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The Most Successful Etsy Shops & Their Advice for New Sellers

If you’re looking to start a side hustle or build a full-time business, an Etsy shop could be the perfect option for you! The space for creative commerce and collaboration is the perfect way to try out your new genius idea or put your crafting skills to work. Whether you’re looking to pursue your artistic dream or earn extra cash, check out this advice from some of the most successful Etsy shops and the entrepreneurs behind them.

Bohemian Findings

Not every shop makes its name by creating artisan products. Some of the most profitable Etsy shops sell bulk supplies at low costs. This is the route Bohemian Findings has taken, and they have over 1 million sales to prove that it’s profitable. Based in St. Peters Bay, Canada, the jewelry supplies sold by Bohemian Findings play a large role in the success of other Etsy businesses. Basic chains, rings and clasps can be purchased, as well as unusual charms and artisan beads. This supply shop provides all the standard jewelry parts required and takes it a step further by offering spunky and unique options. If you’re not sure what goods you can make yourself, considering what supplies you could offer other creators is a solid strategy for Etsy shop success!


Small Pins of Chicks and Chickens. Photo by Instagram user @boygirlparty

Photo via @boygirlparty

From enamel pins in the shape of corgis and hedgehogs to whimsical, animal-themed journals, to-do-lists, and illustrated books, Boygirlparty is overflowing with imaginative creations. The original artwork is created by Susie Ghahremani, who designs useful and creative gifts for every occasion. Her work has created a dedicated following of more than 40,000 people who have “favorited” the shop and left passionate, positive reviews. Ghahremani has been on Etsy from the beginning and says most of her success comes from providing one-of-a-kind goods and allowing time for a following to build.

“My shop has always been based on my original art, which is something people can’t find anywhere else,” Ghahremani said. “I think that is the key to a successful Etsy shop—not to follow trends, but to express something creative that is also authentic to who you are as a person and not a copy of anything that’s already out there.”

Confetti Momma

Cupcakes with Glittery Cake Toppers Celebrating a Baby's Birth. Photo by Instagram user @confettimomma

Photo via @confettimomma

Everybody loves a party, especially Etsy users. From bridal showers to birthday parties, countless people turn to this online marketplace for supplies. So how do you stand out? Confetti Momma is a popular party supply shop with more than 60,000 sales, thanks to vibrant colors, unicorn cake toppers, and endless boutique confetti. Courtney Orillion and her husband started this Etsy shop when they realized a lot of women want to throw a “Pinterest-worthy party” but don’t have time for crafting while juggling multiple responsibilities. Confetti Momma found an engaged demographic on Etsy by offering trendy, handmade party supplies at an affordable price.

“My advice is to just get started,” Orillion said. “Let your customers tell you what they like or don’t like and then adjust. Today’s social selling platforms, such as Etsy, make it easy for your products to go viral, especially if you focus on delivering great customer service and a quality product.”


Person Wearing Clever Taco T-Shirt. Photo by Instagram user @everfittetees

Photo via @everfittetees

Tired of wearing old tanks and boring t-shirts? So were the two moms who started Everfitte. Providing athleisure clothes with snarky comments and humorous phrases quickly became an Etsy shop success—so much so that Everfitte moved off of Etsy to their own website in 2018. Fun designs and comfy fabrics aren’t the only reasons these women have 150,000+ sales. Social media has also played a large role in their notoriety. With more than 18,000 likes on Facebook and more than 225,000 followers on Instagram, posting often and interacting regularly with customers has played a key role in building their Etsy brand.

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From the Page

Specialty Christmas-Scented Candle. Photo by Instagram user @fromthepage

Photo via @fromthepage

Do you love handcrafted candles and reading? If you do, you’re in good company with the 12,733 people who have bought novel-inspired soy candles on From the Page. When owner Callie Meaney began making candles, she wanted to find a way to add even more meaning to them. That’s when she realized combining two separate passions could create a successful idea. Game of Thrones lover? Snuggle up with a “Mother of Dragons” scented candle. Not the average muggle? Harry Potter fans can fill their rooms with the smell of “Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch.” Meaney now has an established, bookish following for her natural candles, but she encourages new shops not to get discouraged.

“I didn’t sell anything for a month or two, and even then just a few candles a week,” Meaney said. “Use social media to your advantage, reach out to people, and make sure your product looks the best it can. I think photography and finding the right audience have been the most important things for growing my shop.”

Ink Pug

Drawing of a Cartoon Pug Holding Turkey Drumsticks. Photo by Instagram user @inkpug

Photo via @inkpug

People love pugs, and Ink Pug has found a way to capitalize on this extreme passion for pups. Cards featuring saucy and sweet pugs are the main products sold, but original prints, including one of a pug fishing for donuts, are all for sale. Ink Pug is a great example of a shop finding a niche in the Etsy market and gaining success by not taking themselves too seriously. The shop has only been around since 2013, but it has already completed more than 11,000 sales. That’s even enough to make a pug do a happy dance.

Melinda Wood Designs

It’s easier than ever to find sleek, minimalist typography art online. As Etsy has long been a top choice for buying trendy prints, Melinda Wood Designs looks to make decorating your home easier and cheaper. The hand-drawn prints and original photographs featuring geometric shapes, color blocking, and bold words with heartwarming messages can make it to you within seconds of buying. Simply click purchase and then print at home or a local store. The shop’s desire to make quality home decor affordable has helped them sell more than 39,000 pieces of art on Etsy. Owner Melinda Wood encourages those just starting out to get their products up as quickly as possible and build a dedicated following on their original shop before trying to open any others.

“The biggest hurdle people have is their fear of failure in people not liking their products,” Wood said. “But the only way to move forward is to get started, get your products online, and allow people to see them. You may not get your first sale for a few months, but you have to allow yourself to keep moving forward, learning, testing, and trying out new ideas.”

Mignon and Mignon

If you’re planning a wedding, Etsy is a haven for everything you can imagine and even the items you cannot. But despite the prominence of wedding shops on Etsy, Mignon and Mignon has found a way to become the authority on bridesmaid gifts. This shop is one of the most successful bridal shops on Etsy with more than 104,696 personalized bracelets, earrings, and necklaces sold. The delicate jewelry is handmade by a team of people who want to help brides and their wedding parties feel special. Mignon and Mignon owner Dohee Lee encourages new Etsy shop owners to work hard and learn from any early failures.

“Do something that you believe in and provide a product that you can stand behind,” Lee said. “If you do these things you are sure to find people out there who also believe in what you do.”

Milk & Honey

Thoughtful gifts are some of the most common products sold on Etsy, but what happens when you’re tired of sending the same birthday card each year? Say it with a spoon! Silverware might not be the first place you think to write sweet messages and funny jokes, but Milk & Honey has had major success in the premium, hand-stamped silverware market. Have a grandpa who loves ice cream? Get him a personalized “Grandpa Joe’s Ice Cream Spoon” for his birthday. Anniversary coming up? Treat your significant other to a “5 Years Spooning Together” vintage spoon. This Etsy shop is a classic example of taking a simple, low-cost idea and adding a custom, quality touch to discover a new niche. With more than 56,760 sales since 2011, it looks like Milk & Honey will continue spooning for the foreseeable future.

Once More With Love

If “Whale Shark Day” and “Teddy Bear Day” are holidays you aren’t familiar with, then you’re missing out on the hand-drawn magic of Once More With Love. These custom stickers add extra cheer to even the busiest of schedules. Planner stickers are another area on Etsy full of unique influences and designs. Once More With Love has found a distinct style with their spirited “munchkins.” These cute creatures can be added to pages to remind you to pick up the kids or have a glass of wine. The shop was created in 2015 after the owner realized she wanted to do something she loved. Her new purpose is good advice to anyone looking to start their own shop—whatever business you decide to pursue, choose something you can do with love. The owner, Margaret, said she started by doing a lot of research on other successful shops, but then became overwhelmed trying to simply replicate what was working for others.

“Needless to say, my first few releases were a dud and I finally gave in to drawing these little characters that I’ve been drawing all my life,” Margaret said. “I called them munchkins – they were nothing new or exciting to me, but they were mine. My shop’s success is built upon these munchkins so what I learned is that while you should definitely know what is out there, do what feels the most “you.” You are original and creative, and there is so much more value in that than trying to fit in with everyone else.”

Posh Peanut

Newborn Girl Dressed in Vintage Clothing. Photo by Instagram user @poshpeanut

Photo via @poshpeanut

Leg warmers, tutus, and bubblegum necklaces—oh my! Posh Peanut offers a unique combination of vintage and modern clothing for little girls. The handmade outfits full of lace and sequins put the posh into kids’ wear. Posh Peanut has gained popularity in the large market of children’s clothing on Etsy by specializing in elegant outfits for special occasions. Intricate flower girl dresses and custom, sparkly birthday outfits adorned with bows can all be found on the shop. With more than 202,536 sales and a major social media following, it’s easy to see why Posh Peanut is such a successful Etsy shop.

Prettygrafik Design

Card with Cute Cupcake Graffic. Photo by Instagram user @prettygrafik

Photo via @prettygrafik

When it comes to crafting, convenience is key. It’s clear this factors into the success of shops offering digital papers and stamps. Although there are countless Etsy stores in this category, Prettygrafik Design stands far above the rest with 345,951 sales. Owners Sarah O’leary and Gabriel Laliberte attribute part of their success to finding a niche in the children and whimsical illustrations market. Mermaids, dinosaurs, and holiday-themed clip art, digital papers, and stamps can all be found on their shop. The variety of products they offer, creating an open dialogue with customers, and heeding advice from others in the design community are all factors that have helped PrettyGrafik become one of the most popular Etsy shops.

“We listen to our customers—whether it is price point, sales, or themes they want to see—and concentrate on great customer support,” O’leary said. “We have built our brand to be a recognizable destination for high-quality graphics and have a wonderful fanbase due to a very active social media presence.”

Rogue Retro

Love shopping but hate crafting? Selling vintage clothing is a strategy that some of the most successful Etsy shops employ. Rogue Retro Vintage is consistently a top-selling vintage shop with 33,518 pieces sold. The success of Rogue Retro comes down to the variety of clothing they offer at varying price points. Everything from ’80s “Garfield Fan Club” t-shirts to polyester jumpsuits and blue suede shoes can be purchased here. The owner’s passion for vintage and diligence in customer service also helps this shop stand out. No matter how big Rogue Retro Vintage gets, the shop owner is dedicated to providing small business conveniences like responding quickly to customer questions or complaints.

What can you add to Etsy that’s uniquely you? If you’re considering starting a small business on Etsy, check out these low-cost, low-risk tips for investing in your idea!

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