A lot goes into moving, and having the right moving and packing supplies is part of not only a smooth packing process, but also in keeping your belongings in great condition during the move. Find tips on the types of supplies that make sense for your move below, and purchase moving supplies right here on our site! We deliver moving boxes and other packing supplies. We also offer free shipping on orders over $25!

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With multiple moving box sizes, and even boxes with specific functions like wardrobe boxes, it’s important to understand how to best utilize different types of moving boxes and sizes before you start packing.

Small Moving Boxes (1.5 cubic feet)

Small moving boxes are great for small, heavy, and fragile items. If you’re wondering how to pack books, dishes and glasses, small pictures, and other similar items, a small moving box is your best bet. Why? Small boxes prevent you from packing too many heavy or fragile things into one box, making it easier for you to move and helping to prevent any damage from being done to the items inside.

Medium Moving Boxes (3.0 cubic feet)

While small moving boxes are best for heavier and more fragile items, medium-size boxes are perfect for slightly larger and lighter items, such as kitchen utensils and cookware, decorative accessories, toys, picture frames, and more!

Large Moving Boxes (4.5 cubic feet)

Large boxes are great for large, light, and oddly-shaped items that typically won’t fit well into small or medium-sized moving boxes. Computers and monitors, lamp shades, and speakers are examples of oddly-shaped items that make sense for a large moving box. Large boxes are also great for things like food containers that take up significant space but are lightweight.

Extra Large Moving Boxes (6.1 cubic feet)

Pillows, stuffed animals, linens, comforters, and towels are all great options for extra large moving boxes. This is the best moving box for anything that’s lightweight and bulky.

Wardrobe Boxes

If you’re looking for moving boxes for clothes, this is what you’re looking for! Wardrobe boxes allow you to hang clothes, making them an efficient and convenient way to pack and move your clothing.

File Box

Pack important papers into an easy-to-organize file box. These will be important for keeping track of your most important documents!


With Extra Space Storage locations around the nation, it’s likely that there’s a location near you! Stop by one of our locations to buy moving boxes, or order online today and have moving boxes delivered to your door! On orders over $25, we offer free shipping.

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If you need to lock your moving truck or are storing your belongings in a storage unit during the move, a lock or two should be on your list of needed moving supplies. Visit your local Extra Space Storage location, or order your locks online today!

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Types of Storage Locks


  • Laminated Steel Padlock: This is an affordable option that’s popular for locking up the back of your moving truck.

  • Solid Brass Padlock: A great all-weather lock.

  • Solid Brass Combination Lock: Durable in all weather, and there are 10,000 different code combinations.

Disc Locks

The disc lock is the perfect storage lock. Heavy-duty stainless steel provides protection against bolt cutters, rust, and corrosion.

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Packing Supplies

We also offer a variety of packing supplies. Whether you need packing supplies for dishes, furniture, or anything else, we have it here! Supplies we offer include:

  • Bubble Wrap: Protect fragile items like dishes and fine china, glasses, and more.

  • Protective Covers & Storage Bags: We offer a great selection of furniture covers for moving and storage bags, including mattress storage bags for twin/full mattresses and queen/king mattresses, as well as sofa and chair covers.

  • Packing Tape & Stretch Wrap: We sell packing tape and tape guns along with stretch wrap for securing your belongings.

  • Tie Downs: Use braided poly rope to secure furniture and boxes in your moving truck to prevent these items from shifting and being damaged during the move.

  • Protection Kits: Don’t forget packing paper and other protective options like DishGuard and GlassGuard protection kits to protect your fragile belongings during the move.

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Visit your local Extra Space Storage, or order packing supplies online to have them delivered to your door. We offer free shipping on orders over $25.

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This 12-box starter kit includes small, medium, and large boxes along with packing tape, bubble wrap, and a marker. It’s all the moving supplies you need to get started.

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