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Student Storage Solutions

Extra Space Storage offers student storage at over 800 locations
Need storage space store your things between school terms, during an internship, or while you study abroad? Self storage is a great solution offering month-to-month storage in various sizes. You can rent a small self storage unit to use as an extra closet or a larger sized unit to store more.

Whether you need a little extra space to store your things while you’re at college, or need somewhere to store your entire apartment or dorm room while you’re away from school, our storage units can be an ideal solution for students. Or you may have a student who doesn’t have enough storage hold all of their belongings at school, but would like to keep their things safely packed away after a college student moves out. Use these tips to find the right storage space for your needs.

Student Storage Solutions

  • Use student storage temporarily.
  • You may want to store winter or summer clothes, or store items that you will need for school during school vacations. Because most self storage facilities rent units by the month, it is easy to store certain things temporarily, only during the periods of time when you will not be using those belongings.
  • Use storage to hold items that you will want eventually but do not need right now.
  • Self storage is the perfect place to store items that relate to hobbies that you may not have time to participate in while you are in school, or collections that you do not have space for in a dorm room. Self storage is also a good place to store furniture that you will not use while you are in school but are saving for when you have your own home.
  • Use storage to hold files that you need to save but that you do not need to refer to regularly.
  • A self storage unit is a good place to store old school papers and art projects, financial or legal documents, and any other files that you may not have room for while you are at school.
  • Use storage to hold family heirlooms or photos.
  • A self storage unit can be a secure place to hold items that have a lot of sentimental or historical value to you, or items that you wish to keep in a more secure location than your dorm room.
  • Use storage as a place to pursue a hobby, craft, or art that you do not have space for at school.
  • Some students use storage units to hold art supplies, and even convert self storage units into temporary art studios. Occasionally dancers or martial artists use self storage units as a place to practice in privacy when they are not in class.
  • Talk to your self storage facility manager to get more student storage ideas.

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  • Check out our Storage Tips for valuable information.
  • Use our Size Estimator to determine the storage unit size you need.
  • Have a question? We have the answer in our FAQ section.


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