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Studio apartment with black and white interior design

How to Live in Small Spaces: 17 Tips & Tricks

Struggling with living in a small space? Whether you’re in a studio apartment or cramped with a family in a small house, there are some ways to maximize the space that you have for more comfortable living. Check out these 17 tips for getting organized and adding storage to your tiny home!

Get Rid of Stuff

Moving box in apartment. Photo by Instagram user @thenesttheory

Photo via @thenesttheory

When you have less room to work with, you’ll have to let go of some belongings. Not sure where to begin? Explore this guide on how to declutter your home. Throwing away broken things, donating household items, and parting with duplicate possessions are also good places to start.

Organize Storage Spaces

Storage for small spaces has to be be clever and creative—and that means getting the most out of every possible nook and cranny! Invest in storage containers like bins and baskets to organize valuable square footage. Not only will you better utilize the space, but it will make finding what you need easier as well. Whether it’s tackling closetsreorganizing your kitchen, or decluttering a storage room, implementing an organizational system is a crucial storage hack for maximizing each area.

Embrace Small Furniture

Nesting tables in small home. Photo by Instagram user @structube

Photo via @structube

If you’re trying to make the most of tiny space living, you’ll need furniture that fits! Because oversized pieces can leave your home feeling cluttered, opt for smaller items and space-saving furniture. Drop-leaf kitchen tables, storage ottomans, wall desks, compact chairs, and nesting tables are some of the best small apartment furniture pieces you can use!

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Expand Your Space With Mirrors

Mirror in small bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @styledwithlife

Photo via @styledwithlife

A classic design trick to make a room look and feel larger is to add a mirror. This interior design tip for small spaces can work almost anywhere in your home, regardless of the size of the mirror. Play with reflective surfaces in your living room, entryway, bedroom, or kitchen decor to add depth.

Utilize Exposed-Leg Furniture

Exposed-leg furniture creates the visual appearance of more space in your home! Investing in couches, ottomans, and chairs with exposed legs is small living room design idea that will really open up your space. Consider this tip for bed frames, dressers, and other furniture where sleek options will keep the eye flowing.

Maximize Vertical Space

Vertical wall storage in small apartment. Photo by Instagram user @kelseyannrose

Photo via @kelseyannrose

Not sure how to live in a small space? Have your walls do more! You can make a room seem larger by opting for vertical storage and choosing furniture that’s lower to the ground. Try hanging plants, decor, artwork, and shelves up high to take advantage of your entire space!

Install a Hideaway Desk

Organizing small spaces can be extra tricky! That’s why furniture that lets you neatly tuck away things you’re not using are so helpful. Hideaway desks, Murphy beds, and other furniture that can be folded or put away offer an easy solution for small space living.

Make the Most of Corners

Modern design apartment with plants. Photo by Instagram user @natalie_ranae

Photo via @natalie_ranae

Another small space idea is to maximize the corners of every room! Rather than placing tables, desks, and other furniture in the center of the room, try utilizing the corners in cramped areas to help it feel more open. Corner shelving is a clever storage hack that can make any area do double-duty, as well as show off your favorite decor items.

Paint Walls a Light Color

Knowing how to choose paint colors for your home is always tough. But when it comes to designing small spaces, you’ll want to stick with light, airy colors to open things up. This is because neutral colors reflect more light and make a room feel larger. Avoid dark paint or overly bold wallpaper so that you don’t make your studio or tiny home feel cramped and cluttered.

Double Up with Bunk Beds

Living in small spaces with kids presents unique challenges. Fortunately, there are lots of small kids room ideas for you to try! If there aren’t enough bedrooms for everyone, bunk beds are a simple and versatile furniture solution to include in a shared kids room.

Opt for a Closet Nursery

Baby nursery in closet. Photo by Instagram user @emmeesau

Photo via @emmeesau

If you live in a small home with an infant or are raising a baby in a one bedroom, a designated nursery might not be an option. One possible alternative is a closet nursery! This creative small space living tip is an easy way to give you both your own distinct areas. Other small nursery ideas include ditching the changing table and putting a changing pad on top of a dresser, using a miniature crib, and many more!

Go with an Exposed Closet

An exposed closet is another space-saving idea perfect for cramped bedrooms. If you have a room with a closet, try removing the doors to free up square footage and create more flow. Don’t have built-in closets? Hang shelving and bins to build an open closet along a wall.

Get Creative with Kitchen Storage

Small apartment kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @flatwithcat

Photo via @flatwithcat

The first step to making a tiny kitchen functional is to declutter and organize. With clever solutions like an island on wheels or pullout cabinets, you can maximize even the most cramped kitchens!

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Include a Bar Cart

Bar cart next to living room chair. Photo by Instagram user @laplazavillage

Photo via @laplazavillage

Investing in a rolling cart is a great living room storage idea or kitchen organization hack! Make up for your lack of counter space by using a bar cart in your kitchen to store small appliances or kitchen utensils. Or use a bar cart as a stylish end table next to a couch or chair in your living room.

Keep Experimenting

To make small space living work for you, adopt an adaptable and experimental attitude. From trying different layouts to swapping out oversized items with small apartment furniture, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Need more small home inspiration? Implement feng shui or try out the minimalist lifestyle!

Don’t Expect Perfection

Studio apartment bedroom with cute desk. Photo by Instagram user @desklifebliss

Photo via @desklifebliss

Even with the best home organization tips and clever storage hacks, having less living space means your home won’t always be perfectly clean and organized. Giving yourself the freedom to let your tiny apartment get messy every now and again will provide some peace of mind!

Get Out of the House

Woman hiking near San Francisco, CA. Photo by Instagram user @raphiella_x3

Photo via @raphiella_x3

Going outside is always a good idea—and when you’re living in a tiny space, it’s even more important to get out and about! While it’s helpful to design and organize your home to get more space, there’s also more to do and see outside of your walls. One of the best tips for tiny living is to make your city your living room. Head out and explore!


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