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Table with vintage vases with flowers in them.

Best Etsy Shops for Vintage & Antique Home Decor

Searching for the best vintage Etsy shops? Take your pick! You can find antiques, heirlooms, furniture, and home decor items from every decade and design style from these top sellers on Etsy!

86 Home

Round dining with worn vintage chairs and vintage hutch in background. Photo by Instagram user @86vintage

Photo via @86vintage

  • Favorite Shop: 28,800+ fans
  • Perfect For: Farmhouse-style items

When it comes to Etsy vintage furniture, you have to peruse 86 Home! This popular seller has some truly rare finds for nearly any home design, and the shop even organizes their products by design style! Searching for something with a beach house feel? Find an antique wicker table or a set of vintage soda bottles. Looking to play up a garden cottage vibe? Incorporate a vintage ladder or croquet set into your current decor. Want to heighten your vintage farmhouse aesthetic? Score an antique drop leaf table and 19th century ladder back chairs. 86 Home also has categories geared toward kids rooms and holiday decorating, making it a one-stop shop for all of your vintage design needs!

Deja Vu Decors

Two brown wicker peacock chairs. Photo by Instagram user @dejavidecors

Photo via @dejavudecors

  • Favorite Shop: 8,800+ fans
  • Perfect For: Mid-Century Modern & Boho styles

Buyers on the West Coast dreaming of antique items with character and fast shipping should check out Deja Vu Decors for some of the best vintage furniture on Etsy. Hoping to add some drama to your dining room? Find a French Provincial buffet cabinet. Want to spice up the seating in your home? Check out Asian-inspired stools or Bohemian peacock chairs. Dreaming of making a statement with your headboard or bed? Make your bedroom the most interesting stop on your home tour with a French Provincial bed frame or Mid-Century Modern headboard. While the furniture and art they sell varies, their overall inspiration is finding “fine vintage furnishings with an eclectic modern twist.”

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Gallivanting Girls

  • Favorite Shop: 35,300+ fans
  • Perfect For: Eclectic staples

Looking for a Danish Modern armchair for your living room? Want a ’60s porcelain hanging lantern for your dining room? Then you need check out Gallivanting Girls! This fan-favorite Etsy shop is run by Kalyn and her four-legged sidekick, Ellie. Being located in Brooklyn means Gallivanting Girls has unlimited vintage and antique items that span decades and styles from the Big Apple. While there’s not one specific aesthetic Kalyn goes for, she’s drawn to finding pieces with a story and choosing decor that makes a room interesting over perfect. So if you’re on the hunt for the ideal conversation piece to add to an already decorated room, Gallivanting Girls is the right Etsy shop for you!

Golden Lotus Antiques

White and blue worn hutch with horse figurines. Photo by Instagram user @goldenlotusinc

Photo via @goldenlotusinc

  • Favorite Shop: 2,100+ fans
  • Perfect For: Asian-inspired antiques

Is your ideal vintage shop full of Asian-inspired furniture, wall decor, and collectibles? Peruse Golden Lotus Antiques! This is one of the best Etsy shops for vintage home decor—especially if you’re looking for large statement pieces like cabinets, headboards, and room dividers. Invest in a wood panel floor screen for your living room. Set the tone for a bedroom with a distressed credenza. Or add pizzazz in your study with a carved birdcage. They also have a variety of small decor like handmade vasesBuddha statues, and incense burners. While many Etsy shops follow vintage trends, Golden Lotus has stayed true to their brand of importing special finds from China for the last 20 years.

Hunt and Found

Two brown vintage suitcases stacked. Photo by Instagram user @huntandfound

Photo via @huntandfound

  • Favorite Shop: 7,600+ fans
  • Perfect For: Rustic pieces

As the vintage farmhouse decorating style continues to gain popularity, it’s no wonder that Hunt and Found has found its niche! If you’re searching for an authentic antique or vintage piece to match your rustic home, this is one of the best Etsy shops for you. Make a statement in your living room by using an antique tool chest as a coffee table. Book end a rustic table with a dining chair from the ’50s. Or use a stack of vintage suitcases as a nightstand in your bedroom!

Much like the shop name implies, owner Julie heads to thrift stores, estate sales, auctions, and garage sales to amass her perfectly-worn stock. “I like to choose pieces that make me stop in my tracks and say ‘Oh, I have to have that,'” she said. “I want the shoppers to have that same ‘Oh, I have to have that’ feeling when they come to my Etsy shop. There’s nothing better than falling in love with that one vintage piece and bringing it into your home to define your space.”

In addition to looking for pieces that stop her in her tracks, Julie also likes to look for vintage items that aren’t 100% perfect and will make buyers step out of their comfort zone. “I like the old suitcase that’s missing the handle or a stool that has the rusty wire wrapped around the legs to give the little extra support. I think the more the vintage has journeyed and earned those imperfections, the better the story it will tell for you in your decor.”

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Picked Home

White room with vintage white chair. Photo by Instagram user @pickedhome

Photo via @pickedhome

  • Favorite Shop: 2,500+ fans
  • Perfect For: Rustic kitchenware & furniture

If you’re searching for vintage home decor you can actually use, visit Picked Home! This top shop has a plethora of antique cookware and utensils that are as lovely to look at as they are helpful. Find a rattan ring stand to hang kitchen towels on, store spices in German porcelain jars, or serve guests with a charcuterie board from the ’50s. In addition to scoring rare items for your next dinner party, Picked Home is a popular seller on Etsy for vintage home decor. From yarn artwork to brass candle holders, you can find something to add glamour to your home.

The large variety is due to owner Christine’s strategy of only buying things she loves. “Before buying anything I ask myself, ‘Would I be happy keeping this if it doesn’t sell?'” she said. Christine also prioritizes procuring cohesive, high-quality finds with and taking great photos that intrigue buyers.

The White Pepper

  • Favorite Shop: 37,400+ fans
  • Perfect For: Bohemian accents

Discover vintage room decor that’s sure to put a smile on your face at The White Pepper. This shop stocks bright and playful finds that blend Bohemian and modern styles. Get a quirky brass dolphin statue to add to your bookshelf. Perfect a vintage-inspired kitchen with a rainbow cookbook collection. Invite some flair into your home office with an embroidered Paul Revere wall hanging. Not only are the items  that Christina stocks fun, but the treasure hunt to find them is exciting as well. Christina started this shop because she loved going with her mom to antique shops and junk stores. Now, it’s being passed down to the next generation, as she currently takes her son along to estate sales and thrift stores.

Wise Apple Vintage

  • Favorite Shop: 16,500+ fans
  • Perfect For: Quirky accessories

On the hunt for brightly-colored heirlooms and funky knick-knacks? Wise Apple Vintage might be the place for you! This Etsy vintage shop offers tons of fun home decor. Make your coffee table stand out with a mushroom-shaped candle holder. Give plants an unexpected new home in an enamel lotus bowl from the ’70s. Or spice up your decor with a Scandinavian needlepoint wall hanging.

What started as a way for shop owner Nikki to make some space in her home has now become a full-time gig frequenting thrift shops and flea markets to find the next round of treasures.

“I look for bright colors, kitschy patterns, and goodies that spark joy in my customers’ lives and homes,” she said. “When I’m searching for new pieces to add to my shop, I am careful not to simply follow trends, but to stick to only buying items that I’m super excited about—which can make things tricky when it’s time to actually part with my finds!”

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