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Stylish Home Decorating Ideas & Top Design Trends to Try in 2024

Looking for the latest home decorating ideas and trends? Whether you’re redecorating a single room or seeking design style inspiration for your whole home, there are plenty of decorating trends to keep your eye on in 2024. Check out this ultimate guide to home decorating ideas!

2024 Home Design Trends

Although certain interior decorating ideas are timeless, there are a few design trends that stand out in 2024. If it’s time to update your home’s style, consider these interior decor trends!

Blended Design Styles

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Mixing and matching aesthetics is a major home design trend in 2024, particularly in terms of combining vintage or reclaimed furniture pieces with more modern decor. Using home decorating ideas with contrasting styles—like industrial and bohemian—is also trendy and creates a striking visual effect. The transitional home design style, which blends modern and traditional design, also exemplifies this trend.

Retro-Inspired Home Design

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Drawing from popular home design styles from previous decades is definitely “in” right now. From folksy color schemes and boho interiors to features like ’70s-style conversation pits and indoor-outdoor living spaces, retro decor is experiencing a revival. If you’re looking to incorporate retro style into your home design, consider opting for a Mid-Century Modern interior!

Natural Materials

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Cork, bamboo, terra cotta, and other natural materials are common elements in several trending home decorating styles, including Japandi, Bohemian, and Eclectic home design, to name a few. Incorporating furniture and decor made with these materials is chic, grounding, and better for the environment than decorating with synthetic-based materials.

Sustainable Furniture

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Going green and building your home around sustainability is an ecologically conscious way to decorate. Avoid fast furniture, which is built from cheap materials and not made to last. Instead, opt for upcycled furniture pieces, high-quality thrifted furniture, and decor items made from environmentally-safe or biodegradable materials to make your interior design more eco-friendly.

Layered Textures

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Playing with texture creates the kind of lived-in feel many trending interior design styles utilize today. Soften harsher design elements like a marble fireplace with soft decor like plush or tasseled rugs. Or create a cozy space by layering a variety of fabrics, draping multiple throw blankets over furniture, or using pillows of different patterns on a couch.

Warm Neutrals

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While neutral color themes are a timeless interior design base due to their flexibility, warm-toned hues are having their moment. Whether it’s soft whites like eggshell or more saturated earth tones like taupe, these warm shades make the perfect canvas for all kinds of interior home decorating styles.

Accent Walls

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Creating focal points is a staple of interior design, and accent walls continue to be popular. Whether you paint a single wall with a bold color, apply patterned wallpaper, or hang a large tapestry, accent walls are an easy way to make a statement without overwhelming a room.

Home Decorating Ideas by Style

Curious about which home design styles are popular in 2024? From understated minimalist decor to the increasingly popular maximalist design trend, here are a few home styles to try!

Farmhouse Style

Evoke a rustic feel with the farmhouse style, which has remained one of the most popular home decorating trends of the last decade. The characteristics of farmhouse style are all about simplicity, rustic charm, and practicality. Check out these farmhouse decorating ideas!

Play with Patterns

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Florals, gingham, and tartan patterns are all popular in farmhouse decor and similar home design styles like cottagecore. Use patterns as a backdrop in your living room or other spaces throughout your home by employing shiplap walls or wallpaper. Or add accents with patterned upholstery, blankets, pillows, and other soft furnishings to create a homey, cozy vibe.

Try DIY or Repurposed Decor

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In line with the farmhouse aesthetic’s down-to-earth vibe, give DIY furniture and decor pieces a shot. Paint empty glass bottles and use them to hold utensils, or turn a pitcher into a vase. You can also embrace upcycling in your farmhouse design by creating decor out of reclaimed wood or antique signs. There are endless DIY home decorating ideas to try with the farmhouse style!

Go for a Lived-In Feel

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Farmhouse homes should always prioritize function and comfort, so don’t shy away from letting your space look and feel lived-in. Whether it’s drying herbs as a garland in the kitchen or keeping throw blankets on the couch, you don’t need to conceal the ways in which you use your home.


Go bold with the raw, modern aesthetic of industrial interior decor! Characterized by open spaces combined with rustic materials, industrial home design evokes the features of a warehouse or factory, often using elements like exposed concrete, pipes, and brick to create an edgier feel. Here are some home decorating tips to help you achieve this look.

Hang Bold Light Fixtures

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Whether you opt for Edison bulbs or fixtures made using reclaimed pipes, industrial lighting ideas should be as unique as they are functional. Choose bulbs that put off a softer light to contrast this design aesthetic’s hard lines and textures, or layer lighting by picking a couple of mismatched fixtures and hanging them next to each other.

Include Exposed Brick

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Exposed brick brings an industrial look to any space! Brick walls are a popular architectural element highlighted in industrial interior design because of their raw finish and reflection of industrial spaces. Looking for an inexpensive, DIY alternative to decorating with real brick? Use faux-brick wall tiles to create the same effect.

Use Metal Decor

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Metal is one of the most popular materials used in industrial home decor. Items like pipe shelving, tables with metal frames, and even art with metallic touches can all pull together the look of a space. Mixing metals, both in terms of materials and finishes, can help create visual texture and character as well.


Bohemian home design is widely considered a carefree and artistic style, often inspired by different cultures and collected artifacts from travel. You may commonly see chevron patterns, wicker furniture, and eccentric wallpaper with this particular style. So if you want a home decorating style that lets your creativity run free, check out these bohemian decor tips!

Incorporate Jewel Tones

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Saturated jewel tones are a staple in bohemian home design, as these pops of color do well to contrast other elements of the style, such as a neutral foundation or natural materials. Use sapphire blues, emerald greens, bright magentas, and other similar shades in accent walls, soft furnishings, and decor pieces to bring color to your space.

Decorate with Mirrors

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Mirrors create the illusion of a larger space, so adding them to your decor is an easy way to open up any room, as well as reflect your collection of eclectic items. From hanging wall mirrors in a hallway to propping up large standing mirrors in the bedroom, mixing and matching a variety of reflective surfaces in your home is a fun, playful bohemian design idea.

Try Funky Wallpaper

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Bohemian home decor should reflect your aesthetic and personal taste, whether through individual pieces or a colorful foundation. Patterned wallpaper is a simple way to add personality to your home, whether it’s with oversized animal prints, botanical designs, or even just a unique abstract pattern to bring visual interest to your living space.

Urban Jungle

Love houseplants? Urban jungle interior design focuses on combining modern or industrial home styles with greenery—usually through an extensive collection of houseplants. The point of urban jungle is to truly make it feel like a jungle with a variety of plants mixed and matched in all spaces throughout the home. Try bringing the outdoors in with the urban jungle design style!

Use Plants as Decor

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Plants not only improve air quality, but they can also make stunning home decor! From large potted plants like pothos to hanging plants like the string of pearls succulent, there are a number of plants to choose from. Just make sure to get plants that can thrive with the lighting available to you and the climate you live in. You can even try making a DIY living plant wall!

Set Up a Terrarium Table

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For a unique way to decorate with plants, create a terrarium table! This fun DIY project involves taking a hollow coffee table and transforming it into a self-contained terrarium. Utilize moss, succulents, and ferns to create this low-maintenance garden, and include decor items like figurines and crystals to your terrarium to add style to the room while emphasizing your tastes!

Let in Natural Light

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Natural light is essential to the urban jungle home style, largely because the houseplants require it to thrive! In addition to being good for your plants, natural light is a great mood-booster. When choosing urban style window treatments, go for lighter curtains that can be tied back to allow for more natural light to come through into your living space.


The Japandi design style blends Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics to create a comfortable, minimalist vibe. Japandi interior design focuses on creating bright spaces, utilizing light color palettes, and incorporating rustic materials to emphasize natural themes. Here are a few home decorating ideas to help you achieve the incredibly trendy Japandi look!

Keep It Cozy

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It’s easy for minimalist decorating styles like Japandi to lose warmth and feel too sterile, so prioritizing comfort is important when using Japandi style. Select cozy furniture pieces and utilize plenty of soft furnishings. Opt for couches with soft cushions, fluffy throw blankets, and decorative pillows alongside other comforting design choices like buttery lighting.

Stick to Earth Tones

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Earth tones like gentle browns, yellows, and pinks are perfect for the Japandi aesthetic because they help stimulate warm, calm living environments. Use terra cotta pots, wicker baskets, and other such decor in addition to earth-toned paint colors to create a cohesive earthy palette throughout your home.

Use Wood & Wicker Furniture

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Natural materials are common in Japandi home decorating as a way to establish a welcoming space. Select wicker chairs, wooden tables, and other natural furniture to complete the earthy look of this home design style. And mix and match natural furniture and decor to achieve the hybrid, down-to-earth Japandi aesthetic!


If you love eclectic aesthetics, knick-knacks, and bold designs, maximalist style might be for you! In contrast to its minimalist counterpart, maximalism is all about operating on a “more-is-more” mindset. The style focuses on vivid living spaces, highlighting beloved possessions, and mixing and matching design elements. Keep reading to discover a few key maximalist design tips!

Put Collections on Display

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Place tchotchkes, collectibles, and other decor pieces throughout your home on flat surfaces like open shelving, bookcases, nightstands, and coffee tables to show off your maximalist personality. You can also display photos and artwork in your home by creating salon-style gallery walls, where multiple pieces are hung in groups next to each other.

Mix Bold Colors

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While many design styles dictate that you should choose just one bold color as a focal point for a room, mixing and matching multiple bold colors or patterns is welcomed with maximalism. Create a striking space by painting walls and shelves a dark color like black or navy blue and using bright decor as accents. Or consider utilizing wallpaper to make a statement!

Choose a Theme (or Two)

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Although maximalist home design centers around combining contrasting aesthetics, having a general theme can help the space feel more cohesive. Planning with intent is key to ensuring your home is stylish instead of cluttered. Go for a botanical theme with floral prints and other similar decor, or decorate your room in a coastal style with blues, whites, and ocean-inspired decor.


The minimalist home design trend is about form and function. Usually applied to open concept living spaces, minimalism utilizes clean lines, neutral color palettes, and simplicity. While you can mix and match textures and design elements with minimalism, the point is to make a statement with a stark, decluttered space. Check out these tips for embracing minimalism in your home!

Start with a Neutral Palette

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Warmed-up white hues or color palettes based on beige, tan, or cream can make a great base for the rest of your minimalist home decor. Neutral backgrounds also help emphasize furniture and decor focal points. Avoid bright colors and use contrast sparingly to create a light living space.

Stick to Clean Lines

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Lines are generally an important consideration in interior design, but minimalism takes that even further! Embrace clean, straight lines and silhouettes in your decor and furniture to showcase the style’s sleek, simple characteristics. Stick to square door frames, straight-backed furniture, and geometric decor.

Avoid Clutter

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Keeping your home decluttered is a must in the minimalist home decorating style, where less is more. Clear as much clutter from flat surfaces and utilize hidden storage throughout your home with trunks, storage ottomans, and benches. This can help you keep your living space tidy!

Additional Resources

Home Decorating Ideas by Room

Whether you’re looking to create an inviting living room, a tranquil bedroom oasis, or a stylish kitchen, these trends can help you get started. Check out these home decor ideas by room!

Living Room Ideas

How you decorate your living room can set the tone for your whole home! From choosing the right paint color to updating wall decor, here’s how to spruce up your living room decor!

Set the Mood with Wall Color

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Your living room wall color has a significant impact on the atmosphere of your daily surroundings and can even influence your mood. Calming and stabilizing paint colors for the living room—such as soft green, sky blue, and white—can promote a sense of wellness, while neutral shades and earth tones—such as cream, beige, and soft brown—can evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. Or if you want to bring more energy to your space, consider bright colors like orange or even Viva Magenta, the Pantone color of the year!

Opt for Living Room Wallpaper

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Wallpaper can add colorful charm to your living room and be a great way to express yourself. Whether you choose a bold, patterned design or a subtle textured finish, the right living room wallpaper can bring your space to life. Consider funky geometric shapes or loud floral prints for a maximalist vibe. Or go with living room wallpaper with a woven texture for a minimalist approach.

Design an Accent Wall

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An accent wall creates a focal point in your living room, making the space feel more dynamic and interesting. Opt for a bold color like navy blue, red, or yellow that contrasts with the rest of the room. Or choose a wallpaper with a pattern or texture like wood, stone, or brick that adds depth and dimension to your walls. You could also create a statement wall with a gallery of artwork, a mural, or a plant accent wall to add visual interest.

Choose Statement Lighting

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Lighting fixtures not only add an eye-catching element to your living room, but they also enhance the overall aesthetic and provide functionality. Pick a statement fixture that ties your living room design style together. For example, a crystal chandelier is a classic light fixture for rooms with a more glamorous or contemporary feel, while hanging pendant lights or sculptural sconces bring a unique industrial flair to a living space.

Incorporate a Living Room Mirror

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Because mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of depth, incorporating mirrors into your living room decor helps make a small living room feel larger and more spacious. You’ll also have a variety of options to choose from, including decorative antique mirrors, oversized mirrors, circle mirrors, and more. Increase light and space in your living room by placing a mirror above a fireplace mantel or facing it towards windows for reflection.

Add Decorative Pieces

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If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to switch up your living room look, add decorative throw pillows to your sofa or sitting area for a pop of color. Keep it simple with two or three colors, or showcase variety with textures like velvet, wool, or faux leather. You can also add an area rug for additional warmth and texture in your living space.

Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for rest, which is why it’s important to create a space that feels cozy and rejuvenating. Get some inspiration with our bedroom decor ideas!

Use Neutrals for a Cozy Aesthetic

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What color should you paint your bedroom? For a calming effect, consider a neutral color like gray, beige, or white. These popular bedroom colors can also provide a versatile backdrop for a variety of bedroom decorations. If you want to keep things simple while still incorporating some color, try out earthy tones with deep greens, soft yellows, and warm browns. You can use these colors to paint your walls, or as subtle accents in your bedding, furniture, rugs, and decor.

…Or Go with Bold & Vibrant Colors

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Prefer more color in your bedroom? Express your personality and define your personal space by mixing and matching color palettes, textures, and decor! Or if that’s too much for your design style, you can always opt for an accent wall or bedding theme with jewel tones like burgundy, emerald, navy blue, and red to make your bedroom feel more sophisticated and elegant.

Consider a Floating Nightstand

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A floating nightstand is a stylish home design idea that adds a modern touch to your bedroom. It gives you space to feature a lamp, books, clock, or other decor while taking up less room than a traditional nightstand. This can be especially helpful in a small bedroom. You can even design a DIY floating nightstand, giving you the freedom to create a piece that reflects your style and taste.

Add Visual Interest Above the Bed

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One of the best bedroom wall decor ideas is to display wall art or personal photos over the bed. You could also hang a tapestry or showcase your artistic skill by creating your own mural over your bed. This is a great way to let your personality shine through and make your space unique. You might also consider upholstered panels behind your bed to provide a more luxurious feel.

Utilize a Storage Ottoman

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A bedroom storage ottoman or bench brings both elegance and practicality to any bedroom. With hidden storage compartments, you can store extra blankets, pillows, or other bedroom essentials. In addition, an ottoman doubles as a seat or footrest for the ultimate relaxation. With its stylish design and versatility, the storage ottoman is a great bedroom hidden storage idea for any space!

Double Up on Lighting Choices

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By including multiple light choices in your bedroom, you can create layered lighting that complements existing bedroom decor and provides versatility. On top of your overhead light fixture, incorporate task lighting—such as bedside table lamps, floor lamps, and wall-mounted reading lights—for additional light sources for late-night reading or getting dressed in the morning.

Bathroom Ideas

Ready to upgrade your bathroom? From stylish storage additions to countertop decorations, these bathroom decor ideas will help you turn your bathroom into a space where you can get ready!

Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger

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If you have a small bathroom, consider emphasizing your windows and utilizing light hues to make the space feel brighter and more open. Popular bathroom color ideas include neutral colors and soothing pastels. And with strategically placed mirrors, you can reflect more light and cast an illusion of expansiveness. Need more storage? Floating vanities give a modern look while leaving open storage space beneath the sink for extra towels and other toiletries.

Add a Towel Ladder

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Looking for bathroom decorations that have a practical purpose and don’t take up a lot of space? A bathroom towel ladder is a free-standing piece of furniture that allows you to hang towels and linens in a decorative way. You can even make a DIY towel ladder to save money, and you can customize it however you want! Another option is to consider adding a wall-mounted bar or ring for hand towels to save on counter space and keep your bathroom organized.

Include Countertop Decor

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Up your decorating game by adding simple yet fun bathroom countertop decorations like candles and flowers. If your bathroom has a double vanity, you can decorate both sides to match or make each sink area unique to the person who uses it! Include bathroom decor items that double as stylish storage like jewelry boxes, decorative trays, and glass jars. The bathroom countertop is also the perfect spot for plants that thrive in humid environments, such as ferns and snake plants.

Add Some Personality

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Elevate your bathroom decor by hanging artwork like framed prints or photos along any free wall space. Or install a floating shelf where you can set small knick-knacks. Another way to add artistic flair to your bathroom is through the use of decorative tiles or mosaics. These can be used as an accent wall, backsplash, or even as flooring to create a unique and eye-catching look.

Kitchen Ideas

Whether you have a kitchenette or a luxury kitchen, you can transform your cooking and dining space into an inviting area with these practical kitchen decor ideas!

Mount a Kitchen Mirror

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A mirror can open up your kitchen and serve as a great decorative piece. The best placement for a mirror depends on the needs of the space. A vertical mirror can be mounted on a backsplash or wall to create the illusions of height and depth, making a small kitchen feel more spacious. Or a horizontal mirror can help your kitchen appear wider while also reflecting light.

Opt for Open Kitchen Shelving

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Open shelves are popular in modern kitchen design due to their sleek appearance and functionality. There are all kinds of ways you can embrace open shelving, too! Cabinets with the doors removed, wooden floating shelves, glass floating shelves—all of these provide kitchen storage space with clear views of what items you have, providing sleek style with easy access.

Pick Modern Cabinet Colors

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Choose kitchen cabinet color combinations that reflect your personal style and preferences. White and light-colored cabinets can achieve an open, airy atmosphere in your kitchen, while bolder colors can add depth and visual interest to your space. Consider two-toned kitchen cabinets—like navy blue and white—for the best of both worlds. Or if you want a sleek, modern look, a simple black and white kitchen color scheme can add a dramatic touch.

Include Some Art

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Decorating your kitchen with wall art or a gallery of family photos can help create a warm atmosphere for the heart of your home. If you don’t have the space for art, a kitchen backsplash is another idea that can serve both a decorative and a practical purpose! It protects the wall behind the sink or stove from water and grease while also adding a stylish touch.

Decorate Your Kitchen Island

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To create a visually stunning space, consider kitchen island decor ideas like a basket of vegetables or fruits from your local farmers market, a plant or bouquet of flowers, or even candles to fill the room with your favorite fragrance. Or feature special dishes or cookware so you can appreciate these items every day while also having easy access to them whenever you need them.

Dining Room Ideas

When it comes to dining room decor, you’ll want to consider everything from unique lighting fixtures to creative table centerpieces when decorating. Here are some dining room design tips!

Incorporate Table Centerpieces

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Simple dining table centerpiece ideas can include a plant or a vase of fresh flowers, a cluster of taper candles, or a table runner with a fruit bowl. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements, such as flowers and candles, to create a unique and interesting display. If you want a more dramatic effect, consider a statement piece like a sculpture or an oversized decorative bowl.

Establish a Focal Point

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Every room should have a focal point, including the dining room! You could opt for a large painting or a decorative antique mirror. You might also consider a mural or a gallery wall with a collection of framed photos. Another option is to use decorative storage for the focus of the room! Use a hutch or hang wall shelves to display dinnerware, glassware, and other dining essentials.

Don’t Forget to Style Your Buffet

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Styling your dining room buffet can help create a cohesive look for the room. Along with a stylish table runner with designs like stripes, florals, or other patterns, you can decorate your buffet with taper candles, vintage vases, and a display of your favorite china or silver. Or use the space to set up a small home bar with spirits, rocks glasses, and a cocktail shaker.

Add a Statement Chandelier

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Using eye-catching light fixtures is a fun way to highlight the design style of your dining room. Create a sense of grandeur and elegance with a crystal chandelier for a classic dining room. Or choose a light fixture that aligns with whatever unique design style you choose, such as a jeweled chandelier for a maximalist look or a sputnik chandelier for a Mid-Century Modern feel.

Consider a Coffee Bar

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Creating a self-serve coffee station in your dining room or butler pantry can be a great addition to the space, providing a convenient spot for coffee lovers to assemble their favorite beverage. Install cabinets and shelving or repurpose a dresser or desk to create your coffee bar. Keep the shelves stocked with coffee beans, filters, and syrups. In addition to a coffee pot or espresso maker, use this area to display your collection of cups and coffee mugs!

Home Office Ideas

Creating a comfortable, functional workspace is essential for maximizing productivity at home. Here are some home office decor ideas that can help achieve your desired atmosphere!

Utilize Natural Light

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When setting up your home office, make sure your desk is near windows so you can get plenty of natural light. This allows your home office space to feel larger and more airy. Additionally, exposure to natural light is good for both physical and mental health, offering benefits like improved mood, increased focus and productivity, and production of vitamin D.

Opt for Light Wall Colors

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Choosing light, airy paint colors keeps your space feeling open, especially if your home office doesn’t have a lot of windows. Opt for a neutral color palette that evokes calm and focus. Or if you want a more dynamic feel, go for shades of blue, green, or black. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different home office paint colors until you find the perfect combination that inspires you!

Prioritize Comfort

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When setting up your home office, choose furniture and decor that helps you feel comfortable and inspired. Maybe that’s minimalist wall art with motivational quotes or a plush office chair with a soft throw pillow and blanket. You might also think about bringing the outdoors in with houseplants, which can provide many benefits, including reducing stress, increasing productivity, and improving air quality.

Include Stylish Storage Solutions

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Storage is a crucial aspect of any home office design, and using sleek storage decorations helps enhance the look and feel of your workspace. If you have a small home office space, consider adding vertical storage with a home office wall organizer or floating shelves above your desk where you can store books, family photos, art, and small trinkets. Use modern desk organizers to keep papers, pens, paperclips, and other supplies within easy reach. Other office storage ideas could be storage ottomans that work as seating, storage, and decoration!

Additional Resources


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