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Tiny home kitchen with white wall and white cabinets.

18 Tiny Home Organization & Storage Ideas

Want to maximize your tiny house storage and add some organization to your small living space? From transforming your stairs into a closet to creating hidden shelves for a pantry, there are plenty of ways to give your belongings a place without making your home feel cluttered. Check out these 18 tiny home organization ideas and storage tips!

Consider Under Stairs Storage

Tiny home entryway with storage stairs. Photo by Instagram user @heatherdhansen

Photo via @heatherdhansen

If you have stairs in your custom tiny home, make them do double duty by turning them into drawers! Tiny house stairs with storage help create room for clothes, outdoor gear, kids toys, and more. Add cabinet doors and cubbies to use as a drop zone for shoes and coats, an extra closet for your seasonal wardrobe, or even a kitchen pantry!

Maximize Space with Organizers

A pull-out spice rack offers easy access to cooking essentials. Tuck a narrow rack on wheels next to the fridge to use it as a pantry for dry goods. Fit toe-kick drawers between the bottom of your cabinets and the floor as a clever way to maximize space in a small kitchen. Or utilize behind-the-door storage like shoe organizers, hooks for bathroom towels, and pantry door organizers to declutter and organize loose items in your tiny house. Photo via Instagram user @heatherdhansen

Photo via @heatherdhansen

A pull-out spice rack offers easy access to cooking essentials. Tuck a narrow rack on wheels next to the fridge to use it as a pantry for dry goods. Fit toe-kick drawers between the bottom of your cabinets and the floor as a clever way to maximize space in a small kitchen. Or utilize behind-the-door storage like shoe organizers, hooks for bathroom towels, and pantry door organizers to declutter and organize loose items in your tiny house.

Design Custom Hidden Storage

The best tiny home organization ideas are the hidden kind! Put your DIY skills to the test by adding under-floor storage to your tiny home! Install drawers into the sides of raised wooden floors for easy access to clothes, shoes, and more. Hide lesser-used items like camping equipment, renovation tools, or even extra bedding under a floor hatch. Opt for removable lids on hidden floor storage boxes to keep your valuables accessible and protected. Install hidden kitchen storage behind your tiny kitchen’s backsplash. Go for hidden double drawers or mirrors offering concealed bathroom storage. Hideaway storage doesn’t always need to be DIY’d in your tiny house—repurpose vintage suitcases as coffee table storage or use hollow home decor for a few hidden living room storage ideas!

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Maximize Your Shelf Space

The arrangement of your shelves matters, so staggering shelves in tiered layers on your wall can give structure to your decor and avoid visual overcrowding in your tiny home. The tops of shelves aren’t the only places for storing items—you can get more storage in your tiny house with hooks or by fastening jar lids to the underside of your shelving! In your entryway, under-shelf hooks give your keys, hats, pet leashes, and more a designated place to live. For more tiny home kitchen organization ideas, hold fresh produce in your fridge or surplus in your pantry with under-shelf baskets. Under-shelf storage is also great for storing textbooks and loose papers below your desk, organizing your medicine cabinet, or stocking your tiny bathroom with extra towels and toiletries for guests.

Hang Items on the Walls & Ceiling

A tiny house with hanging light fixtures and a tree wall decoration. Photo via Instagram user @tnylvng

Photo via @tnylvng

By using vertical storage in your tiny home, you can free up precious shelf and counter space. An excellent small kitchen design idea for tiny homes is to anchor a rod above the sink or underneath cabinets, and use S-hooks to hang scrub brushes, dish towels, pots, pans, coffee mugs, or even a small bucket filled with kitchen utensils. Ditch the bulky jewelry box and mount a gorgeous jewelry organizer to your wall. This space-saving solution for tiny homes also works as a cute tiny house decor idea! Fasten hooks to ceiling support beams for bulkier items like surfboards, skateboards, or hanging bike racks. Hang some hooks near your door to hold keys, jackets, and bags out of the way and easily accessible. Make your tiny home feel bigger by hanging mirrors on the walls.

Get Creative with Support Beams

Wall beams used as shelves for spices and dry goods. Photo via Instagram user @tinytackhouse

Photo via @tinytackhouse

Looking for creative shelving ideas for small spaces? Take advantage of your support beams! Simply add drywall or wood paneling to one side of the wall, and use the unfinished, exposed beams as built-in shelving for books, houseplants, tool kits, and more. For a finished look in the kitchen, you can also paint the beams in your A-frame tiny house so they match your cabinet color!

Free Up Kitchen Space with a Pegboard

Kitchen pegboard full of plants under sunroof. Photo via Instagram user @kreisdesign

Photo via @kreisdesign

A pegboard isn’t just great for organizing tools in a garage. It’s also helpful for tiny home organization! You can use pegboards to create open shelves in a kitchen, where you can store bowls, mugs, utensils, or an herb garden. You can also place this tiny house storage option in a living room for decor, a tiny home office for desk supplies, or a closet for small accessories and jewelry.

Extend Kitchen Countertops

Tiny kitchen with foldable countertop. Photo via Instagram user @teenytiny7

Photo via @teenytiny7

Everything can be used for multiple purposes—even your tiny house’s kitchen sink! Cover your sink or stovetop with a custom-fitted cutting board for additional counter space in a compact kitchen. A rolling kitchen cart can double as a kitchen island or serving cart depending on your tiny home layout. Already have an established tiny house? Hire a professional or DIY your own kitchen counter renovation!

Create Storage Under Seating

Need more hidden storage space in your tiny house? Try seating with built-in drawers or cubbies! This small space organization idea is an easy way to keep your living area tidy while also keeping everything you need close by. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly tiny home storage ideas, you can always opt for storage ottomans or DIY benches.

Keep Items Under the Bed

Open cabinets under bed. Photo via Instagram user @atinyhouse_nh

Photo via @atinyhouse_nh

Using a lift bed or a bed frame with built-in storage will instantly give you more storage space in your tiny house. A lift bed is an ideal place to keep sweaters, pants, or extra blankets during the warm months, while a bed frame with built-in storage can be a home for your shoes and books. As another tiny bedroom storage idea, consider installing a tiny house loft bed! This small room storage solution saves on floor space for daily activities or gives you the ability to add a small desk or sofa underneath.

Opt for Fold-Out Furniture

Create additional seating for small living rooms with pull-out benches, collapsible chairs, and wall-mounted seating options. Or save floor space in your tiny home with a fold-down desk. Wall-mounted folding desks can also be propped up by supporting table legs for heavier projects or to double as a space-saving dining table. If you’re doing tiny home living solo or with a significant other, consider a pull-out bed as a space-saving idea for small bedrooms! Keep your tiny home loft accessible while conserving room with fold-out stairs.

Save Space with Multi-Use Furniture

Convert your small living room into a flex room for all your activities and hobbies. Modular furniture can easily be separated and rearranged for the most flexible floor plan in a tiny house. Make space for your morning yoga, arrange loveseats for brunch, or push your modular couch together for a movie night! Snag some space-saving furniture like stackable chairs and nesting coffee tables if you love hosting get-togethers in your tiny house.

Put In Cabinet Organizers

Make the most of cabinet space in your tiny house bathroom or kitchen with a few organizers. If you lack solid wall support for hanging pots and pans, install a pullout rack in your kitchen cabinets with hooks for your cookware. Stackable storage shelves are also great for keeping cleaning supplies neatly organized. Or secure a cargo net inside cabinet doors for a small pocket of extra storage for small kitchens.

Get the Most Out of Small Closets

Don’t have closet space in your tiny house? Try an open wardrobe! You can create a closet in your living room or bedroom using a few storage cubbies and a hanging rack. If you need organization ideas for your open closet, tiered hangers are a tidy way of displaying your outfits. This closet organization idea increases storage space in your tiny home and is perfect for a minimalist bedroom design.

Keep Your Small Laundry Room Organized

Install a pull-out ironing board or shelf between the washer and dryer to iron and sort clothes between loads. Easily store foldable clothes drying racks or set up a wall-mounted drying rack for more workable space in your small laundry room. Mount a repurposed ladder, rod, or hook on the ceiling for additional drying space. Attach magnetic storage containers to the sides of your washer or dryer to hold soaps, dryer sheets, clothespins, and more. Mini washers and dryers or laundry combo units are always space-saving solutions for tiny homes, too!

Choose Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

Gold and white wall-mounted lights next to bathroom mirror. Photo via Instagram user @theboxhop

Photo via @theboxhop

With so many kinds of wall-mounted light fixtures to choose from, this tiny house organization tip can be easily incorporated into all kinds of decorating styles—while saving space! Go for a more industrial vibe and opt for bare lightbulbs. Add a touch of elegance with wall sconces. Also, since wall-mounted lamps are wired directly into the wall, you won’t have to worry about unsightly wires and cords, which makes them ideal for the tiny house lifestyle.

Add Shelving to the Bathroom

Make use of shower caddies, corner shelves, and bathroom shelving to keep toiletries organized and within reach of the shower or tub. Go with a classic hidden storage solution and install a recessed medicine cabinet in your tiny home’s bathroom. Hang loofas to dry on a shower rod with hooks, and add more hooks for towels. Keep your tiny home aesthetic using minimalist bathroom design ideas, like adding a recessed shower shelf or installing a floating sink. Or DIY a corner shelf in your shower for kids bath toys or self-care solutions like bubble bath, Epsom salts, and more!


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