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Modern Home Open Floorplan with Large Kitchen and Living Area

Modern Home Inspiration: 21 Bold Ideas for a Modern House

Modern homes are meant to be at the forefront of design and architectural innovation. Whether it’s an indoor pool, automated smart technology, or a landscaped roof, there are plenty of cool ways to design a modern house. Here are 21 unique modern home ideas that are sure to inspire your next home design!

Go for Angular Architecture

Modern Home with Angular Design Concepts. Photo by Instagram user @gluck_plus

Photo via @gluck_plus

Create a bold statement by embracing sharp-angled architecture. Design your modern home with dramatically sloped or angled roofs over the garage, patio, or entryway to give your transitional spaces an expressive identity. Or stick with symmetry by creating an A-frame home, which includes a roof that extends all the way from the top point to the foundation in an eye-popping triangular shape!

Design a Geometric House

Bring some geometric design principles into your modern home design! Try a stack cube home, where form meets function through square levels stacked on top of each other, creating a cube-shaped house. Or opt for a square house, which features oversized windows and a sculptural blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Attract Attention with Concrete

Using concrete in modern home exteriors is a great way to embrace a modern, industrial vibe. Keep in mind that concrete is a malleable material when wet, so you can use an angular, curved, or squared design for your home’s exterior. When dry, concrete can also withstand severe weather while requiring little upkeep. As an added bonus, concrete is more energy-efficient than traditional siding options for homes in mild to hot climates!

Use Cantilevers for Visual Interest

Cantilevers are a staple of contemporary modern home design and look great when positioned over a body of water or wooded area. These covered, rectangular structures protrude from the house’s structure like a deck and can even be stacked like building blocks to create a custom modern home layout!

Choose a Glass House

Modern Home with Glass Exterior Paneling. Photo by Instagram user @haus_oft

Photo via @haus_oft

With a glass house, you can make your modern home feel larger and more spacious simply by letting natural light in. Glass architecture also makes your home feel as though it’s connected to nature because there’s not as much obstruction with walls. To enjoy unparalleled views of the outdoors with a glass home, generously install floor-to-ceiling windows throughout your home.

Bring the Outside In with an Atrium

Modern Home with an Atrium in the Center of the Home. Photo by Instagram user @ryanleidner

Photo via @ryanleidner

Add an atrium to your modern home to get an indoor-outdoor space that incorporates nature and light. Design a rainforest in the center of your home that’s full of lush, green plants and exotic trees. Or create a desert succulent landscape as a statement piece in your modern home design.

Take the Indoors Out with Retractable Walls

Turn your house inside-out with retractable walls that open up to a backyard or courtyard! Retractable glass walls can easily double as large windows and allow you to create a seamless indoor-outdoor space in your modern home. This feature smoothly blends nature with architecture, creating paradise every day of the year!

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Connect Your Home with a Courtyard

Centralized courtyards create a collaborative and social atmosphere by offering a private place for you to gather outdoors. Landscape your courtyard with concrete paths and water features. Or make your modern home fantasies come true with an eye-catching courtyard pool and sunken fire pit!

Build an Indoor Pool

Not only can pools be good for your physical and mental health, but they’re also just plain fun to have! Add a pool to your modern home for year-round swimming access and privacy. Install a large TV or projector in your pool room to watch movies in the water. Or make your indoor pool an extension of your outdoor pool by adding a glass retractable wall or passageway between them.

Go Big with Automated Home Features

Basement Wine Bar with Spinning Glass Doors. Photo by Instagram user @wkphotography

Photo via @wkphotography

With the right smart technology in your home, you can achieve the ultimate modern smart home! Install sensors to turn the lights on whenever someone enters the room. Keep your room cool and the sun out with automatic blinds when an area reaches a certain temperature. Or have your garage door automatically open when you pull up. By achieving smart home automation, you can also cut down on the amount of water and electricity you use, which can reduce your home’s environmental impact.

Relax in a Custom Spa

Want a spot where you can unwind after a long day? Relax with a luxurious bathroom spa! Create the perfect home spa equipped with a steam shower and sauna. Consider adding a large stone resin soaking tub in front of large windows to find inner peace and relaxation while reflecting on your natural surroundings. And don’t forget to install heated flooring!

Sink Your Living Room

Sunken living rooms—also known as conversation pits—are the perfect spot for guests to mingle! This type of living room is a great option for open floor plans, as it gives you a creative way to divide the room while still keeping the space social. Consider adding a couch, chairs, and a table that sit flat on the floor, providing a spot for everyone to gather while providing a clear view of the rest of the house.

Set Up Your Own Library

Small Home Library Space. Photo by Instagram user @studioashby

Photo via @studioashby

A home library provides the ultimate hideaway in your modern home! Line the walls with floor-to-ceiling shelving full of your favorite novels, magazines, or comic books. Invest in a sliding ladder that goes all the way around the room, providing easy access to books. And make sure you have plenty of cozy seating for your reading sessions!

Sculpt a Modern Staircase

While staircases are a functional feature of a home, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have character. You can opt for a floating staircase with a glass railing, a modern stairwell with a circular shape, or uneven stairs that use different materials to create a unique look. Whatever you choose, make sure it has that “wow” factor!

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Add an Indoor Living Wall

Living Greenery Wall in a Powder Room. Photo by Instagram user @2id_interiors

Photo via @2id_interiors

Design a stunning living mural with an indoor plant wall! Set up the plant wall in a hallway, above or under stairs, in a living room, or bathroom. A living green wall creates a sense of well-being and helps purify the air while reducing room temperature. You can also fill it with your favorite herbs like lavender and eucalyptus so that you have built-in aromatherapy!

Landscape Your Roof

Don’t just settle for basic landscaping. Take your landscape to the next level by designing a beautiful rooftop garden with your favorite trees, plants, and herbs! To enjoy your rooftop garden to the fullest, consider adding water features surrounded by comfy seating options that will make your rooftop feel like a secret escape. And if you have a living wall inside your house, you could even create an irrigation system that filters down from your roof to that wall!

Lower Your Outdoor Patio

If you like entertaining, extend your outdoor living area with a sunken patio. Just like a sunken living room, a sunken patio is a great way to make your backyard oasis feel more dynamic while offering an intimate space for friends and family to gather around a fire pit or an outdoor table. Go with a circular poolside pit or square pit built into your deck—the options are endless!

Soak Up the Sun with an Outdoor Pool

Every custom modern home needs an eye-catching outdoor pool! Disappear into the horizon in an infinity pool while enjoying the magnificent views. Build a glass-walled pool that offers a fun and hypnotic view of all of your surroundings. Float in the air with a glass-bottom balcony pool. Or create your own personal lagoon pool, where you can pretend you’re always on vacation!

Utilize Backyard Water Features

Modern Home with a Large Waterfall Into the Pool. Photo by Instagram user @sbs.ghana

Photo via @sbs.ghana

While water features can make your modern home look more interesting, they also add tranquility to outdoor spaces. Install a cascading waterfall with your pool, or complete your modern yard with a beautiful concrete waterfall. Design a small pond in your courtyard complete with concrete stepping stones. Or go big with a concrete water fountain built right into your outdoor patio!

Show Off Your Epic Fire Pit

Take your fire pit to the next level with one of these amazing modern home design ideas! If you have seating built into a pool or a sunken patio, consider installing a fire pit for your guests to enjoy. Create envy with an adjustable fire pit built right into an outdoor table where you can grill, roast marshmallows, or have a fondue party. Or make your outdoor pool an inviting place by adding a concrete fireplace at the base of the pool.

Kick Back on the Balcony

Large Modern Home with Multiple Balconies. Photo by Instagram user @easy_civil

Photo via @easy_civil

A modern balcony is a great way to extend your outdoor living space while creating an exterior home design that’ll turn heads. Connect areas of your home with a wrap-around balcony that acts as an elevated courtyard. Want more privacy with a balcony? Attach one to every private room to create a tiered architecture look!


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