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Choosing the right storage unit size is important, and Extra Space Storage is here to make it easier for you. Complete these three easy steps to find out which size storage unit is your best fit:

  • Step One: Make a quick list of items you plan to store, including furniture, appliances, and any awkwardly-shaped items that will not be packed in boxes.

  • Step Two: Estimate how many boxes you will place in your storage unit.

  • Step Three: Use our visual Storage Unit Size Guide below to assess which self storage option is right for your personal storage needs. It’s fun! Watch the items fall into place, and you’ll see what fits in a wide range of storage units. You’ll also gain some great ideas for packing your storage unit.

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Family of three unloading boxes out of a moving truck into a storage unit

5x10 Storage

A 5x10 unit can fit the furnishings of a mid-sized bedroom, including a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a TV and several small to medium-sized boxes.

Collectibles and Personal Storage

Dorm Room

Studio Bedroom

1 Bedroom Apartment



This obviously depends on which mattress size you’re storing. Smaller mattresses will fit in almost any storage unit, while queen and king-sized mattresses won’t fit in smaller units.

  • Twin and full-size mattress: A 5×5 will easily accommodate all mattresses smaller than a queen-size mattress.

  • Queen-size mattress: Though you might be able to squeeze a queen-size mattress into a 5×5, it’s going to be a really tight fit. A 5×10 will be much better.

  • King-size mattress: There’s no chance you’ll get a king-size mattress into a 5×5, but like the queen-size mattress, the king will fit nicely in a 5×10 or larger.

Couple moving kayak into a storage unit


5×5 Storage Unit

A 5'x5' self storage unit is about the size of a walk-in closet. This size is ideal for holding a small mattress set, a chair or dresser, sports equipment, or a few extra boxes.

5×10 Storage Unit

A 5'x10' self storage unit can hold the contents of a studio apartment. Picture a space that will hold a queen-size bed, a few chairs and a dresser, and extra storage boxes.

10x10 Storage Unit

A 10'x10' self storage unit can hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment. It is about the space of a large family room, or two extra bedrooms.


Determining the right storage unit size is one of the more challenging aspects of renting a storage unit. We’ve compiled a list of all the sizes we offer and what types of items they have capacity to hold.


Extra Space Storage offers a wide range of self storage unit sizes. Each location is a little different. Some facilities have units as small as a 2x2 locker, while others have large-scale warehouse storage for commercial needs.

Do You Need Insurance for a Storage Unit?

Keeping your belongings safe is a top priority at Extra Space Storage, so when the unexpected happens, it’s beneficial to have storage insurance to protect the value of your belongings.



Almost all motorcycles are longer than five feet in length. This makes 5×10 storage units (and larger) a good fit for anyone looking for an indoor vehicle storage option for their bike.


The smallest cars on the market might be able to fit into a 10×15 storage unit, but the vast majority of automobiles, including cars, SUVs, vans, and even some pickups, will fit into a 10×20 pretty easily. Some larger vans and trucks will require a 10×25 or a 10×30.


Pianos come in all shapes and size, but we’ll take a look at a couple popular options to give you an idea of what to look for.

Black SUV inside of a storage unit


Storage units ranging from 5×5 to 5×10 provide more space than you’d think. Some common uses for these self storage units include: Seasonal storage for holiday decorations and yard tools, storing children’s clothing, toys, and books, getting more space at home, summer storage for students.

5x5 Storage Unit

How Big is a 5x5 Storage unit? The 5×5 is often the smallest storage unit at our locations, but it stores more than you’d think! With 25 square feet and 200 cubic feet of storage space, these units act like a small walk-in closet for smaller self storage needs.

What Fits in a 5x5 Storage unit? Though these are smaller storage units, vertical space can be maximized to provide plenty of space! Some items that can fit in a 5×5 include: Full-size mattress, Christmas tree, dresser, desk, chairs, boxes.

Learn more about 5x5 storage units.

5x10 Storage Unit

How Big is a 5x10 Storage unit? With 50 square feet and 400 cubic feet of storage space, a 5×10 storage unit is similar to a medium-sized walk-in closet.

What Fits in a 5x10 Storage unit? With the capability to hold the contents of a mid-sized bedroom (including boxes), some items that can fit in a 5×10 unit include: Queen and king-size mattress, dresser, couch, refrigerator, motorcycle.

Learn more about 5x10 storage units.

Size Guide Infographic

Extra Space Storage offers a variety of storage unit sizes. Download our Size Guide Infographic to learn more about common unit sizes and how to find the best unit size for your needs.

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5×15 to 10×15 storage units are highly versatile and are commonly used for things like: Storing the contents of an apartment or condo, additional storage to free up space at home, business storage for equipment, inventory, and materials

5x15 Storage Unit

How Big is a 5x15 Storage unit? Comparable to a large walk in closet, 5×15 storage units provide 75 square feet and 600 cubic feet of storage space.

What Fits in a 5x15 Storage unit? Capable of holding the contents of an entire bedroom and additional items like a TV, sofa, several boxes, and more, the 5×15 is a popular option for those moving out of a small apartment or condo. Some items that can fit include: Bedroom furniture, sofa, desk, kitchen table, washer/dryer, refrigerator.

10x15 Storage Unit

How Big is a 10x15 Storage unit? A 10×15 storage unit offers 150 square feet and 1,200 cubic feet of storage space.

What Fits in a 10x15 Storage unit? These storage units can store several bedrooms’ worth of furniture plus some additional items. This makes them great for storing the contents of a two-bedroom apartment. Some commonly stored items might include: Contents of two to three bedrooms, living room furniture, contents of garage, some compact cars, materials for business storage.

Learn more about 10x15 storage units.

10x10 Storage Unit

How Big is a 10x105 Storage unit? Roughly half the size of a standard one-car garage, 10×10 storage units offer 100 square feet and 800 cubic feet of storage space.

What Fits in a 10x10 Storage unit? With enough space for multiple sets of bedroom furniture with room to spare, 10×10 storage units are commonly used to store the contents of a one or two-bedroom apartment. Some items that can be stored in these units include: Contents of two bedrooms or entire living room, grand piano, appliances.

Learn more about 10x10 storage units.


  • Use sturdy moving boxes or heavy-duty plastic containers of uniform size.

  • Group boxes by fragility or weight with heavier boxes on the bottom and fragile items on top.

  • Stack boxes no more than four high. You can also place boxes on top of sturdy furniture.

  • Place items you know you’ll need to access toward the front of your storage unit.

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With enough space to store the contents of entire homes, 10×20 to 10×30 storage units are often used for: Storing the contents of a house while moving, storing vehicles, including cars and smaller RVs/boats.

10x20 Storage Unit

How Big is a 10x20 Storage unit? The 10×20 offers ample space for larger storage needs with 200 square feet and 1,600 cubic feet of storage space.

What Fits in a 10x20 Storage unit? Capable of storing the contents of a multi-bedroom house, some items that can be stored in a 10×20 include: Living room furniture, multiple sets of bedroom furniture, patio furniture, lawnmower, snow blower, average-sized automobile including sedans, large quantity of boxes.

Learn more about 10x20 storage units.

10x25 Storage Unit

How Big is a 10x25 Storage unit? With 250 square feet and 2,000 square feet of storage space, the 10×25 storage unit is one of the largest offered at Extra Space Storage.

What Fits in a 10x25 Storage unit? With enough space to store a fully-furnished three-bedroom house, some of the items that can fit in a 10×25 include: Large pickup truck or van, small RV, boat, commercial storage for parts, contents of garage, up to three bedrooms' worth of furniture.

10x30 Storage Unit

How Big is a 10x30 Storage unit? One of our largest storage units available, the 10×30 provides 300 square feet and 2,400 cubic feet of storage space.

What Fits in a 10x30 Storage unit? Similar to the space of a one and a half car garage, these self storage units can hold the contents of up to a five-bedroom house. Some items that can fit in a 10×30 might include: Automobile (with room to share), contents of four to five bedrooms, multiple sets of living room furniture, large quantity of boxes., patio furniture, desks, chairs, and other home office furniture.


The storage units at Extra Space Storage are typically 8 feet tall. We do have shorter and taller ceilings in self storage units at select facilities. Certain storage units have 10-foot ceilings (and taller) to accommodate unique storage needs like storing larger vehicles. In large cities like New York City, we also offer reduced-height storage units that offer the same square footage with less cost.

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