes, and above-normal levels of humidity can cause instruments to go out of tune, grow mildew, or experience serious structural damage. That’s why climate-controlled storage is recommended when storing musical instruments. This self storage feature maintains temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees at all times and reduces in-unit humidity.

Pack & Store Musical Instruments Carefully

Taking care of your musical instrument means knowing how to properly pack and store it whenever it’s not in use. The following packing and storage tips will help keep your valuable instrument safe in short-term or long-term self storage:

  • Clean the musical instrument with its recommended conditioner or polish
  • Disassemble parts like reeds, mouthpieces, straps, and mutes before storing
  • Loosen strings and bow hairs slightly to prevent damaging expansion and contraction
  • If possible, store musical instruments in the cases designed for them
  • Drape a clean cloth or acid-free paper over the instrument inside its case
  • Consider having heavy instruments like pianos moved professionally to prevent damage
    Cover pianos with a sheet or tarp to protect from dust, mildew, and pests in storage
  • Do NOT store anything on top of the instrument in your storage unit
  • Keep instruments away from vents and doors and store them up off the floor
  • Be sure to clean and tune the musical instrument before playing again

Have questions? Remember that your facility manager is an excellent resource for additional tips and assistance in protecting your musical instruments in self storage!

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