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Best Apps for Small Business Organization & Management

Whether you’re launching a small business or running your company from home, it’s crucial to have an organized system to work with. Here’s a list of the top small business apps to help you run your small business efficiently, manage inventory, keep up with daily tasks, and more!


Working Screenshot of a Task List on Asana. Photo by Instagram user @asana

Photo via @asana

  • Best For: Project management
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plans starting at $10.99/mo

Looking for a project management app for your small business? Asana is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to build out project tasks, set goals, and track progress! The website and mobile app are best used for managing your projects and keeping everything organized in one place. Place your tasks in a list, calendar, or board view based on your personal work style. The basic plan is free for teams of up to 15 people, but you can choose to upgrade your plan as your team grows larger.


iPhone Taking a Photo Using CamScanner. Photo by Instagram user @swirl.creative

Photo via @swirl.creative

  • Best For: File-sharing
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plan for $4.99/mo

CamScanner is a great mobile app for staying productive in your small business’ office space! Scanning receipts and documents is easy—just take a picture on your phone to upload files, scan, save, or archive. You can access the app from almost anywhere, and it’s equipped with wireless printing and global faxing services. There’s no need to spend money on a scanner or fax machine when using this free app!


  • Best For: File-sharing
  • Cost: Plans starting at $9.99/mo

Download the Dropbox app to create and share files or photos with your team. One of the best file-sharing apps for small businesses, Dropbox allows you to share large files, keep your project timeline moving smoothly, and easily collaborate with colleagues or clients on projects. Don’t worry about accidentally losing your documents as the app automatically backs up desktop files to the Cloud. When you’re looking to upgrade, higher plans allow you to share files up to 100GB per upload.


Computer and tablet showing Evernote app interface.

Photo via @evernote

  • Best For: Project management
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plans available

Download Evernote to organize and create notes like webpages, photos, videos, drawings, or audio recordings. This organization app can fulfill all your project management needs like prioritizing projects, taking meeting notes, and creating to-do lists for tasks and deadlines. To find items quickly, search the bar within the app to find any notes you might need for a meeting, or you can label notes in your own notebook for a work project. Additional features such as connecting the app to your Google Calendar account, filtering search results, and searching texts in images and PDFs are available with upgrades to the Personal and Professional plans.


Person with a Clean Desk Taking a Photo of a Receipt Using Expensify. Photo by Instagram user @expensify

Photo via @expensify

  • Best For: Finance management
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plans starting at $5/mo

Manage your small business finances by using the Expensify app! With its unlimited receipt-scanning software and built-in expense tracking reports, your small business can stay on top of income, expenses, and overall profits. On top of that, Expensify corporate cards make tracking expenses and reimbursements easy.


  • Best For: Finance management/invoicing
  • Cost: Plans starting at $6.80/mo

FreshBooks is an affordable option for a small business account management app. Send customizable invoices for clients and automated late payment messages, and view all your financials on the Cloud or mobile app. In addition, FreshBooks lets you manage your business with features like time tracking, business health reports, and automated bank data imports. Small business owners can also choose to integrate with Gusto and other apps to make account management smoother.

Google Drive

  • Best For: File-sharing, productivity
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plan for $12/mo

Looking to share files and collaborate with your team? Use Google Drive to keep all of your small business files in one place! You can store, share, and update Google Docs, Sheets, Slides files, and folders from your phone or laptop. Not to mention, content creators and freelancers can take advantage of the editing and collaborating features of Google Drive products like viewing your teammates’ comments on Slides or collaborating on Docs in real-time. Google Drive makes it easy to work seamlessly with team members no matter where you are. If you need more storage, you can upgrade your plan and receive 2TB of space per user!


  • Best For: Finance management
  • Cost: Plans starting at $46/mo

If you’re looking for an app that can help with payroll management, Gusto offers full-service payroll, as well as hiring and onboarding, custom reports, HR, employee benefits, and more! Plus, while using Gusto, you can set up your automated payroll, health insurance administration, and use features geared toward remote teams. To further optimize your small business management, you can easily connect Gusto to other apps like QuickBooks, Asana, Clover, Expensify, and FreshBooks.


  • Best For: Social media
  • Cost: Plans starting at $99/month

Manage your small business’ social media with Hootsuite! Plan, create, and schedule posts in advance across your various channels with this social media management app. To take things one step further, you can also create a content calendar to maintain your brand’s social media presence, plan your posts in advance, and engage with your audience. It’s compatible with over 35 networks and is known as the industry leader in social media management!


Woman Using a Computer Using the Later App. Photo by Instagram user @vizcomarketing

Photo via @vizcomarketing

  • Best For: Social media
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plans starting at $18/mo

If you’re looking for a more affordable social media management platform, check out the Later app! Not only can you write, plan and schedule your social media posts, but Later helps you find content through refined filters, which you can add final touches to and then upload. Plus, you get personalized analytics and insights with Later’s social media data visualization tools, so you can see which posts perform well or what you need to work on.

Microsoft Teams

Tablet Running a Large Meeting Through Microsoft Teams. Photo by Instagram user @microsoft365

Photo via @microsoft365

  • Best For: Communication
  • Cost: Plans starting at $4/mo

Microsoft Teams is a useful business communication app for collaborating and talking with your team. With Teams, you’re able to schedule meetings, set up video calls, share files, or integrate tasks and workflows. You can also keep in contact with teammates in real time and chat with individuals or groups with quick messaging on this app.

Microsoft 365

  • Best For: Productivity
  • Cost: Plans starting at $6/mo

Microsoft 365 has industry-standard programs for small businesses! You can utilize Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more to share and collaborate on work documents or presentations. These programs can be virtually accessed and enable productivity from almost anywhere! As your business grows larger, you can choose to purchase add-ons or scale up to the full suite.


  • Best For: Finance management
  • Cost: Plans starting at $15/mo

Searching for accounting software for your small business? Use the QuickBooks app to accept payments, track expenses, send invoices to customers, or keep track of reports and tax deductions. You can work from anywhere by using this top mobile app for businesses! Plus, Quickbooks has a multi-user function where you can add up to seven users on the same account to delegate and manage accounting tasks.

QuickBooks Payroll

  • Best For: Finance management
  • Cost: Plans starting at $22.50/mo

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the best small business management apps. With full-service payroll services in all 50 states, same-day direct deposits, automatic payroll runs, tax penalty protection, and other features, you can manage your small business anywhere on your mobile app or desktop. Already have an existing QuickBooks account? You can connect the two apps to manage your accounting and payroll on one platform. And if you’re brand new to QuickBooks, you can bundle both apps for a discounted price!


  • Best For: Inventory management, payment processing
  • Cost: Plans starting at $39/mo

If you’re looking to start an e-commerce or online store from the comfort of your home, Shopify is the best e-commerce platform for small businesses. Create and design your own online store, manage up to 1,000 inventory locations, and sell internationally across multiple platforms, including social media, messaging apps, and brick-and-mortar shops.


  • Best For: inventory management
  • Cost: Plans starting at $79/mo

Manage your inventory and observe sales trends with Shopventory, the best inventory app for small businesses. Compare locations and observe sales trends, receive low stock alerts, make up to 3,000 transactions monthly, and look up your order histories using the mobile app or the Cloud. Additionally, the app seamlessly integrates with other systems such as Square, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more!


Person Working on a Computer Using Slack. Photo by Instagram user @cloverpartners

Photo via @cloverpartners

  • Best For: Communication
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plans starting at $7.25/mo

Slack is one of the best communication apps for employees and collaboration with clients. Get organized by setting up specific channels for each department to use for chatting, sharing files, or making voice or video calls with the team. With app integrations like Google Drive, DropBox, Salesforce, and more, you can also work faster without switching between tabs.


Point of Sale System Running Square. Photo by Instagram user @square

Photo via @square

  • Best For: Payment processing
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plans starting at $29+/mo

Download the Square mobile app or by using the card reader to accept payments from customers. By plugging in a small card reader to your phone or tablet, payments can be processed when customers swipe a debit or credit card. Customers are allowed to leave tips, and receipts can be sent via email or text message. This is one of the best payment apps for small businesses and doesn’t require an internet connection, which is a big perk!


Woman Sitting at a Computer Using Trello. Photo by Instagram user @trelloapp

Photo via @trelloapp

  • Best For: Task management
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plans starting at $5/mo

Trello is a project management app that allows teams to work collaboratively by providing organizational tools for their work or projects. Tasks can be set up by using lists, cards, or boards to help employees stay productive throughout the workday. You can create rules and commands for actions with Trello’s no-code automation to simplify your task management.


  • Best For: Business travel planning
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plan for $49/year

Content creators, freelancers, and small business owners who travel frequently will love this trip management app. Simply forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and the app will create a custom itinerary including bookings, car rentals, tickets, and more—all kept in one place! You can also sync TripIt plans with your calendar and receive timely notifications, like when you need to leave for the airport or flight delay alerts.


Woman Sitting at a Computer Using Wave. Photo by Instagram user @wave_hq

Photo via @wave_hq

  • Best For: Finance management
  • Cost:Free, upgraded plans available

If you’re a small business owner just starting out, use the Wave app for your financial service needs. The online-based platform is easy for payroll, mobile invoicing, and keeping track of payments. When you need a little extra help with bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll management, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation session with Wave advisors. By incorporating this app into your daily operations, you can better understand the full picture of your business’ health.


Woman RUnning a Meeting Using Zoom. Photo by Instagram user @ruth_sherman

Photo via @ruth_sherman

  • Best For: Communication
  • Cost: Free, upgraded plans starting at $15.99/mo

Are you looking for a video conferencing app for your small business? Download Zoom to hold virtual calls with your team members in real time! Schedule online meetings or host webinars by using its high-quality enterprise Cloud phone system. Additionally, you can create and send clients or potential new hires passcode-protected meetings.


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