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Budget-Friendly Organization & Storage Ideas for Your Living Room

Looking for easy ways to organize your living room? Whether you have a small space or a large space, we have some smart tips and tricks to help you get more storage in your living room and stay organized!

Invest in an Entertainment Center

Chic white entertainment center in living room. Photo by Instagram user @abbyorganizes

Photo via @abbyorganizes

If you’re limited on space in your living room, it’s a good idea to utilize furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Entertainment centers are a great example of this! Not only is this versatile piece of furniture a place where you can set up your TV, cable box, DVD or Blu-Ray player, and gaming consoles, but it can also be used to display decorative items and store books, magazines, DVDs, remotes, toys, pillows, blankets, and more!

Repurpose a Dresser as a TV Stand

Distressed wood dresser used as TV stand in rustic style living room. Photo by Instagram user @dariageiler

Photo via @dariageiler

Don’t want to purchase or build your own entertainment center? Another option is to repurpose a dresser (Buffet tables work, too)! Dressers take up less space while still providing more living room storage.

Add Storage with a Stylish Hutch

Stylish hutch adds storage to small condo. Photo by Instagram user @mallorysdesign

Photo via @mallorysdesign

With a living room storage cabinet like a hutch, you can keep blankets, books, games, and toys neatly organized and out of the way. Having a hutch can also be a lifesaver when you have guests coming over, as you can easily stash items and make more space in your family room.

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Opt for a Two-Tier Coffee Table

Two-tier coffee table in neutral living room. Photo by Instagram user @copycatchic

Photo via @copycatchic

Maximize storage with a coffee table that has a lower-level tier. While this space can be used for decoration, it’s also an ideal place to store books, board games, photo albums, and other small items.

Use a Coffee Table with Drawers

White coffee table with drawers. Photo by Instagram user @blissonbeech

Photo via @blissonbeech

A coffee table with drawers is an excellent way to stash coasters, remotes, magazines, and other items that you don’t want crowding surface space. Consider using dividers to keep everything in your coffee table drawers organized, too!

Go with a Lift-Top Coffee Table

Mid-Century Modern life-top coffee table with hidden storage. Photo by Instagram user @dragansden

Photo via @dragansden

Lift-top coffee tables are great for small living rooms. Not only do these tables provide hidden storage, but they also double as tray tables that can come in handy when reading, working on a laptop, or snacking while watching TV.

Repurpose a Trunk as a Coffee Table

Trunk used as coffee table in living room. Photo by Instagram user @ourhomedays

Photo via @ourhomedays

Want a coffee table that functions as both a statement piece and extra storage in your living room? Repurpose a storage trunk! Trunks are deep enough to store large items, such as throw pillows and blankets, and they also provide more surface space for games, snacks, and decorative items.

Add Surfaces with a Nesting Coffee Table

Nesting cocktail tables that store underneath coffee table. Photo by Instagram user @vrinteriors

Photo via @vrinteriors

A nesting coffee table is a versatile piece for small living rooms, and it’s especially great for families. Some options have smaller tables that can be pulled out whenever you need more surface space. Other options come with ottoman cubes that can be pulled out for additional seating.

Ditch the Coffee Table for Nesting End Tables

Three nesting tables in farmhouse style living room. Photo by Instagram user @thewhitesabode

Photo via @thewhitesabode

If you don’t have enough room for a large coffee table, opt for nesting end tables instead. You can keep them beside your couch or chair, or you can pull them all out to create a makeshift coffee table.

Find End Tables with Storage Space

Elegant end table with drawer for storage. Photo by Instagram user @mussmandesign

Photo via @mussmandesign

You can use lift-top end tables, end tables with drawers, or end tables with shelves for additional living room organization. They’re great for storing remotes, chargers, books, magazines, and more!

Repurpose Suitcases as End Tables

Using refurbished suitcases as end tables is a great way to get more storage in your living room while also providing surface space for books, candles, and drinks. Simply stack them next to your sofa or armchair at the desired height.

Utilize a Bookshelf as an End Table

Wooden side table with storage for books. Photo by Instagram user ajbwoodworking

Photo via @ajbwoodworking

Instead of the traditional end table for your family room, go with a slender bookcase that can store and display books, magazines, photo albums, knick-knacks, toys, potted plants, and more.

Turn a Bar Cart into Portable Storage

Bar cart with decorative items on shelves. Photo by Instagram user @el_estudio_ad

Photo via @el_estudio_ad

Need a piece of furniture that can be flexible? Get a bar cart! Whether you need an end table while you’re watching TV, a place to store a record collection, a bar for entertaining guests, or a corner bookshelf, a bar cart is the transitional storage piece every living room needs!

Add a Storage Ottoman

Colorful storage ottomans in place of a coffee table. Photo by Instagram user @shopdecorenvy

Photo via @shopdecorenvy

Ottomans with storage space are excellent for storing blankets and toys! Not to mention, they can be used as a coffee table, and they can be moved around the room to create additional seating should you need it.

Incorporate a Storage Bench into the Room

A living room storage bench combines all the things you need: hidden storage, extra seating, and display space. These can be wooden benches, benches with cabinets, or ottoman benches. Better yet, you can build a DIY storage bench that fits perfectly in the space you have!

Use a Console Table Behind the Couch

Maximize every bit of available space by putting a console table behind the couch. Display photos and plants on the top level, and store items in bins and boxes on the bottom level!

Hang Shelves & Cabinets on Walls

Shelves and cabinets make it easier to organize your living room. Install them wherever you have wall space to display photos and trinkets, store books and DVDs, or hide games and toys.

Install Free Standing Shelves

Is floor space limited in your family room? Tall shelves are a great way to use every bit of vertical space. Keep items accessible with a wooden ladder or fold-up stool that can be stored next to the shelf, behind the shelf, or under a sofa.

Take Advantage of Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving on both sides of fireplace. Photo by Instagram user @georgiasattic

Photo via @georgiasattic

If you’re lucky enough to have built-in shelving in your living room, you won’t need to hang cabinets or add bookshelves to your space. Simply use bins and baskets to store items up and out of the way!

Repurpose Wooden Crates as Shelving

For those who’d prefer to DIY living room shelves instead of buying them, you can build your own shelf using refurbished wooden crates! Check out this easy tutorial for creating a crate shelf from Tara Michelle Interiors.

Store Blankets & Throws on a Ladder

Throw blankets stored on blanket ladder. Photo by Instagram user @kirklands

Photo via @kirklands

A DIY blanket ladder is a great way to add living room organization. Not only does this keep blankets and throws off of your sofa, which decreases clutter and frees up seating, but it’s also a great decorative piece!

Use Storage Bins & Totes

Console table with storage bins. Photo by Instagram user @decorwdrea18

Photo via @decorwdrea18

Keep shelves and cabinet spaces organized with decorative bins or storage totes. They’re great for storing items like DVDs, magazines, books, video games, gaming controllers, and additional cables and cords.

Opt for Wicker Baskets

Wicker basket for blanket storage. Photo by Instagram user @isadayana

Photo via @isadayana

Wicker baskets can make your living room organization look a little nicer than fabric bins and storage totes, and they’re perfect for tucking away magazines, games, toys, blankets, and pillows. Plus, they can fit under end tables, coffee tables, console tables, and even in some entertainment centers.

Find a Space for Kids’ Toys & Games

Storage shelf used for kids' toys and books. Photo by Instagram user @oliverandpenn

Photo via @oliverandpenn

Is your living room being overwhelmed by your kids’ toys and games? Designate a shelf or storage trunk where your children’s books, toys, games, and stuffed animals can be organized and stored.

Keep Pet Toys in a Personalized Box

Dog with personalized toy crate that says "Barney's Toys." Photo by Instagram user @woodys_craft

Photo via @woodys_craft

Store cat or dog toys in a cute personalized box that keeps everything out of the way. And when you need to hide pet toys while guests are over, these boxes can be moved under or behind a couch, beneath an end table, or into a storage trunk.

Hide a Small Pet Bed with Style

Cat in modern cat bed. Photo by Instagram user @irecaldeg

Photo via @irecaldeg

If you have a small pet, you can save space in your living room by choosing a pet bed that can also function as furniture or a decorative piece. Here’s an idea from HGTV for making a pet bed end table!

Hang Plants from the Ceiling

Save surface area on tables by moving your houseplants and succulents to hanging planters. Not only does this look nice, but it keeps plants up, which is especially useful if you have young kids or pets who like to get into things.

Store Books & Magazines in Wall Racks

Don’t have room for a bookshelf? With a hanging wall rack, you can use your available wall space to store books and magazines. Learn how to make a DIY magazine rack from Country Living!

Add a Decorative Tray for Remote Storage

Farmhouse-style tray on coffee table. Photo by Instagram user @djsdiyndesign

Photo via @djsdiyndesign

Never lose a TV or cable box remote again! With a remote tray that can be kept on your ottoman, coffee table, or end table, you can easily find the remote you need without having to dig through couch cushions.

Keep Remotes in a Wooden Caddy

Wooden caddy to hold remotes. Photo by Instagram user @br3d3vee

Photo via @br3d3vee

Another option for organizing and storing remotes is with a wooden remote caddy! You can find pre-made caddies, or you can build your own remote caddy to get the right size for all of your remotes.

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Hide Remotes in a Hollow Book Box

DIY remote control storage in hollow book box. Photo by Instagram user @handsondesign_

Photo via @handsondesign_

If you don’t want your remotes out in the open, you can always hide them in a remote storage box disguised as a book. In fact, hollow book boxes are fairly simple to DIY! Learn how here.

Use a Slat Wall to Hide TV Cords & Cables

Slat wall in apartment to hide cords. Photo by Instagram user @fairlymodern

Photo via @fairlymodern

Hate those ugly cords and cables hanging from your wall-mounted TV? Give a slat wall a try! Not only does this make hanging your TV easier, but it covers all of those cords and cables. You can also use a piece of foam board that blends in with the wall as a cheaper wire cover option.

Tuck Wires into a Book Box

Carved out book box to hide cords. Photo by Instagram user @covogoods

Photo via @covogoods

If you have wires that connect to electronics or lamps on shelves or tables, you can use a book box to hide them! Simply run the wires through the hollowed out portion of the box and set the box up horizontally or vertically. (Bonus tip: Use command hooks to line wires along the sides of shelves or furniture to further disguise wires.)

Utilize Binder Clips for Charger Cords

Binder clips cleverly used to hold charger cords. Photo by Instagram user @4lifehack

Photo via @4lifehack

Do you charge a phone, laptop, or another electronic device in your living room? Keep all of your charger cords organized and out of sight with binder clips on the edge of your shelves or tables.

Organize Cords with Zip Ties

Keep unsightly lamp or TV cords hidden with zip ties. Pull all cords together, zip tie them, and then affix them to the back of furniture or on a wall. You can even go a step farther with this trick by wrapping cords in a fabric that matches the color of the furniture or wall for easy camouflage!

Go for a Cable Box Organizer

White cable box organizer with surge protector power strip inside. Photo by Instagram user @utwireproducts

Photo via @utwireproducts

Another option for hiding cords and cables on end tables and console tables is to purchase or make a cable box organizer! Move a power strip or surge protector into the box, and pull all of your cables through to make it easier to hide all of those ugly wires. Check out this DIY cable box organizer tutorial!

With these living room organization and storage hacks, it’s easy to keep your space tidy and ready for entertaining guests! Do you have any cool ideas for organizing your living room? Share them with us in the comments!

Modern living room with chalkboard wall
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