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Best Home-Based Business Ideas

Thinking about starting a business from home? Modern technology has made working from home an increasingly accessible option, and starting an at-home business is easier than ever. If the idea of making money from home appeals to you, check out this list of 30 home-based business ideas!


Looking for a job that can be done independently instead of through a company? Consider starting a freelance business! Whether you’re a proofreader, a writer specializing in resume writing, or tech support, there are plenty of freelancer jobs to choose from. And freelance entrepreneurs can find freelance opportunities through online job boards, cold-calling or cold-emailing, networking, and more.


Outside of traveling to photoshoot locations, photographers can easily do most of their day-to-day tasks—like studio photography, photo editing, online marketing, and scheduling appointments—while working from home. And you don’t need to invest in the latest (or most expensive) cameras and photography equipment to be a professional photographer. All it takes to start your own small photography business is a camera with basic settings and plenty of practice.


For those with a passion for writing, consider starting a blog! Blogging is one of the best online business opportunities, as it requires only a small amount of space and creating a blog can be free or cost as little as $50. Creating frequent posts is key to having a successful blog and helping maintain and draw in new readers. And because they can be freelance, bloggers make their money primarily through affiliate links, blog advertising, sponsored content, or writing guest posts, so having a solid base of readers makes all the difference.


Can you read and/or speak different languages? If so, starting your own home-based business will be both easy and profitable, as translators have a variety of different career options in the job market today. From personal translators and medical interpreters to transcriptionists and beyond, there are plenty of business opportunities available for those who can translate text or speech from one language to another.

Content Creator

Love creating engaging content? Consider starting a content creation home business! This type of job is great for working at home and isn’t limited to just writing content—content creation also includes producing and publishing media online. If you like to create social media content, you can get paid to make videos for popular social media sites and multi-media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, or Twitch!


The current popularity of podcasts means it’s a good time to start your own podcast business! If you have a willingness to speak and some recording equipment, you can launch a home-based podcast. The possibilities for podcasting are endless—podcast genres include comedy, advice, education, business, reporting, and more. You can carve out a niche with specialized knowledge and find audiences and advertisers to help support your podcast business.

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A home-based childcare business can take many forms—from being a full-time babysitter to running an in-home daycare. Childcare jobs are great for the work-from-home lifestyle. Before starting a small business working with children, you must get the proper licensing, including CPR and first aid. By having the appropriate training, you create a healthy, safe environment for the kids you care for.

Airbnb Host

Have an accessory dwelling unit, spare room, or an entire place to rent out for travelers? Consider becoming an Airbnb host! This is a great home business if you’re a frequent traveler or an empty nester wanting to set your own schedule and make extra money. Before renting your place, you will need to create a listing with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions.

Real Estate

Running your own real estate business can have a great payoff, though you must get a real estate license when starting this career. Some people become independent real estate agents for a part-time job, then later make it a full-time career after they’ve found their footing. If you’re a people person, detail-oriented, and a good negotiator, starting your own real estate business from home is worth considering!

Interior Design

Interior designers don’t have to work in a home furnishing store or design studio for a successful design career. From the comfort of your home, create a business plan and decide what you want to specialize in. You can help clients or businesses find furniture, pick upholstery, and decorate their space.


Businesses of all kinds need bookkeepers to handle their financial records, and some businesses prefer to seek out independent bookkeepers rather than hiring an in-house employee. Starting your own bookkeeping business will allow you to earn the same wages as someone associated with a specific company, but it will give you more freedom to choose who you work with and for what amount of time.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need extensive credentials or an office space to start a consulting business, although most independent consultants choose to work in an industry where they have previous experience in order to gain clients’ trust. Consultants can work in a variety of different fields, like HR, technology, or finance. Additional benefits to consulting include setting your own rates and determining if you prefer short- or long-term clients.


Are you a marketing professional looking to work from home? Start a home digital marketing agency offering marketing services like web design, social media management, graphic design, or SEO services. To start a marketing business, make your online presence known, pick the right marketing tools, and consider starting a blog where you can showcase your work!


To be a tutor, you don’t need to work in a classroom or on a campus. You can start your own tutoring business from home or online. A great side job for teachers, tutors can build a home-based business around teaching basic subjects like English, math, science, history, or by providing more specialized instructions like SAT prep.

Music Education

If you’re a music teacher or love to play an instrument, consider starting a music lesson business! This kind of home business is great for teaching someone how to play an instrument, voice lessons, or music theory, and is a good way to capitalize on your personal knowledge. You can simply turn a spare room in your home into a music room.

Event Planning

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Event planning services are essential in helping people organize special events like weddings, quinceaneras, anniversaries, corporate get-togethers, product launches, and more. And because event planning requires very few physical tools—other than a computer and a phone for research and communication—event planning is an ideal profession for home-based businesses. In fact, the main resources event planners need are skills like being outgoing, organized, and able to problem solve.

Virtual Assistance

These days, most administrative tasks can be performed remotely. Many companies choose to give these tasks to self-employed virtual assistants, making this position a fantastic work-from-home option for professionals seeking home-based business opportunities. Virtual assistants can run payroll, set appointments, make travel arrangements, and do back-end support from home.

Massage Therapy

Did you know that licensed massage therapists can work out of their own homes? Running an at-home massage clinic is a great way to start a small business. One major consideration of this kind of home business, though, is which room you’ll dedicate to your work since massages are best performed in a relaxing, neutral atmosphere. A converted guest bedroom or flex room, for instance, is a good option.

Personal Training

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Want to turn your love of fitness into a career? By starting a personal training business, you can help people develop a workout routine that matches their goals and abilities! Before starting your business and taking clients, ensure you have the proper certifications. And whether you’re setting up a home gym in your basement or garage, you don’t need to have expensive workout equipment—using items like resistance bands, kettlebells, or a step bench, as well as equipment-free exercises, should be plenty!

Personal Shopping

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Help clients find the perfect outfit or accessories by becoming a personal shopper! Typically, a personal shopper focuses on helping individuals create a stylish wardrobe, but some run errands for people. Starting your own personal shopping business doesn’t have to be complicated—create a business plan, determine what type of shopping service you want to offer, and market yourself to potential clients.

Clothing Alterations

If you have excellent sewing skills, take things to the next level by opening your own alterations business from home. You will need sewing tools—like pins, needles, a sewing machine, and seam ripper—to alter the customer’s clothing. When starting your business, decide on what kind of alteration services you will offer—whether you’re going to alter detailed garments or do basic tailoring.

Beauty Business

Licensed hairstylists, nail techs, markup artists, and estheticians don’t need to work in a salon to earn money. With proper licensing, stylists can start their own home-based cosmetology business and work on their own terms. You’ll also have freedom around how you price your services, what hours you operate, and all other aspects of your business.

Pet Care

Animal lovers looking to make money from home may find a career in pet care to be the ideal fit. Spend your days outdoors working as a dog walker or get creative as a pet groomer. You could even work full-time as a petsitter! Best of all, pet care jobs tend to have consistent clients, so people in this career don’t usually need to seek out new clients as often as other small business owners.

Lawn & Pool Care

Working with homeowners to handle maintenance projects like landscaping, gardening, snow removal, lawn care, and pool care is an excellent small business idea! And because residential properties require year-round care, professionals who focus on these outdoor tasks can find consistent work in any season!


Help homeowners with simple maintenance and home projects like painting, floor installation, furniture assembly, and more by running a handyman business. Besides completing the work at other homes, simple tasks like advertising and billing can be achieved while working from home. And when starting your handyperson service, take the time to review the requirements for the state you live in

House Cleaning

If you don’t mind tasks like vacuuming, mopping, and dusting, why not make a career out of it? Businesses and individuals alike seek out professional cleaners to handle these things for them. Not to mention, starting this kind of home-based business can be relatively reasonable. Best of all, once you find your niche, you’ll likely see return customers, which will help you save on advertising costs.

Professional Organization

Working as a professional organizer is a great home business option if you’ve always been the neat and tidy type! It also helps to be social, as this career will require you to meet with clients and discuss their organizational goals. However, professional organizers don’t clean like a maid or house cleaner—they sort, plan, and set up organizational systems for their clients to use.

Home Bakery

Love making baked goods? Take your passion for baking and open a home-based bakery! This is an excellent way for bakers to start their own business without worrying about the cost of a brick-and-mortar store. As any baker knows, you will need the proper equipment, like mixing bowls, mixers, and pans. And before you start taking any orders, ensure you know your state’s cottage food laws.


The internet has several craft-style websites where makers of all types can post their items for sale. Using platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, or Big Cartel—knitters, sculptors, jewelry makers, and other crafters can start an online retail business around selling handmade goods. These sites almost always take a fee out of your earnings, but the ability to reach a wide audience of potential customers is worth this relatively minimal price.


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