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15 Space-Saving Furniture Ideas to Help You Maximize Space

When you live in a small home, you need to maximize space. This is where space-saving furniture can come in handy. With convertible, expandable, and multi-purpose furniture, you can use your space more efficiently, get more home organization and storage, and stay clutter-free!

Add a Classic Drop Leaf Table

Farmhouse-style drop leaf table. Photo by Instagram user @paintmetwice

Photo via @paintmetwice

While there are plenty of space-saving tables out there, sometimes the classics are the best. A drop leaf table allows you to add and subtract table space whenever you need it. Plus, drop leaf tables can be very affordable compared to other options and are available almost anywhere, including WalmartTarget, and even Etsy.

Go with an Expandable Kitchen Table

If you’re looking for space-saving kitchen ideas that are high-tech, the Goliath table, which can be found at Resource Furniture, transforms into a 115-inch long dining table capable of seating ten people. This is an incredible and unique option for anyone living in a small space who wants the ability to have friends and family over.

Stack Kitchen Chairs

Stacking chairs is a simple, easy way to free up the floor space in small homes. Invest in a few stylish, modern chairs and move them to a closet or corner of your kitchen when you’re not using them.

Opt for a Space-Saving Desk

Small desk in apartment. Photo by Instagram user @ikeausa

Photo via @ikeausa

Having a desk that doesn’t take up too much space in small apartment doesn’t have to be expensive! There are tons of affordable, space-efficient desks available that are perfect for creating a corner office or work area in your bedroom. You could even opt for a folding desk to save more room!

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Consider a Storage Bed

Lift bed with storage beneath. Photo by Instagram user @the_uk_seasons

Photo via @the_uk_seasons

Storing things under the bed is common practice in tiny spaces, but it can be a bit messy and hard to get to things when you need them. One of the best small bedroom storage ideas to fix this issue is using a lift bed. Your bed will provide ample and easy-to-access storage space under your mattress that’s ideal for storing clothes, accessories, shoes, and more!

Get a Murphy Bed

Small apartment with Murphy bed. Photo by Instagram user @studiogarneau

Photo via @studiogarneau

Not sure how to maximize space in a small bedroom? Murphy beds (also called wall beds) allow you to hide your bed when you need to keep an area open. They’re most popular in studio apartments or in bedrooms that double as a home office or playroom. Some space-saving beds even come with extra storage, or you can get ones that are combined with a sofa.

Purchase a Futon or Sofa Bed

While Murphy beds are innovative and trendy, they aren’t the only space-saving bedroom ideas! Futons are a great option for small space living and can work for scenarios when you need a place for guests to sleep—the same goes for sofa beds! There are many well-designed options that make bold statements in any office, living room, or playroom.

Find Tables with Built-In Storage

Wire end table. Photo by Instagram user @loveuniquehome

Photo via @loveuniquehome

Utilizing tables that have storage are fantastic for adding unique design and space-saving functionality to any room. This wire storage table can be used as either an end table or a nightstand and is perfect for storing books or extra blankets.

Use a Multi-Purpose Crib

Multi-purpose crib in nursery. Photo by Instagram user @bediboo.id

Photo via @bediboo.id

If small space living didn’t present enough challenges on its own, adding a baby to the mix only takes things to another level! Fortunately, there are several space-saving furniture ideas for a small nursery or one-bedroom apartment, such as a multi-purpose crib. This combines a crib, changing table, and a dresser for storage space.

Maximize Space with Bunk Beds

Bunk beds in modern kids room. Photo by Instagram user @beckiowens

Photo via @beckiowens

Another classic, bunk beds are an excellent space-saver! Shared kids rooms are often a necessity when living in a tiny home with a family, so go vertical and save some floor space for the little ones to play around on!

Incorporate Nesting Tables

Need furniture ideas for a small living room? Nesting tables are fantastic as both side tables and coffee tables. These stackable pieces can be used together to create a larger table or used separately to add additional surfaces throughout a room. And when you need more floor space, just stack them up!

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Add a Transforming Coffee Table

Finding multi-functional pieces is ideal when living in a small home. With transforming furniture like the Cristallo coffee table, you can get a piece that does double duty. Not only do expanding coffee tables provide additional storage, but they can also expand into a table where you can eat meals!

Utilize Multi-Purpose Shelving

If you use your imagination, space-saving storage ideas like the KALLAX Series from Ikea can be used for practically anything. These shelves can be creatively used as an entertainment center with plenty of storage space for remotes or blankets, as well as spot to hold toys, books, or games in a kids room.

Buy an Ottoman with Storage

Using ottomans with hidden storage is another great way to incorporate organization and free up space for tiny home living. This piece of furniture can serve as extra seating, a footrest, and storage space for blankets, magazines, and other items you want at arm’s reach.

Get Creative with a Utility Cart

Utility cart in bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @lelaburris

Photo via @lelaburris

A utility cart can provide endless storage in a tiny area! You can use them in a kitchen as a small bar, place it in the bathroom to hold toilet paper and extra towels, store art supplies in a kids room, or even use it as a nightstand in your bedroom!


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Pinterest Graphic: Space-Saving Furniture: 15 Ideas to Maximize Space

Pinterest Graphic: Space-Saving Furniture: 15 Ideas to Maximize Space
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