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Storage Unit Sizes for Cars

Indoor Car Storage

Seeking an indoor storage unit for a car? Compact cars can fit our 10x15 vehicle storage units, while sedans and crossovers can typically fit in our 10x20 vehicle storage units.

Outdoor Car Storage

Trying to find outdoor vehicle storage for your car? Extra Space Storage has outdoor parking spaces in sizes like 10x15 to accommodate compact cars, or 10x20 options for larger automobiles.

Covered Car Storage

Need to rent covered car storage? Help protect your car from the elements with one of our covered 10x15 parking spaces.

Storage Unit Sizes for Trucks & SUVs

Indoor Truck or SUV Storage

Need an indoor storage unit for your truck or SUV? Our 10x20 storage units can accommodate small trucks and SUVs. For larger trucks and SUVs, we recommend renting one of our 10x30 vehicle storage units.

Covered Truck or SUV Storage

Do you need covered vehicle storage for a truck or SUV? Extra Space Storage has covered parking from 10x20 to 10x30 to fit your needs.

Outdoor Truck or SUV Storage

Want to rent outdoor truck storage? We have outdoor vehicle storage spaces in sizes like 10x20 up to 10x30 to accommodate pickup trucks and SUVs.

Outdoor Uncovered Parking size guide image

Outdoor designated parking spot

Outdoor storage is ideal for personal vehicles such as cars, trailers, and even work equipment. This is a less-expensive option and is often more suitable for larger vehicles.

Storage Unit Sizes for Vans

Indoor Van Storage

Trying to find indoor vehicle storage for a van? Our 10x25 and 10x30 storage units are good fits for business cargo vans or larger personal automobiles like minivans.

Covered Van Storage

Looking for covered storage solutions for your van? Get convenient storage for your business vehicle or personal van with our covered 10x30 parking spaces.

Outdoor Van Storage

Looking for outdoor vehicle storage for your personal or business van? Our 10x30 outdoor vehicle storage options can meet your needs. Find outdoor van storage near you!

Storage Unit Sizes for Small Vehicles

Indoor Small Vehicle Storage

Looking for indoor vehicle storage for motorcycles and ATVs? Our compact 10x15 storage units have more than enough room for these, alongside a number of other items.

Covered Small Vehicle Storage

Need covered storage for your motorcycle, ATV, or other small vehicle? Our covered 10x15 storage spaces are the perfect fit.

Outdoor Small Vehicle Storage

Seeking outdoor small vehicle storage? The 10x15 outdoor parking spaces at select Extra Space Storage facilities are a great place to keep a compact car, motorcycle, or ATV. Find outdoor small vehicle storage near you!

Additional Vehicle Storage Options

Outdoor RV Storage

Want to rent outdoor vehicle storage for your large vehicle or RV? Extra Space Storage offers outdoor parking spaces in sizes 10x30 and up for RVs.

Outdoor Camper Storage

Need outdoor vehicle storage for your camper? Our outdoor storage options in sizes 10x30 and up are a great fit!

Outdoor Boat Storage

Looking for outdoor boat storage? Extra Space Storage can accommodate you with our 10x30 outdoor parking spaces.

Outdoor Large Vehicle Storage

Need to rent large outdoor vehicle storage? Extra Space Storage has 10x30 outdoor parking spaces to accommodate your vehicle storage needs!

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