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How to Mix Modern & Vintage Home Decor

Whether your home decorating style is modern, minimalist, farmhouse, boho, or contemporary, there are plenty of ways you can mix your favorite antiques and vintage finds into your existing design. Find antique and vintage decor ideas that can work in your home below!

Follow Rules of Proportion & Scale

Modern lamp next to vintage bed. Photo by Instagram user @vintage.salvation
Photo via @vintage.salvation

Especially if you’re mixing loud patterns and funky period pieces, make sure the layout of the room, furniture, and wall art are all proportional and create flow. As many antique items are made from heavy materials like wood or leather, you can lighten up a room with soft colors, sleek metals, and sharp lines.

Unify Styles with Color

Pink and gold vintage items in living room. Photo by Instagram user
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Mixing old furniture with new? Cultivate unity with your color palette! One of the best ways to foster cohesive interior design, regardless of design era, is by uniting styles with similar colors. Whether you’re picking a color family that matches your new antique chest or trying to match a modern couch to a vintage rug, streamlining colors works!

Balance the Room with Neutrals

White kitchen with natural light. Photo by Instagram user @interiorsbyherlong
Photo via @interiorsbyherlong

If you’re attempting to blend vintage wall decor, furniture, and accessories with other styles in your home, create room to breathe. While multiple patterns, bold accents, and bright colors are trendy, you can offset them with neutrals to keep the room from seeming cramped or cluttered.


Group Similar Items

Vintage knick-knacks on shelves. Photo by Instagram user @thepaintedhive
Photo via @thepaintedhive

One simple way to combine multiple home decor styles is by grouping similar items. Dedicate a hanging shelf for antiques or pick a few vintage knick-knacks to put on a larger bookshelf. A fireplace mantel, desk, and end table are other great places to display antique home decor items together. Once you have a solid grouping, you can add in pops of other design styles for visual interest.

Make Antiques the Focal Point

Entryway with antique chandelier. Photo by Instagram user @bellsheepstudio
Photo via @bellsheepstudio

Not sure how your Louis XVI gilt mirror and ornate sconces fit with your minimalist living room? Let your vintage home decor shine! Direct eyes to the chandelier in your dining room, the wardrobe in your bedroom, or the black-and-white photos in your office. Play up your antique and one-of-a-kind items by putting them front and center!

Experiment with Art

Antique wall art. Photo by Instagram user @aaronbrothersstores
Photo via @aaronbrothersstores

Combining vintage and modern decorations is easy with artwork! Have an antique headboard? Place modern or contemporary art over your bed. Is your living room home to a chaise lounge? Try adding funky and minimalistic art to the walls around it. Conversely, displaying antique or vintage art, vignettes, and maps in a modern room is a good idea for spicing up the design.

Mix & Match Seating

Vintage furniture mixed with modern furniture. Photo by Instagram user @agi_at_59
Photo via @agi_at_59

Furniture styles from different regions and decades can pair well together! Especially as many current design trends are bringing back retro and Mid-Century Modern styles, mixing modern and antique furniture is easier than ever before. Put two plush vintage chairs with an angular modern couch. Or match a broad leather couch with light minimalist chairs with exposed legs.

Intermix Tables & Chairs

Modern chair with antique desk. Photo by Instagram user @bellybaila
Photo via @bellybaila

Whether it’s in your living room, kitchen, or home office, try putting modern chairs at a vintage table. Balance a dense pedestal table with clear or aluminum chairs. Lighten up a hulking mahogany desk by coupling it with an angular office chair. Or add luxury to a minimalist dining room table by pairing it with plush vintage chairs. Mixing furniture styles is a great way to create cohesion in any room!

Play with Lighting

Dining room with vintage Tiffany lamp. Photo by Instagram user @clothesandpizza
Photo via @clothesandpizza

Lighting is one of the best ways to mix interior design styles! Place a vintage lamp on a modern or rustic table for a visual spark. Hang antique sconces or Edison bulbs in a minimalist, eclectic, or industrial space to add drama and warmth. Or place a chandelier in a coastal bathroom, Scandinavian-style nursery, or Bohemian bedroom to mix things up.

Add Antique Seating to Kitchens

Antique bar stools in kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @thelunthouse
Photo via @thelunthouse

If you have a modern kitchen, including antique seating can give the entire room a vintage flair. Play with contrast by putting vintage stools at a granite, cement, or marble countertop. Even if your kitchen cabinets and appliances are ultra modern, vintage seating can easily add character without overpowering the space.

Contrast Walls & Shelving

Kitchen shelves with antique items. Photo by Instagram user @redbrickfauxfarmhouse
Photo via @redbrickfauxfarmhouse

Looking for antique home decor ideas that can be used in any room? Having your wall decor and shelving create visual interest is a pro design trick! Add vintage shelving to subway tiles or a trendy backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. Or hang modern shelves on vintage wallpaper!

Incorporate Vintage Rugs

Living room with vintage and modern furniture. Photo by Instagram user @circa_1880
Photo via @circa_1880

If you don’t know how to blend antique and modern styles, one of the easiest ways is by adding a vintage rug. Use a Persian carpet to anchor an antique chest in an otherwise modern room. Or add a Turkish rug to contrast boho plants and contemporary furniture. Decorating with a rug from a different design era is a simple and effective way to freshen up your decor!

Get Funky in Bathrooms

Modern bathroom with vintage rug. Photo by Instagram user @inside_78
Photo via @inside_78

Use your bathroom as a home design playground! Balance the cool colors and metal elements of modern bathroom design with vintage Bohemian touches like rattan rugs and woven plant holders. Match a clawfoot tub with a modern sink. Or hang an antique chandelier or vintage mirror to give a makeover to an industrial bathroom.


Warm Up Coastal Design

Coastal design home with traditional antiques. Photo by Instagram user @thehomeenvy
Photo via @thehomeenvy

A well-placed antique chair, desk, armoire, or end table can provide some warmth and depth to otherwise cool and airy rooms. Including vintage decor is especially important in coastal design styles if you’re hoping to add more structure and prestige in relaxed rooms.

Blend Vintage & Shabby Chic

Shabby chic vintage living room. Photo by Instagram user @freeyourmindjac
Photo via @freeyourmindjac

Mix antique decor and vintage furniture with modern items you’ve distressed yourself! Shabby chic home decor is an awesome way to experiment if you don’t have the budget or patience to completely fill your home with antiques. This fusion of old and “new made to look old” is a great way to test out your DIY skills and take on a home improvement project or two.

Use Antiques to Enhance Rustic Elements

Vintage farmhouse-style living room. Photo by Instagram user @rusticpigdesigns
Photo via @rusticpigdesigns

Searching for vintage farmhouse decorating ideas? This style mixes classic antique elements into popular rustic design. Make a statement with a historic coffee table in a modern living room. Or add antique wall decor to your already rustic-themed nursery.

Still in the process of hunting down antiques and cool vintage items to incorporate into your home? Find helpful tips in this antique and vintage shopping guide!


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