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Living room with light colored walls and white couch

21 Antique & Vintage Home Decorating Ideas

Looking for antique and vintage home decorating inspiration? From making furniture out of suitcases to using an old workbench for a kitchen island, there are tons of ways to transform your home into a livable showcase of your valuable finds. Check out our guide to below to find design inspiration for creating an antique and vintage home!

Choose a Color Scheme

Creating a vintage home can be as easy as choosing items for a room that are within the same color palette. Try adding a dark leather trunk as a coffee table and a neutral Persian rug that ties together mismatched wood frames for an antique farmhouse style!

Decide on a Room Theme

Room with tin signs on wall and red chair. Photo by Instagram user @vampeva

Photo via @vampeva

Nothing shows off your antique collectibles like creating a themed room! Go back in time with a room dedicated to 1950s tin signs with a funky chair and a jukebox. Or show off your music tastes by dedicating an entire area to old records, band posters, and a phonograph.

Focus on One Space First

You don’t need big pieces right off the bat. Just start small when decorating with antique and vintage items! Choose one room—or even one corner—and craft your design around that area. It could be as simple as starting with a decorative armchair and slowly adding pieces around it.

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Mix & Match Different Antique Finds

Dark green room with black leather chair and wall decor. Photo by Instagram user @agi_at_59

Photo via @agi_at_59

One of the best decorating ideas for a room is mixing vintage furniture with your quirky antique collectibles. Build a cohesive look with a bright puffy chair and a compilation of black-and-white photos on the wall, or display a variety of vases as a centerpiece on a coffee table.

Use Books for Vintage Wall Decor

Have a bunch of old books that you’ve collected over the years? Rather than putting them on a shelf or coffee table, use them as antique wall decor! Use nails to fasten books to the wall for a statement piece, or make a collage with torn-out pages and put decorative vintage frames around them.

Show Off a Credenza

Bring a little retro feel into a living room, entryway, or dining room with a credenza. Use it store fine china, as a TV stand, or like a mini bar. You can also pair a credenza with a round vintage mirror on the wall or milk jug vase to add contrast to the sleek design and get some warmth.

Transform Doors into a Headboard

Say goodbye to modern tufted headboards and hello to worn vintage doors! Painting old doors the same color as your bedroom furniture will help you get a unique rustic look. Tie everything together by adding extra vintage bedroom decor like a hutch for storing blankets or an antique chandelier.

Utilize a Vintage Bar Cart

A bar cart is a multi-purpose vintage decor item that’s great for bringing both a chic touch to any room and extra storage for knick-knacks, crystal decanters, or heirloom cocktail shakers.

Turn Suitcases into Tables

Green room with suitcase tables. Photo by Instagram user @suolamaella

Photo via @suolamaella

Have vintage suitcases that you’re not using for travel? Stack them up and use them as a side table for your living room or nightstand in your bedroom! You can store any extra knick-knacks in them as well.

Incorporate Multiple Design Styles

Mid-Century Modern tables and chairs are a perfect way to add some vintage style into minimalist rooms, as the sleek design will help create clean lines while also keeping your space simple and open.

Blend Different Textures

Add some warmth to any room by mixing antique and vintage decor textures. Layer neutral fur rugs on top of large Persian rugs. Place silk pillows on a leather couch. Or store knitted blankets in an old woven basket under a Mid-Century Modern table.

Include an Armoire in the Living Room

White living room with yellow armoire. Photo by Instagram user @sarahjoyblog

Photo via @sarahjoyblog

Instead of placing an antique or vintage armoire in a bedroom for clothes, put it in your living room to display your valuable finds. You can also remove the shelves to make hidden storage for your TV when it’s not being used or to store extra blankets and pillows.

Go Crazy with Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are an antique decor item every home needs! Not only can they be used for storing small plants on a windowsill or holding documents in a home office, but they can also act as the perfect coffee table in your living room or on your patio!

Make a Gallery Wall from Vintage Decor

Local antique shops are filled with cool black-and-white photos, decorative frames, vintage mirrors, old business signs, and so much more! A good way to incorporate these fun items into your home is by making a gallery wall.

Play with Patterns

Blue living room with green couch and patterned blanket. Photo by Instagram user @polkadotgrid

Photo via @polkadotgrid

Don’t be afraid to combine patterns if you have a few items that you really want to include in your room design! Spice up a neutral couch or a room with light walls by adding a multicolored rug, bright pillows, and Afghan blanket can all work together.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

White kitchen with workbench table. Photo by Instagram user @sarahjoyblog

Photo via @sarahjoyblog

If you want antique kitchen decor that’s both stylish and functional, consider using an old workbench as a kitchen island. Not only will it give you more counter space for cooking, but you’ll also have more places to store items like vintage bowls and water pitchers.

Opt for an Apothecary Cabinet

Maximize home storage space with your vintage living room decor by adding apothecary cabinets. Place one behind the couch or in a hallway as an entryway table. You could also put it on top of a sturdy desk and use it to store stationary in a home office.

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Get Old Lockers for a Drop Zone

Showcase your antique home decor right when guests walk in by creating a drop zone with old lockers. This will keep shoes, coats, and any extra items neatly tucked away and off the floor—plus, if you have kids, each one can have their own designated space!

Mismatch Your Furniture & Decor

Kitchen with multicolored chairs and polkadot walls. Photo by Instagram user @polkadotgrid

Photo via @polkadotgrid

You can customize your own home decorating style by mixing different antique decor and furniture. While matching decor can bring harmony to a room, mismatched decor can add some character and life. One of the easiest places to try this out is with your kitchen or dining table!

Create Storage with a Ladder

Rustic bathroom with blue wallpaper and big tub. Photo by Instagram user @bryartonfarm

Photo via @bryartonfarm

Ladders aren’t just great for reaching high places—they’re fantastic vintage home decor, too! Set one up near the bathtub to hang towels or make DIY shelves to store your small antique collectibles.

Add Sparkle with Sconce Lighting

White bathroom with decorative frame and sconce lighting. Photo by Instagram user @maisondemings

Photo via @maisondemings

Rustic sconces can instantly add some pizzazz to any room in your vintage home. Install some in your bathroom that look like candelabras to give your space a sophisticated French look!

Not sure how to incorporate antique collectibles into your current modern home design? Find tips on how to mix the new with the old through vintage home decor!


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