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Self Storage Security Features

When storing valuable or sentimental belongings in self storage, you want to know that they’re safe. At Extra Space Storage, we strive to provide a safe storage environment and peace of mind for our customers by utilizing the latest security features. Learn more about our secure storage features below!

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Electronic Gate Access

With electronic gate access, it’ll take more than just a lock and key to get to your stored items! This security feature means our storage facility is closed off with a main gate or door that can only be opened with a code entered on an electronic keypad. It allows Extra Space Storage facility managers to know who’s coming and going from the facility at all times, as each customer is given a unique access code.

Video Surveillance

Some Extra Space Storage facilities have video cameras on the property to help protect our customers and their stored items. This video surveillance also gives us something to review and share with law enforcement in the event that someone tries to damage or steal items kept on our property.

On-Site Resident Managers

While most of our properties have managers available on site during office hours, there are a few Extra Space Storage locations that employ resident managers. This means the manager lives on the property to provide an extra level of security. By having someone at the facility monitoring the premises and being able to respond quickly to any suspicious activity, you can rest assured that your items are safe with us.

Individually-Alarmed Storage Units

At a self storage facility that offers individually-alarmed units, each storage unit is outfitted with its own security system, meaning an alarm will sound if anyone besides the facility manager or the person renting the unit tries to get in. Like electronic gate access, this unit security system can only be disarmed with a unique code.

Security Access to Your Floor Only

Extra Space Storage buildings vary from location to location, but some of our storage facilities have multiple floors accessible by stairs or passenger elevators. With these multi-level facilities, we often control access to each floor to ensure that each tenant can only go to the floor where their storage unit is. Similar to electronic gate access, this helps our facility managers keep track of who’s coming and going.

Have questions? Remember that your facility manager is an excellent resource for additional tips and assistance in protecting your self storage items!


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