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Farmhouse style kitchen with all white cabinets and hardwood floors.

How to Decorate Your Home in Farmhouse Style

Looking to incorporate farmhouse decor into your home design, but not sure where to start? Farmhouse home decorating trends are all about creating a cozy space with airy colors, rustic elements, and a mix of modern and vintage decor. Get farmhouse inspiration with these 18 decor and design ideas!

Opt for an Earthy Color Palette

Gray bedroom with white bedding.

Photo via @somutschlove

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your farmhouse-style home, neutral and earth tones work best because they make rooms appear brighter, larger, and more inviting. Go with shades of beige, tan, brown, and white. If you need accent colors, opt for light blues, yellows, and greens.

Expose Ceiling Beams

Inspired by the look of a barn, farmhouse design utilizes exposed ceiling beams to incorporate a natural feel and stark lines to make rooms appear larger than they are. You can show off this design element in your kitchen, living room, and even your bedroom!

Add Shiplap to Walls

Tan bench in all white entryway.

Photo via @myfarmhouseish

You can’t have modern farmhouse without shiplap! Whether you want to transform an entire room or just a small area of your home, this design trend is easy to do yourself! Create an accent wall in your living room or kitchen, or completely redo your entryway for a seamless look!

Install Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are a simple way to get a farmhouse interior without having to do any costly renovations or a complete overhaul of your home. Swap out an old kitchen pantry door or install sliding barn doors between two areas to create separate rooms.

Hang Up Chandeliers

White dining room with wood table.

Photo via @featherglass

Not sure how to include farmhouse-style lighting in your home? Consider chandeliers! Place white, whimsical light fixtures in a bedroom or dining room for a chic look, or opt for something more industrial with a black matte finish to create a modern farmhouse design in your kitchen.

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Build a Gallery Wall

Combine your personality with farmhouse wall decor by making a gallery wall! This excellent home decorating idea allows you to organize your favorite photos, paintings, quotes, and wood signs in an eye-catching way. Not to mention, you can play around with decor in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Bring Nature Indoors

White and blue dining room by window.

Photo via @somutschlove

From garland on a kitchen table to vases of greenery and branches in every room, using plants to decorate your home can instantly transform your space into a cozy place to relax. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to add some color without taking away from that airy farmhouse look!

Turn Old Windows into Decor

Give your home a rustic feel by repurposing old windows as wall decor! You can turn them into a fun mirror for a living room or bedroom or paint the glass with chalkboard paint to make a cute kitchen chalkboard for meal planning.

Make Trunks Do Double Duty

White living room with white furniture.

Photo via @mynwfarmhouse

If you need home decor that doubles as hidden storage, consider leather trunks! Not only are trunks a creative storage option for keeping books, blankets, and clothes out of the way, but they can also be used as coffee tables, nightstands, and even benches.

Put Antiques on Display

Farmhouse style is a great opportunity for you to decorate your home with vintage treasures and antique collectibles. Use an old milk jug or water pitcher as a flower vase to get a more rustic farmhouse look, or create a gallery wall with shabby-chic metal signs, mirrors, and paintings.

Set Up Oversized Vases

Scroll painting over blue cabinet in living room.

Photo via @ceemcee31

Looking for farmhouse decor ideas that won’t break the bank? Place an oversized vase on a table for a centerpiece or cluster them in a corner of a room and fill them with bouquets of flowers, wine corks, collectors coins, or leave them empty!

Incorporate Weathered Pieces

One of the most popular home decor elements in farmhouse decorating is distressed or weathered wood. You can utilize this worn wood in a variety of ways when decorating, such as with a coffee table, dining room chairs, cabinets in the bathroom, or window frames.

Use a Ladder for Storage

Ladders aren’t just useful for reaching things up on high shelves—they’re fantastic farmhouse home decor as well! Set one up in the corner of a living room to hold throw blankets, or put one in a kitchen to hang towels up to dry.

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Repurpose Wood Crates

Planters by open front door.

Photo via @homehydrangea

Don’t let an unused crate go to waste! Old wooden toolboxes, apple baskets, and fruit crates are perfect to use for a kitchen table centerpiece, holding blankets or toilet paper, and displaying small plants.

Have Fun with Wicker

Pink and white laundry room.

Photo via @ourwintonhome

Complete any farmhouse look with wicker statement pieces! Whether it’s wicker baskets in your bathroom to store linens, wicker chairs around a breakfast nook, or a wicker nightstand, these items complement the neutral color palette while also adding dimension to a stark white room.

Use Lanterns for a Rustic Touch

White sign on wood table in entryway.

Photo via @ourwintonhome

Add some extra farmhouse flair to your home by incorporating a few lanterns on bookshelves, tables, and hanging from the wall. You can even fill them with flowers to bring in some subtle color or tea candles for some soft lighting.

Create Warmth with a Rug

Soften up farmhouse flooring by adding a rug! Roll out a long jute or sisal rug in an entryway to stop any messes from getting in the house, or lay down a Persian rug in your bedroom for some added texture and noise reduction.

Place Canvas Pillows on Furniture

White bed with tan pillows.

Photo via @caseyjohelton

Canvas pillows are another way you can instantly create a farmhouse feel in any room or area of your home! Throw a few on a bench in the entryway, a breakfast nook in your kitchen, your couches, or even your bed!

Not sure if farmhouse-style decor and design is right for you? Check out other home ideas in this guide to home decorating styles!

Farmhouse Style: Decorating Ideas for Your Home