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A sunny backyard patio with a small fire pit, grassy yard, and a pergola.

Backyard Patio Ideas: Build Your Outdoor Oasis

Want to design your backyard patio, but not sure where to start? No matter the size of your space, there are plenty of ways to transform a simple backyard patio into a stylish outdoor living space—one that can even boost your home value. Check out these 18 amazing backyard patio ideas!

Mix & Match Patio Design Styles

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Your backyard patio is an extension of your home, so your exterior’s design is just as important as your interior! There are plenty of patio styles to choose from, and much like various home styles, you can combine them to make your outdoor living space uniquely your own. Since most backyard patios use weather-proof or natural materials, traditional, rustic, or farmhouse exterior design ideas could be the best way to go. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate Mid-Century Modern, industrial, or modern exterior features. Mix modern and vintage pieces, use sleek lines, or try out bold color palettes to give your outdoor patio a unique look.

Play Around with Patio Themes

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Looking for a good way to create a cohesive outdoor oasis? Go with a themed patio! Your patio theme can be whatever you dream up—from a coastal or nautical theme, to a forest or jungle theme. You could even go all out and create a themed patio using your favorite book, movie, animal, pattern, or color as inspiration! Whatever you choose, just make sure you commit to your theme for a fun and one-of-a-kind patio design.

Create a Statement Wall

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You can create a focal point in your backyard patio using a statement wall. Statement walls are a quick and easy way to make an outdoor space your own and can be crafted out of natural materials like stone, bamboo, or even living plants! Try arranging succulents or air plants on a wall with build-in “pots” to create a unique and vibrant backdrop for your outdoor living room.

Tahira Nagori

Tahira Nagori

Designer | DIYer | Entrepreneur | Mom of Two, House of Sosa

Design a Natural Patio

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Think about your surrounding environment when building your backyard living space, and consider including some green backyard ideas to design an eco-friendly patio! Recycled patio pavers or patio flooring, reclaimed wood, and patio furniture made of sustainable or recyclable material allows you to reduce your waste footprint while still adding a more natural vibe to your patio. Use eco-friendly patio pavers—like pervious or permeable pavers—to keep your outdoor living space healthy and more natural by allowing water to flow through or around them to the soil below. Use plants to decorate, improve privacy, and create a complete sensory experience on your outdoor patio.

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Make a Statement with Creative Patio Flooring

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A great patio design idea that could be an easy weekend DIY project is switching up your patio flooring. Concrete is the most affordable and simplest option for patio flooring, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Add an element of design and elegance to a simple concrete patio by stamping it and mimicking the look of patio pavers—which is another relatively affordable patio flooring option. Create a footpath through gravel or mulched areas with paving stones to improve walkability and add elements of style. Add some of your own personal design to your outdoor living space with a cobblestone or brick patio, and keep it unique by installing them in different patterns. Or consider decorative patio tiles for even more fun patterns!

Choose Light & Bright Colors for Patio Decorations

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A great place to start when considering your backyard patio design is color. There’s certainly no one right or wrong color palette to choose for patio decor, but using a range of pastels, a bold statement color, or a clean white spread provides countless design options while keeping the area light and inviting. You can incorporate this patio design idea with a colorful outdoor patio rug, outdoor cushions, throws, or a well-placed patio accent chair.

Connect Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

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A fantastic backyard patio idea and growing exterior home design trend is creating a connection between your backyard patio and interior space. This could be as easy as creating a connection with a kitchen window and outdoor bar. Install large bay windows or glass French doors for improved visibility from indoors to outdoors for a smaller commitment. Or go big and incorporate a retractable wall for a seamless connection. Be sure to add in a footpath or walkway for an even easier transition between spaces!

Find Creative Furniture for a Small Patio

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Need to maximize space on a small patio? Start with your outdoor seating! Large patio sets take up a lot of space and can be hard to move, so a good small backyard patio design idea is to invest in hanging or portable patio furniture. Wooden folding chairs and tables and hammocks are a few options for lightweight, space-saving patio furniture that can easily be moved and stored depending on what you need on a particular day. Consider some DIY patio furniture projects for a fun and inexpensive weekend activity. Another small patio idea is to use convertible outdoor furniture that has multiple uses—like an outdoor ottoman that can be used as seating or a small table.

Invest in All-Weather Patio Furniture

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One of the most practical backyard patio ideas is making sure your outdoor furniture is built to last. Since the furniture is meant to be outside anyway, save time, effort, and money by getting an all-weather patio set! These patio sets are usually made of durable materials like wicker, rattan, or plastic, and often come with removable cushions for added comfort. That said, it’s a good idea to properly store your patio furniture in the off-season to elongate the life of your furniture.

Add Built-In Patio Seating

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Another unique way to create weather-resistant patio furniture is to craft permanent, built-in patio seating out of wood or concrete. This type of patio seating usually takes the form of a bench—whether it be around a fire pit, built into a deck, or mounted on a wall. Built-in patio seating is a great, low-maintenance way to entertain a group on your backyard patio without cluttering up your space with chairs and couches. To increase comfort, invest in some patio cushions that you can bring out when needed and store when not in use.

Install a Water Feature

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A well-placed backyard water feature can add some tranquility to your backyard patio area. This outdoor patio idea is a great way to add a unique spin to standard patio decor, as backyard water features like fountains and ponds can look natural and add a rustic flair to your backyard patio. Water features are small backyard-friendly, and work well with expansive patios, too! Small garden pot waterfalls and ponds are ideal for a small patio space, while larger water features like a patio hot tub can elevate your patio as a luxury backyard idea.

Decorate with Fun Lighting

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Looking for cute and functional patio decor ideas? Try creative patio lighting! Design perimeter landscape or garden lighting, hang cool paper lanterns, create a centerpiece of tea light candle lanterns, or stretch string lights across tree branches above your head. Use Edison bulbs in string lights for a chic vintage look, or go for a dramatic flair with spotlights lighting a footpath around to your patio. Just make sure to choose the right type of light bulb—such as an energy-efficient LED—and check what wattage level you’ll need for the amount of lumens, or brightness, you want to produce.

Spice Up Your Backyard Patio with Fire

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Create a cozy camping experience in your own backyard with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace! Fire pits are a great centerpiece for your backyard patio and act as a natural gathering space for friends and family in the evenings—especially as nights begin to get cooler in the fall and winter. Your fire pit could be made of brick, metal, clay, or any other fireproof and fire-safe material. Craft permanent patio seating around the fire pit to make relaxing around the fire at night easy and convenient. Or install an outdoor fireplace in one of your exterior walls for a cozy and comfortable outdoor living space.

Use Plants to Create an Outdoor Oasis

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Since your backyard patio is already meant to be an outdoor living space, why not decorate with a bit of nature? Plants can add a level of backyard privacy by blocking the view of your yard from outside its boundaries. Plus, creating an urban garden on your backyard patio is a great patio decor idea for anyone who loves the urban jungle design style! Use simple potted plants placed throughout your patio, install wall planters, sample some vertical planting on your fence, or even go as far as creating a green wall on your backyard patio for a beautiful and nature-filled outdoor oasis!

Create a Backyard Bar or Outdoor Kitchen

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Another functional patio design idea is to convert your backyard patio into an outdoor kitchen! Whether this means creating a small outdoor wet bar next to your grill, or installing a full kitchenette or kitchen island with a sink, stove, and even a small fridge, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to bring people together on your outdoor patio for a meal or drink. Just make sure any appliances on your backyard patio are protected from the elements when not in use by covering your patio or using individual appliance covers.

Cover Your Backyard Patio

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Want to be able to use your backyard patio, no matter the weather? Create a covered patio! This is a great idea if your backyard area doesn’t have a lot of natural shade from trees or hedges, keeping you and your guests protected from the sun, rain, and other elements. Covered patios can even be used for patio decor like hanging planters and lights. You can make a covered patio by adding a pergola, solid roof, retractable patio awning, and patio umbrellas—or by building a patio under an elevated deck!

Build an Enclosed Patio

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An enclosed patio is a great way to provide backyard shade on hot, sunny days or shelter on rainy days. Enclose your covered patio with retractable patio shades, privacy screens, or patio curtains. Use vertical planters to create an enclosed patio that doubles as your own personal garden! If you’d like to go with a completely enclosed patio—whether it be with windows or a screened-in patio—a great patio design idea for improved air circulation is to add outdoor ceiling fans, so your outdoor patio doesn’t get too stuffy.

Incorporate Levels in Your Patio Design

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Create a unique and dynamic backyard patio by raising your patio up, building a raised deck to add some height, or lowering your patio seating area for a sunken look. A raised patio may be necessary if the main floor of your home sits a few feet above ground level, and it can be a great and inexpensive alternative to pricey landscaping to even out any sloped or uneven ground. A sunken patio is a great backyard patio idea if you want your outdoor living space to be sheltered from the wind. You could even combine the two for a stylish, multi-level backyard patio!

Prep Your Patio for Backyard Entertainment

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Get ready to throw fun backyard parties with friends and family in your outdoor living space with entertainment tech-like patio speakers, which usually come in wired and Bluetooth options and can be camouflaged as rocks or in lanterns. Invest in an outdoor TV for a fun movie night or a game day backyard tailgate or “homegate.” Plus, you can also include some fun backyard ideas for kids, like installing a projector screen or buying a portable one with a projector for a backyard drive-in movie experience. Or, create a fun outdoor game room, complete with things like a pool table, ping pong table, and yard games like ladder golf and more!


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Backyard Patios: 18 Ideas to Build Your Outdoor Oasis


Tahira Nagori is a designer, DIYer, entrepreneur, and mom. She has worked in the fields of architecture and urban planning for about ten years, which sparked her interest in home design and organization. As part of her “The Aesthetic Side of Homes” brand and House of Sosa product line, Tahira shares tips and tricks for home decor ideas and DIY projects.

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