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A white room that is designed with hygge.

How to Decorate Your Home with Hygge

Wondering how to implement hygge in your home design? Pronounced hooga, this Danish lifestyle and interior design focus on surrounding oneself with warmth and relaxation. Marked in particular by a cozy atmosphere and soft lighting—and similar to Japandi and minimalism—here are 13 ways to decorate your home with hygge.

Opt for a Neutral Color Palette

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When designing your home with hygge, you’ll want to stick to a neutral color palette, relaxing wall colors, and subdued home decor. Paint colors shouldn’t be too overwhelming and should create a peaceful atmosphere. Popular paint colors that work well with hygge interior design include light gray, white, brown, taupe, and cream. These hues create a harmonious vibe in homes with open floor plans and are perfect for achieving comfort with a stylish flair.

Layer Different Textures Together

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Introducing texture in your living area adds contrast and interest to your home while keeping true to hygge’s minimalist design. Materials like wood, marble, wicker chairs and baskets, and wool give your environment more depth and mood. To add more comfort to your home, incorporate smooth linens or soft velvet with your fabrics.

Accessorize with Cozy Pillows & Blankets

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To create a cozy atmosphere in your home, accessorize with various types of pillows and blankets. If you want to accessorize with various types of fabrics, use velvet, cashmere, or lambswool pillows or blankets. Place soft, fluffy pillows on couches or in the bedroom and experiment with their shapes and sizes. Focus on symmetry when arranging the comfy pillows by sticking to groups of two or three. Throw blankets are popular in hygge decor and can be styled on the foot of beds or backs of couches.

Incorporate Natural Materials into Your Home

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A great way to incorporate the hygge trend into your home is to mix and match different natural materials throughout your living space. Exposed brick walls, bamboo floors, reclaimed wood ceilings, or recycled building materials are common ways of creating character in your house. If you’re looking to add a focal point to the room, opt for creating a natural accent wall that’s made of stone, brick, or shiplap. Consider including furniture made out of natural materials like exposed wood tables with pine legs, wicker baskets, ratton chairs, or a live edge coffee table.

Spruce Up with Plants & Festive Greenery

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Decorating your home with houseplants and greenery is an interior design staple—quite popular with hygge styling. Take inspiration from Urban Jungle design and play around with the arrangement of plants, experiment with various types of florals, and use different sizes of pots. Place small plants on the walls with wall pots, put vines near entryways, or use large plants placed on the ground. Not only do they offer air-purifying health benefits, but they can also help create a calming environment!

Keep Your Space Organized to Avoid Clutter

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As a general rule of Scandinavian styles like hygge, you’ll want to reduce clutter and keep your home organized. To help downsize your belongings and conceal their visibility, consider building organizational systems in high-traffic areas of the home like the bedroom, family room, kitchen, or living room. Using clear, stacked containers, storage totes, storage baskets, or storage closet organizers to put away your items is ideal for removing clutter and keeping your items near when you need them.

Experiment with Various Lighting Options

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As a general rule, hygge rooms typically require warmer tones of light. Fireplaces are common in Scandinavian design trends and are a great way to add warmth and light. Or to help brighten up dark spaces in the home, use pendants, sconces, or floor lights to help provide a more intimate vibe in the home rather than traditional artificial lighting. Use sources of light like candles, twinkly lights, or lamps to help illuminate bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms. Depending on the location of your room, you can also experiment with natural light!

Bring in Vintage or Antique Hygge Decor

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A good way to make your home look unique with hygge styling is to add vintage or antique decor pieces. Using antique decor that was made in a different age can help make your space look unique and feel more personalized. Choose one room to focus on, or start small with a decorative armchair, vintage sofa, or antique table. Mixing and matching vintage furniture with antique collectibles is another way to incorporate this into your hygge home. You can place memorable books on shelves or showcase your family heirlooms on your fireplace.

Set Up Various Pieces of Artwork

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Invest in pieces of artwork that are personal to you or add sentimental value to your home. Artwork can be placed on empty spaces or walls to help add character and depth to the space. For hygge interiors, you’ll want to set up subtle pieces of art that fit with the overall design of your home. Instead of creating large focal points—try a minimalist-style gallery wall by playing around with the size of the art and using natural designs like floral prints or abstract paintings.

Make a Spa-Like Setting in Your Bathroom

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Hygge bathrooms should emulate a sense of calmness or a spa-like atmosphere. Experiment with different types of lighting, add wellness products to your counter, or bring in cozy decor pieces throughout the room to achieve this vibe. Try not to include harsh, bright lights, but rather add ambient lighting or elegant fixtures that will help you unwind after a long day. You can help mimic the feeling of rain by installing a rainhead shower fixture. Steam showers are a popular option that helps disburse essential oils. If you want to go with a budget-friendly option, place a eucalyptus flower bouquet near your shower or set up a cordless diffuser outside your shower or bathtub to help achieve relaxation.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere for Relaxation

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Because the essence of the hygge trend is to feel calm, you’ll want to keep a cozy atmosphere in your home to help you unwind. If you have a fireplace, try placing chairs near it or style the space with a basket filled with blankets or pillows when not in use. Another hygge design tip is to place mirrors around the home in various sizes or shapes instead of resorting to harsh lights. Encourage the slow life with comfy blankets, soft furniture, and hobby baskets for knitting, embroidering, and more near bedrooms and in the living room.

Make a Hygge Reading Nook

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If you have empty spaces or corners in your home, set up a reading nook in a quiet spot that is free from distraction. You can opt for an unused corner or space in the home or take the doors off a closet to create a nook. Install a bench or chair for added comfort and relaxation after a long day. Make sure to use soft lighting and comfy pillows and blankets in your cozy reading nook within the hygge style.

Embrace Hygge Design Outdoors

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You can bring hygge decor outdoors to create a cozy backyard patio or deck area! Create hygge energy by adding a fire pit, outdoor furniture, hammock, or string lights and incorporating different types of flowers or plants. Designing a dedicated outdoor space where you can decompress with the outdoors is perfect for both relaxation and connecting with friends and family.


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