How to Design Your Home with the Bookshelf Wealth Aesthetic

Different than designing a home library or simple bookshelf organization, the bookshelf wealth decor style can apply to your whole home. So, what is this home decor trend and how can you get started? Here’s your guide to designing your home with the bookshelf wealth aesthetic.

Understanding the Bookshelf Wealth Aesthetic

Taking TikTok by storm, bookshelf wealth is one of the biggest design trends of 2024 for book lovers, people refreshing their homes, lifestyle content creators, and BookTokers. Here’s the background knowledge you need for this trendy design style.

What Is Bookshelf Wealth?

A combination of interior design style and lifestyle, bookshelf wealth refers to the quality of a person’s book collection and how it’s displayed in their home. It emphasizes cultivating books meaningful to the reader, and decorating bookshelves with keepsakes and tchotchkes to create a cozy, warm, and welcoming area. The best part of bookshelf wealth is that you don’t have to purchase a bunch of new books to capitalize on this 2024 home trend! Instead, it’s best to use the books you have and love for a more authentic look—whether you have five books or 500.

How Is Bookshelf Wealth Different From Maximalism?

Maximalist design focuses on excess, patterns, colors, and the “more is more” approach—while bookshelf wealth is more about creating a cozy, hygge-like home, with your beloved books in visual places of honor. These spots could be piles of “to be read” (TBR) novels on end tables or stools, recent reads around the house, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and more—which is why this aesthetic might get confused as a maximalist design tip. Bibliophiles designing their libraries or homes in the bookshelf wealth aesthetic will also find similarities with the KonMari Method—keeping items that spark joy—and the bold aesthetic choices of dark academia design.
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Bookshelf Wealth Design Tips

By embracing the pillars of bookshelf wealth design—abundance, coziness, and homeyness—you can start using this trend to elevate any room in your home that has space for books. Check out these six tips for bookshelf wealth that you can implement in any room!

Curate Books Meaningful to You

The most critical element of bookshelf wealth is filling your shelves with meaningful books. While abundance is certainly part of the design style, having an authentic book collection is more important. If you’re starting with many books, take the time to go through and declutter the ones you don’t feel genuinely connected to. If you’re just starting out, build your collection over time with books that you enjoy and find meaningful—there’s no rush. Part of the “wealth” of bookshelf wealth is that you’ve cultivated a library that is special to you throughout your life.

Find Good Areas for Bookshelves

This interior trend is about establishing a warm, lived-in vibe, so you’ll want to stay away from isolated floating shelves that limit the number of books and decor you can showcase. Opt for floor-to-ceiling shelving to take advantage of shelf space and encourage a grounded feel. To achieve this, mount shelves or install built-in bookshelves on an empty wall. If you have a small apartment or can only do renter-friendly home updates, get creative with shelving or invest in a rounded bookcase, ladder bookcase, or cube bookcase.

Incorporate Meaningful Decor

Bookshelf wealth embraces eclectic style, so intermingling meaningful decor throughout your books is a no-brainer! Keepsakes, houseplants, pictures, and more make great shelf decorations because of their authentic connection to you. When selecting items, pick pieces with varying heights and colors to stand out amongst your collection of books. To keep it functional, consider featuring items like planter bookends that have a dual purpose. Keep in mind that the main idea of bookshelf wealth is showcasing books, so while you should accent your collection with decorations, they shouldn’t be overpowering.

Consider How to Organize Your Books

While there’s no “right way” to organize your books, bookshelf wealth promotes a display that feels lived-in and somewhat random, while still being easily accessible. There are many ways to organize books—such as alphabetizing by author or title, grouping by genre or series, and more. Book owners can also throw organization to the wind and mix new and used books, antiques, books of different heights, graphic novels, paperbacks, and hardbacks to provide texture and visual contrast throughout the shelves. Or go for a fun method like color-coding your books or flipping them so the pages face out—so every time you go to pick a book, it’s a little surprise!

Add Bookshelf Lighting

You don’t want to be squinting while curling up with a good book, so you’ll need some lighting design to go with your bookshelf wealth aesthetic! And while there are many bookshelf lighting ideas that can create different moods, it’s best to use lights with warm hues when designing with bookshelf wealth to better capture a cozy atmosphere. Place easily-hidden LED strip lights under your shelves to make your books the focal point. Mount a wall light to help brighten up the space. Have an empty spot on your shelf? Illuminate the space with an old bedside lamp. If you have room in the corner, go with a floor lamp. Candles are also a timeless touch that can instantly brighten a room and make it feel cozier.

Make the Area Cozy

After creating an attractive display of books, you’ll want to focus on making spaces of comfort that invite you to curl up and start reading. Place a comfortable chair in the corner—or if you have a spot between two windows, go with a reading bench or window nook. Keep the coziness going and add patterned rugs, pillows, or soft, oversized blankets to play with textures. And don’t forget to include a side table so you have a spot to set down your coffee or tea while reading!


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